Examples of Photographs and Corresponding Photo Key to be submitted with your
State Residential/Homeowner Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application

Submit with the Part A - Description of Rehabilitation:

Photographs and photo key. Submit photographs showing the interior and the exterior before rehabilitation. Include the building’s site and environment, all of the building’s sides, all major interior spaces and features,and secondary spaces and features,including areas where no work is proposed. Photographs should be numbered, dated, and labeled with the property name, the view and a brief description of what is shown. Include a photo key plan—that is, a floor plan and, if applicable, a site plan showing numbered photographs and arrows showing the view.

Click here for a sample photo key that corresponds to the photographs of the house shown below

Submit with the Part B - Request for Certification of Completed Work:

Submit photographs taken after completion of the rehabilitation work showing the same views as in the Part A before photographs. Photographs should be numbered, dated, and labeled. Include a photo key plan showing numbered photographs and arrows showing the view.

Printed photo images should be approximately 4" x 6".

Below are examples of views of photographs needed for a Part A application, with descriptive labels, showing the extent of photographic coverage to submit with your application (Click on a thumbnail image to open the full size image):


2-Left side

3-Right side


5-Left side bay

6-Rear enclosed porch

7-Living room including

8-Living room including
stair and front door



11-Dining room toward kitchen

12-Dining room toward bay

13-Dining room toward
living room




17-Enclosed porch

18-Breakfast room

19-Breakfast room

20-Bath #1

21-Bedroom #1 toward door

22-Bedroom #1

23-Second floor hall

24-Master bedroom

25-Master bedroom

26-Bedroom #2

27-Bedroom #3


29-Bath #2


Contact David Christenbury, Preservation Architect and Nonincome-producing Tax Credit Coordinator, Restoration Services Branch, State Historic Preservation Office, david.christenbury@ncdcr.gov , 919-807-6574, or the Restoration Specialist for your area. See statewide service areas map.


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