Presentations and handouts from the November 13 & 14, 2018 Survey and National Register Consultant Workshop:

Tuesday, November 13

National Register “Business” Update    
Jenn Brosz
National Register Topics: Period of Significance – CBDs, Residential Neighborhoods, Churches NPS & HPO Staff
National Register Topics: Relocated Buildings NPS & HPO Staff
Digital Submittal of Nominations to NPS NPS & HPO Staff
Environmental Review and the National Register (no slideshow)
Renee Gledhill-Earley

Wednesday, November 14

HPO Survey Database and HPOWEB Updates Andy Edmonds
Research Resources; Modern Architecture HPO Staff
Part 1 Applications for Properties Not on NR NPS & HPO Staff
Buildings Elevated for Flood Mitigation NPS & HPO Staff

Other handouts

Cell Phone Camera Tips

Multiple Property Document Forms

Tips from NPS and the National Register e-blast