The National Register of Historic Places
in North Carolina

North Carolina Listings in the National Register of Historic Places: HTML List or PDF List . Both have links to PDFs of nominations, and the HTML version also has direct links to site locations in HPOWEB, the HPO online GIS map service. The nominations of virtually all of the the state's National Register listings (not including archaeological listings) are now available online. PDFs for listings made since 2006 are created from digital nomination files and include color digital photographs. PDFs of nominations prior to 2006 are made from scans of paper photocopies of nominations. All are searchable insofar as possible, though some PDFs made from scans of older, faded photocopies may not be fully searchable.

North Carolina Multiple Property Documentation Forms (PDF), with links to searchable PDFs.

Survey and National Register Branch, with map showing staff service regions and staff contact information.

Nomination Preparers:

Practical Advice for Preparing National Register Nominations in North Carolina

Digital Photography Policy

Study List applications are now available as attachments to e-mail. See How to Request and Submit a Study List Application

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts worthy of preservation for their significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, and culture. Though the National Register is a federal program, nominations are submitted by the states through state historic preservation offices.

The North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office has developed the following information sheets to describe the National Register of Historic Places, the meaning and advantages of listing in the Register, and the procedures for nominating properties to the Register.

# 1: What is the National Register of Historic Places?

# 2: National Register Criteria for Evaluation

# 3: How Historic Properties are Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

# 4: The National Register of Historic Places in North Carolina: Facts and Figures

# 5: Procedure for Supporting or Objecting to National Register Listing

In North Carolina, the placement of a property or district on the "Study List" is the first step towards nomination to the National Register. See the following for more information:

The Study List and the National Register in North Carolina

How to Request and Submit a Study List Application

Other National Register materials:

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