As of July 20, 2010

Properties and districts are listed alphabetically by county. The date given is the date listed in the National Register. Use the "find" function in your browser to locate a particular county or property.

For each of the over 2700 listings below, there is a National Register nomination which describes the property or district, summarizes its history, and assesses its historical significance. Nominations may be examined at the office of the Survey and National Register Branch. Requests for copies of nominations of specific properties or districts are treated on a case-by-case basis, considering the extent of the request, staff time required to respond to the request, and the condition and temperament of the copy machine. Copies normally cost fifteen cents per page, plus mailing costs. Copies of individual nominations typically cost two or three dollars; copies of district nominations may cost ten dollars or more upon request, staff may scan nominations as PDFs and send them by email. For nominations of those listings marked "Archaeology," contact the Office of State Archaeology. Locations of some properties may not be made public.

PDFs of recent nominations (with sample photographs) are posted at .  We are adding PDFs of  new listings as they occur, and working back through the roster to add nominations from years past.

Google Earth layers (KMZ files) showing point locations and boundaries of North Carolina National Register listings as of January 1, 2010,  may be downloaded from our Digital Policies and Resources page (scroll to bottom to see links to the KMZ files).

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Alamance Hotel (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Alamance Battleground State Historic Site (Alamance vicinity) 2/26/1970
Alamance County Courthouse (Graham) 5/10/1979
Alamance Mill Village Historic District (Alamance) 8/16/2007
John Allen House (Alamance vicinity) 2/26/1970
Altamahaw Mill Office (Altamahaw) 11/20/1984
(former) Atlantic Bank and Trust Company Building (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Bellemont Mill Village Historic District (Bellemont) 7/1/1987
Beverly Hills Historic District (Burlington) 8/5/2009
Hiram Braxton House (Snow Camp vicinity) 11/22/1993
Charles F. and Howard Cates Farm (Mebane vicinity) 9/24/2001
Cedarock Park Historic District (Graham vicinity) 12/4/1986
William Cook House (Mebane vicinity) 11/22/1993
Cooper School (Mebane vicinity) 12/15/1986
Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Cemetery, & Stainback Store (Cross Roads) 5/22/1984
Downtown Burlington Historic District (Burlington) 9/6/1990
East Davis Street Historic District (Burlington) 4/20/2000
Efird Building (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Elon College Historic District (Elon College) 3/22/1988
First Baptist Church (Burlington) 5/31/1984
First Christian Church of Burlington (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Polly Fogleman House (Burlington vicinity) 11/22/1993
Friends Spring Meeting House (Snow Camp vicinity) 3/19/1987
Glencoe Mill Village Historic District (Faucette Township) 2/16/1979
Graham (Courthouse Square) Historic District (Graham) 4/7/1983
Griffis-Patton House (Mebane vicinity) 3/17/1983
Thomas Guy House (Mebane vicinity) 11/22/1993
Hawfields Presbyterian Church (Mebane vicinity) 12/15/1978
Charles Thomas Holt House (Haw River) 6/1/1982
L. Banks Holt House (Burlington vicinity) 4/18/1977
Holt-Frost House (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Horner Houses (Charles M. and Mayor Earl B.) (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Johnston Hall, Elon Homes for Children (Elon College) 3/7/1994
Kernodle-Pickett House (Bellemont vicinity) 3/23/1987
Kerr-Patton House (Mebane vicinity) 12/5/1985
Lakeside Mills District (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Camilus McBane House (Snow Camp vicinity) 11/22/1993
McCauley-Watson House (Pleasant Grove 2/4/1994
McCray School (Burlington vicinity) 12/4/1986
Menagerie Carousel (Dentzel Carousel) (Burlington) 8/30/1982
Moore-Holt-White House (Burlington) 7/20/1984
William P. Morrow House (Graham vicinity) 8/9/2006
North Main Street Historic District (Graham) 6/10/1999
(former) Saxapahaw Spinning Mill (Saxapahaw) 5/20/1998
Kerr Scott Farm (Haw River vicinity) 10/31/1987
Henderson Scott Farm Historic District (Haw River vicinity) 9/16/1987
Snow Camp Telephone Exchange Building (Snow Camp vicinity) 6/9/1989
South Broad/East Fifth Streets Historic District (Burlington) 12/31/2001
Southern Railway Passenger Station (Burlington) 5/23/1980
A.L. Spoon House (Snow Camp vicinity) 11/22/1993
St. Athanasius Episcopal Church/ Church of the Holy Comforter (Burlington) 5/29/1979
Stagg House (Burlington) 7/20/1984
Sunny Side (Burlington vicinity) 3/23/1987
James Monroe Thompson House (Shady Rest) (Snow Camp vicinity) 11/22/1993
(former) United States Post Office (Burlington) 9/23/1988
West Davis Street-Fountain Place Historic District (Burlington) 11/5/1984
White Furniture Company (Mebane) 7/29/1982
(former) Windsor Cotton Mills Office (Burlington) 5/31/1984
Woodlawn School (Mebane vicinity) 11/29/1991


Lucas Mansion (Hiddenite) 12/2/1982


Alleghany County Courthouse (Sparta) 5/10/1979
Brinegar Cabin (Whitehead vicinity) 1/20/1972
Elbert Crouse Farmstead (Low Notch vicinity) 7/29/1982
Robert L. Doughton House (Laurel Springs 8/13/1979
J.C. Gambill Site (Archaeology) (New Haven vicinity) 4/3/1978
Bays Hash Site (Archaeology) (Amelia vicinity) 4/19/1978
Jarvis House (Sparta vicinity) 10/16/1991
Rock House (Roaring Gap) 8/11/2004
William T. Vogler Cottage (Destroyed 1/95) (Roaring Gap) 9/30/1991
William Weaver House (Peden vicinity) 11/7/1976


Boggan-Hammond House and Alexander Little Wing (Wadesboro) 9/14/1972
Chambers-Morgan Farm (White Store vic) 12/27/1996
Billy Horne Farm (Polkton vicinity) 6/9/1989
United States Post Office (Federal Nomination) (Wadesboro) 7/9/1987
Wadesboro Downtown Historic District (Wadesboro) 4/1/1999


Shubal V. Alexander District (Archaeology) (Crumpler vicinity) 9/1/1978
Ashe County Courthouse (Jefferson) 5/10/1979
Baptist Chapel Church and Cemetery (Helton vicinity) 11/13/1976
Bower-Cox House (Nathans Creek 11/7/1976
Brinegar District (Archaeology) (Crumpler) 3/12/1978
A.S. Cooper Farm (Brownwood vicinity) 9/24/2001
Samuel Cox House (Moved) (Scottville vicinity) 11/7/1976
Elkland School Gymnasium (Todd vicinity) 6/22/2004
Glendale Springs Inn (Glendale Springs) 10/10/1979
Grassy Creek Historic District (Grassy Creek) 12/12/1976
R. T. Greer and Company Herb and Root Warehouse (Brownwood/Fleetwoo 4/18/2003
Lansing School (Lansing) 1/8/2009
Miller Homestead (Lansing vicinity) 9/24/2001
Perry-Shepherd Farm (Lansing vicinity) 4/5/2006
John M. Pierce House (Weaver's Ford vicinity) 11/7/1976
Poe Fish Weir Site (Archaeology) (Nathan's Creek 5/22/1978
Thompson's Bromine and Arsenic Springs (Crumpler vicinity) 10/22/1976
Todd Historic District (Todd) 1/28/2000
John W. Tucker House (Lansing vicinity) 7/29/1985
William Waddell House (Sussex vicinity) 11/7/1976
West Jefferson Historic District (West Jefferson) 10/5/2007
Worth's Chapel (Creston) 9/28/2005


Avery County Courthouse (Newland) 5/10/1979
Former Avery County Jail (Newland) 12/9/1999
Banner Elk Hotel (Banner Elk) 10/6/2000
Crossnore Presbyterian Church (Crossnore) 3/1/1996
Crossnore School Historic District (Crossnore) 1/29/2009
Elk Park School (Elk Park) 12/16/2005
Linville Historic District (Linville) 3/7/1979
Milligan Shuford Wise and Theron Colbert Dellinger Houses (Crossnore) 8/27/2008
Weaving Room of Crossnore School (Crossnore) 4/25/2001
Ray Wiseman House (Altamont) 11/29/1996


Bank of Washington (Washington) 2/18/1971
Bath Historic District (Bath) 2/26/1970
Bath School (Bath) 1/30/2008
(former) Beaufort County Courthouse (Washington) 3/31/1971
Belfont Plantation (Latham vicinity) 12/12/1976
Belhaven City Hall (Belhaven) 1/27/1981
Bonner House (Bath) 2/26/1970
Bowers-Tripp House (Washington) 4/1/1999
Palmer-Marsh House (Bath) 2/26/1970
Pantego Academy (Pantego) 10/25/1984
Rosedale (Wharton vicinity) 4/29/1982
St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Bath) 11/20/1970
Ware Creek School (Blounts Creek vicinity) 12/6/1996
Washington Historic District (Washington) 2/9/1979
Zion Episcopal Church (Jessma vicinity) 8/16/2000


Ashland (Ashland vicinity) 4/18/2003
Bertie County Courthouse (Windsor) 5/10/1979
Bertie Memorial Hospital (Windsor) 6/22/2004
Elmwood (Merry Hill vicinity) 1/15/2003
Elmwood (Watson-Mardre House) (Windsor vicinity) 6/8/1982
Freeman Hotel (Windsor) 9/9/1982
Garrett-White House (Trap vicinity) 6/28/1982
The Hermitage (Merry Hill vicinity) 6/8/1982
Hope Plantation (Windsor vicinity) 4/17/1970
Jordan House (Windsor vicinity) 8/26/1971
King House (King-Bazemore House) RELISTED 12/02/82 after move (Windsor vicinity) 8/26/1971
King-Freeman-Speight House (Republican vicinity) 12/2/1982
Liberty Hall (Grabtown vicinity) 6/8/1982
Oaklana (Roxobel vicinity) 4/15/1982
Pineview (Browne House) (Roxobel vicinity) 6/28/1982
Rhodes Site 31Br90 (Archaeology) (Hamilton vicinity) 8/28/1986
Rosefield (Windsor) 8/26/1982
Saint Frances Methodist Church (Lewiston) 4/29/1982
Scotch Hall (Merry Hill vicinity) 4/29/1982
Windsor Historic District (Windsor) 7/29/1991
Woodbourne (Roxobel vicinity) 8/26/1971
Woodville Historic District (Lewiston-Woodville) 8/28/1998


Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church (Clarkton vicinity) 9/2/1975
Carver's Creek Methodist Church (Council vicinity) 4/30/2008
John Hector Clark House (Clarkton vicinity) 5/20/1987
(former) Clarkton Depot (Clarkton) 12/23/1986
Desserette (White Oak vicinity) 10/7/1987
Gilmore-Patterson Farm (St. Paul's vicinity) 7/28/1999
Harmony Hall (White Oak vicinity) 3/24/1972
Mount Horeb Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Council) 5/13/1987
Oakland Plantation (Carvers community) 4/25/1972
Purdie Place and Purdie Methodist Church (Tar Heel vicinity) 4/13/1977
South River Presbyterian Church (Garland vicinity) 5/23/1996
Trinity Methodist Church (Elizabethtown) 9/14/1989
Walnut Grove (Robeson Plantation) (Tar Heel vicinity) 5/29/1975


Bald Head Creek Boathouse (Bald Head Island) 12/1/1997
Bald Head Island Lighthouse (Bald Head Island) 4/28/1975
(former) Brunswick County Courthouse (Southport) 5/11/1979
Brunswick Town Historic District (State Historic Site) (Southport vicinity) 9/1/1978
Cape Fear Lighthouse Complex (Baldhead Island) 8/29/1978
Fort Johnston (Federal Nomination) (Southport) 6/7/1974
T.B. McClintic (Shallotte Point) 6/3/1994
Oak Island Lighthouse (Caswell Beach) 4/5/2007
Oak Island Life Saving Station (Caswell Beach) 12/28/2000
Orton Plantation (Southport vicinity) 4/11/1973
Southport Historic District (Southport) 11/25/1980
St. Philip's Church Ruins (Southport vicinity) 2/26/1970


Judge Junius Adams House (Biltmore Forest) 10/5/2001
Alexander Inn (Swannanoa vicinity) 5/31/1984
Mrs. Minnie Alexander Cottage (Asheville) 12/21/1989
All Souls Episcopal Church and Parish House (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Arcade Building (Grove Arcade) (Asheville) 5/19/1976
Asheville City Hall (Asheville) 11/7/1976
Asheville High School (Asheville) 4/26/1996
Asheville School (Asheville vicinity) 6/3/1996
Asheville Transfer and Storage Company Building (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
B & B Motor Company Building (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Zebulon Baird House (Weaverville) 4/30/2009
Clarence Barker Memorial Hospital (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Battery Park Hotel (Asheville) 7/14/1977
Bent Creek Campus, Appalachian Forest Experiment Station (Federal (Asheville) 4/29/1993
Bent Creek Campus, Appalachian Forest Experiment Station (Asheville) 12/30/1996
Biltmore Estate (Asheville) 10/15/1966
Biltmore Hospital (Asheville) 9/1/2005
Biltmore Shoe Store (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
130-132 Biltmore Avenue (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
134-136 Biltmore Avenue (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
140 Biltmore Avenue (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Biltmore Avenue Amendment to Downtown Asheville Historic District (Asheville) 5/25/1989
Biltmore Estate Office (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Biltmore Estate Boundary Decrease /Additional Documentation (Asheville) 4/5/2005
Biltmore Hardware Building (Asheville) 8/21/2003
Biltmore Industries (Asheville) 2/1/1980
Biltmore Village Cottages (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Biltmore Village Cottage District (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Biltmore Village Commercial Buildings (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Biltmore-Oteen Bank Building (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Black Mountain College Historic District (Black Mountain 10/5/1982
Black Mountain Downtown Historic District (Black Mountain) 6/2/2004
Bledsoe Building (Asheville) 4/18/2003
Blue Ridge Assembly Historic District (Black Mountain 9/17/1979
William E. Breese, Sr. House (Cedar Crest) (Asheville) 4/28/1980
Brigman-Chambers House (Reems Creek 6/2/2004
Broadway Market Building (Asheville) 9/1/2005
William Jennings Bryan House (Asheville) 6/23/1983
Buncombe County Courthouse (Asheville) 5/10/1979
(former) Buncombe County Boys' Training School (Asheville) 9/30/1997
Camp Academy (Leicester vicinity) 9/19/1985
William Nelson Camp, Jr. House (Fairview) 12/17/1998
Carter-Swain House (Democrat vicinity) 7/2/1987
Chestnut Hill Historic District (Asheville) 3/17/1983
Church of St. Lawrence (Asheville) 3/24/1978
Church of the Redeemer (Asheville) 9/19/1985
Claxton School (Asheville) 6/4/1992
Clingman Avenue Historic District (Asheville) 6/9/2004
Conabeer Chrysler Building (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Demens-Rumbaugh-Crawley House (Asheville) 6/1/1982
Downtown Asheville Historic District (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Eliada Home (West Asheville) 4/22/1993
Joseph Eller House (Weaverville vicinity) 8/11/2004
Douglas Ellington House (Asheville) 10/16/1986
Engadine (Candler vicinity) 9/24/2001
Fire Station Number 4 (Asheville) 4/6/2000
First Baptist Church (Asheville) 7/13/1976
Grove Park Historic District (Asheville) 4/13/1989
Grove Park Inn (Asheville) 4/3/1973
Rafael Guastavino, Sr. Estate (Black Mountain 7/13/1989
Gunston Hall (Asheville) 10/24/1991
In The Oaks (Black Mountain) 4/10/1991
Thomas Jarrett House (Asheville) 1/21/1994
Kenilworth Inn (Asheville) 12/31/2001
Kimberly Amendment to Grove Park Historic District (Asheville) 12/18/1990
John A. Lanning House (Asheville vicinity) 9/23/1982
E.D. Latta Nurses' Residence (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
The Manor and Cottages (Asheville) 1/26/1978
Dr. Cicero M. McCracken House (Fairview) 9/1/1995
McGeahy Building (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
George A. Mears House (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Monte Vista Hotel (Black Mountain) 4/30/2008
Montford Area Historic District (Asheville) 11/25/1977
Municipal Golf Course (Asheville) 4/20/2005
N.C. Electric Power Co. Generating Plant (Woodfin) 6/25/1999
Norwood Park Historic District (Asheville) 8/29/2008
Oteen Veterans Administration Hospital Historic District (Asheville) 11/20/1985
Ottari Sanatarium (Asheville) 10/16/1986
Overlook (Seely's Castle) (Asheville) 10/22/1980
Proximity Park Historic District (Asheville) 10/8/2008
Thomas W. Raoul House (Asheville) 11/28/2006
Ravenscroft School (Asheville) 12/12/1978
Ravenscroft Amendment to Downtown Asheville Historic District (Asheville) 8/23/1990
Samuel Harrison Reed House (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
Reynolds House (Asheville) 9/13/1984
Dr. Carl V. Reynolds House (Albemarle Inn) (Asheville) 8/19/1982
Rice-Cornell-Brown House (Asheville vicinity) 12/24/1998
Richbourg Motors Building (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Richmond Hill House (Asheville vicinity) 8/16/1977
Riverside Industrial Historic District (Asheville) 8/11/2004
S & W Cafeteria (Asheville) 3/28/1977
Saint Luke's Episcopal Church (Asheville) 9/30/1997
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church (Asheville) 12/23/1994
Saint Matthias Episcopal Church (Asheville) 5/10/1979
Sawyer Motor Company Building (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Schoenberger Hall (Destroyed) (AD MRN) (Asheville) 4/26/1979
Sherrill's Inn (Fairview vicinity) 4/16/1975
Richard Sharp Smith House (Asheville) 1/22/2009
Whiteford G. Smith House (Asheville) 5/4/2005
Smith-McDowell House (Asheville) 8/1/1975
Southern Railway Passenger Depot (BV MRN) (Asheville) 11/15/1979
The Spinning Wheel (Asheville) 7/28/1999
Sunset Terrace Historic District (Asheville) 12/16/2005
Thomas Chapel AME Zion Church (Black Mountain) 4/30/2009
Weaverville United Methodist Church (Weaverville) 3/1/1996
West Asheville-Aycock School Historic District (Asheville) 8/23/2006
West Asheville-End of Car Line Historic District (Asheville) 8/9/2006
Thomas Wolfe House (Asheville) 11/11/1971
Young Men's Institute Building (YMI) (Asheville) 7/14/1977
Zealandia (Asheville) 3/14/1977


Alphonso Calhoun Avery House (Morganton) 7/12/1984
Avery Avenue Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Avery Avenue School (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Bellevue (Morganton vicinity) 12/4/1973
Broughton Hospital Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Old Burke County Courthouse (Morganton) 4/17/1970
Creekside (Morganton vicinity) 2/1/1972
U.S.B. Dales Market (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Jean-Pierre Auguste Dalmas House (Valdese) 5/2/2002
Jacob Forney, Jr. House (Morganton vicinity) 10/14/1976
Franklin-Penland House (Linville Falls vicinity) 11/28/2006
Gaither House (Morganton) 4/23/1976
Garrou-Morganton Full-Fashioned Hosiery Mills (Morganton) 1/27/1999
Gaston Chapel (Morganton) 10/11/1984
Gilboa Methodist Church (Salem vicinity) 10/11/1984
Hunting Creek Railroad Bridge (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Jonesboro Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
John Alexander Lackey House (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Magnolia Place (Morganton vicinity) 6/4/1973
Morganton Downtown Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Mountain View (Samuel Greenlee House) (Morganton) 10/11/1984
North Carolina School for the Deaf Main Building (Morganton) 12/12/1976
North Carolina School for the Deaf Historic District (Morganton) 4/20/1989
North Green Street-Bouchelle Street Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Pleasant Valley (Burned 9/22/77) (Morganton vicinity) 1/20/1972
Quaker Meadows Cemetery (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Quaker Meadows (Morganton vicinity) 10/3/1973
Dr. Joseph Bennett Riddle House (Morganton) 12/20/1984
Sloan-Throneburg Farm (Chesterfield vicinity) 3/1/2002
South King Street Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Swan Ponds (Morganton vicinity) 4/24/1973
Franklin Pierce Tate House (Morganton) 5/21/1986
Tate (The Cedars) House (Morganton) 5/25/1973
Valdese Elementary School (Valdese) 10/25/1984
Waldensian Presbyterian Church (Valdese) 10/25/1984
West Union Street Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987
Western North Carolina Insane Asylum (Broughton Hospital) (Morganton) 10/5/1977
White Street-Valdese Avenue Historic District (Morganton) 11/9/1987


Barber-Scotia College (Historic District) (Concord) 2/28/1985
Bethel Church Arbor (Cabarrus vicinity) 5/23/1997
Boger-Hartsell Farm (Concord vicinity) 7/23/1998
Bost Mill Historic District (Georgeville vicinity) 1/13/1986
Cabarrus County Courthouse (Concord) 6/5/1974
Favoni (Burned 1990) (Poplar Tent Church 3/5/1986
First Congregational Church (Mount Pleasant) 1/9/1986
John Bunyan Green Farm (House Burned) (Midland vicinity) 6/2/1988
Daniel Isenhour House and Farm (Gold Hill vicinity) 4/21/2000
Lentz Hotel (Mt. Pleasant) 6/14/1982
McCurdy Log House (Concord vicinity) 1/21/1974
Meek House (Kannapolis vicinity) 9/24/2001
Mill Hill (Concord vicinity) 9/10/1974
Robert Harvey Morrison Farm and Pioneer Mills Gold Mine (Midland) 12/31/1990
Mount Pleasant Historic District (Mount Pleasant) 5/12/1986
Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute Historic District (Mount Pleasant) 11/15/1979
North Union Street Historic District (Concord) 4/15/1986
Odell-Locke-Randolph Cotton Mill (Concord) 3/28/1983
Harvey Jeremiah Peeler House (Kannapolis) 8/16/2007
The Reverend John E. Pressly House (Bethpage vicinity) 1/6/1986
Reed Gold Mine (Concord vicinity) 10/15/1966
Rocky River Presbyterian Church (Concord vicinity) 3/6/1986
South Union Street Historic District (Concord) 4/10/1986
South Union Street Courthouse and Commercial Historic District (Concord) 9/30/1997
Spears House (Concord vicinity) 8/7/1989
Stonewall Jackson Training School Historic District (Concord vicinity) 3/15/1984
Union Street North-Cabarrus Avenue Commercial Historic District (Concord) 12/10/2003


Caldwell County Courthouse (Lenoir) 5/10/1979
Clover Hill (Patterson vicinity) 5/25/1973
Dula-Horton Cemetery (Grandin vicinity) 9/2/2004
Fort Defiance (Patterson vicinity) 9/15/1970
William Hagler House (Grandin vicinity) 12/28/1982
Lenoir High School (Lenoir) 8/2/1990
Lenoir Grammar School (Lenoir) 4/19/2006
Walter James Lenoir House (Yadkin Valley vicinity) 9/2/2004
Lenoir Downtown Historic District (Lenoir) 9/5/2007
Mariah's Chapel (Legerwood vicinity) 9/2/2004
Mary's Grove (Lenoir) 4/25/2001
Patterson School Historic District (Patterson) 12/22/2004
Edgar Allan Poe, Jr. House (Lenoir) 5/18/2001
Riverside (Grandin vicinity) 9/2/2004
The Fountain (Happy Valley vicinity) 9/2/2004


William Riley Abbott House (South Mills vicinity) 8/11/1978
Camden County Courthouse (Camden) 2/1/1972
(former) Camden County Jail (Camden) 5/3/1984
Dismal Swamp Canal (Federal Nomination) (South Mills vicinity) 6/6/1988
Caleb Grandy House (Belcross) 4/29/1982
Lamb-Ferebee House (Camden vicinity) 9/22/1980
Milford (Relfe-Grice-Sawyer House) (Camden vicinity) 3/16/1972


Beaufort Historic District (Beaufort) 5/6/1974
Cape Lookout Light Station (Federal Nomination) (Core Banks) 10/18/1972
Cape Lookout Coastguard Station (Federal Nomination) (Beaufort vicinity) 2/2/1989
Cape Lookout Village Historic District (Harkers Island 6/30/2000
Carteret County Home (Beaufort vicinity) 12/20/1984
Fort Macon (Atlantic Beach vicinity) 2/26/1970
Gibbs House (Beaufort) 3/14/1973
Jacob Henry House (Beaufort) 5/7/1973
Morehead City Historic District (Morehead City) 4/18/2003
Morehead City Municipal Building (Morehead City) 8/11/2004
Old Burying Ground (Beaufort) 4/8/1974
Portsmouth Village (Federal Nomination) (Portsmouth Island) 11/29/1979
The Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck (Atlantic Beach vicinity) 3/9/2004
Salter-Battle Hunting and Fishing Lodge (Portmouth vicinity) 5/5/2005


Brown-Graves House and Brown's Store (Locust Hill) 7/15/1974
Caswell County Courthouse (Yanceyville) 5/4/1973
Garland-Buford House (Osmond vicinity) 1/24/1974
Graves House (Yanceyville vicinity) 11/20/1974
Griers Presbyterian Church (Frogsboro vicinity) 12/30/1985
John Johnston House (Yanceyville vicinity) 3/14/1997
Longwood (Milton vicinity) 9/15/1976
James Malone House (Leasburg) 4/30/2008
Melrose (Williamson House) (Yanceyville vicinity) 2/28/1985
Milton Historic District (Milton) 10/25/1973
Milton State Bank (Milton) 4/13/1973
Moore House (Annie Y. Gwynn House) (Locust Hill vicinity) 8/28/1973
Poteat House (Yanceyville vicinity) 10/24/1979
Red House Presbyterian Church (Semora) 5/1/2007
Rose Hill (Bedford Brown House) (Locust Hill) 10/25/1973
Union Tavern (Yellow Tavern) (Milton) 5/15/1975
Warren House and Warren's Store (Prospect Hill) 6/19/1973
Wildwood (Monroe Long House) (Semora vicinity) 10/5/2001
Woodside (Richmond House) (Milton vicinity) 3/6/1986
Bartlett Yancey House (Yanceyville vicinity) 12/4/1973
Yanceyville Historic District (Yanceyville) 10/15/1973


Abraham Anthony House (Blackburn vicinity) 5/10/1990
Balls Creek Campground (Bandys Crossroads 4/27/1990
Bandy Farms Historic District (Bandys Crossroads 4/27/1990
Bolick Historic District (Conover) 7/5/1990
Bost-Burris House (Newton vicinity) 7/5/1990
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge (Claremont vicinity) 2/26/1970
Catawba Historic District (Catawba) 4/28/1986
Catawba County Courthouse (Newton) 5/10/1979
Claremont High School Historic District (Hickory) 10/23/1986
Claremont High School Historic District Boundary Increase & Add. (Hickory) 12/18/2009
(former) Elliot-Carnegie Library (Hickory) 3/15/1985
First Presbyterian Church (Hickory) 3/15/1985
Foil-Cline House (Newton) 7/5/1990
Dr. Glenn R. Frye House (Hickory) 8/5/2009
Clement Geitner House (Hickory) 3/15/1985
(former) Grace Reformed Church (Newton) 7/5/1990
Grace Union Church and Cemetery (Blackburn vicinity) 5/10/1990
Harris Arcade (Hickory) 5/8/2008
(former) Hickory Municipal Building (Hickory) 2/18/2000
Highland School (Hickory) 6/1/1990
Houck's Chapel (Hickory) 3/15/1985
George Huffman Farm (Conover vicinity) 6/21/1990
Keever-Cansler Farm (Blackburn vicinity) 5/10/1990
Kenworth Historic District Bdy. Exp (Hickory) 5/18/2005
Kenworth Historic District (Hickory) 5/9/1985
John Lentz House (Hickory) 3/15/1985
Long, McCorkle, and Murray Houses (Newton) 9/5/1990
Lyerly Full Fashioned Mill (Hickory) 8/8/2007
North Main Avenue Historic District (Newton) 5/21/1986
Memorial Reformed Church (Maiden) 6/21/1990
Miller-Cansler House (Maiden vicinity) 5/10/1990
Alexander Moore Farm (Catawba vicinity) 4/27/1990
Joseph Alfred Moretz House (Hickory) 3/15/1985
Munday House (Destroyed?) (Denver vicinity) 8/22/1975
Murray's Mill Historic District (Catawba vicinity) 12/31/1979
Neill-Turner-Lester House (Sherrills Ford vicinity) 5/10/1990
Oakwood Historic District (Hickory) 3/25/1986
Perkins House (Newton vicinity) 10/1/1974
Piedmont Wagon Company (Hickory) 3/15/1985
Powell-Trollinger Lime Kilns (Maiden vicinity) 11/8/1974
Propst House (Hickory) 4/24/1973
David F. Propst House (Maiden vicinity) 6/21/1990
William Pinckney Reinhardt House (Maiden vicinity) 7/19/1990
Franklin D. Reinhardt and Harren-Hood Farms (Maiden vicinity) 6/21/1990
Rock Barn Farm (Claremont vicinity) 7/5/1990
Rudisill-Wilson House (Newton vicinity) 8/14/1973
Saint Paul's Church and Cemetery (Lutheran) (Newton vicinity) 12/9/1971
Saint Paul's Reformed Church (Startown vicinity) 6/21/1990
Self-Trott-Bickett House (Newton) 7/5/1990
Sharpe-Gentry Farm (Propst Crossroads 6/21/1990
Miles Alexander Sherrill House (Sherrills Ford vicinity) 4/27/1990
Shuford House (Maple Grove) (Hickory) 4/24/1973
Shuford-Hoover House (Blackburn vicinity) 5/10/1990
Hickory Southwest Downtown Historic District (Hickory) 12/16/2005
Terrell Historic District (Terrell) 7/15/1986
Warlick-Huffman Farm (Propst Crossroads) 6/21/1990
Weidner Rock House (Newton vicinity) 12/4/1973
Wesley Chapel Arbor and Cemetery (Blackburn vicinity) 5/10/1990
Wilfong-Wilson Farm (Startown vicinity) 6/21/1990
Yoder's Mill (Hickory vicinity) 1/11/1980


Alston-DeGraffenried Plantation Boundary Increase (Pittsboro vicinity) 10/21/1993
Alston-DeGraffenried House (Pittsboro vicinity) 11/18/1974
Aspen Hall (Pittsboro vicinity) 7/29/1982
Baldwin's Mill (Pittsboro vicinity) 1/2/1986
Bowen-Jordan Farm (Siler City vicinity) 7/5/1985
Cadmus N. Bray House (Siler City) 12/30/1999
Stephen W. Brewer House (Pittsboro) 8/21/2003
Chatham County Courthouse (Pittsboro) 5/10/1979
Luther Clegg House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Deep River Camelback Truss Bridge (Truss Bridge #155) (Cumnock/Gulf 6/9/1995
DeGraffenreidt-Johnson House (Silk Hope vicinity) 7/5/1985
East Raleigh Street Historic District (Siler City) 5/11/2000
Ebenezer Log Church (Destroyed) (Pittsboro vicinity) 11/19/1974
Ebenezer Methodist Church (Bells) 7/5/1985
Lewis Freeman House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Goldston Commercial Historic District (Goldston) 11/25/1987
Goodwin Farm Complex (Bells vicinity) 7/5/1985
Gregson-Hadley House (Siler City) 7/5/1985
Hadley Hotel (Siler City) 7/5/1985
Hadley House and Grist Mill (Hickory Mount 11/25/1980
Hall-London House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Haughton-McIver House (Gulf) 7/5/1985
High Point Bending & Chair Co. (Siler City) 11/12/1999
Marion Jasper Jordan Farm (Gulf vicinity) 2/25/1988
Kelvin (Destroyed) (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Lockville Dam, Canal, and Powerhouse (Moncure vicinity) 11/20/1984
Henry Adolphus London House (Pittsboro) 9/3/1998
London Cottage (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
John A. Mason House (Farrington vicinity) 10/23/1974
McClenahan House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Robert Joseph Moore House (Bynum) 9/3/1998
Moore-Manning House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Mount Vernon Springs Historic District (Mount Vernon 12/3/1987
New Hope Rural Historic District (Archaeology) (New Hope) 2/25/1985
Newkirk Site (Archaeology) (Moncure vicinity) 11/14/1983
North Third Avenue Historic District (Siler City) 7/20/2000
O'Kelly's Chapel (Farrington vicinity) 7/5/1985
Paschal-Womble House (Goldston) 4/26/1984
Pittsboro Historic District (Pittsboro) 5/5/2000
Pittsboro Masonic Lodge (Columbus Lodge #102) (Pittsboro) 1/31/1978
Pittsboro Presbyterian Church (Pittsboro) 1/30/1978
Reid House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
William Alston Rives House (Pittsboro vicinity) 7/5/1985
Siler City High School (Siler City) 7/15/1998
Siler City City Hall (Siler City) 10/30/1998
Siler City Commercial Historic District (Siler City) 7/27/2000
Snipes-Fox House (Siler City) 9/3/1998
Patrick St. Lawrence House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
Joseph B. Stone House (Farrington vicinity) 6/1/1982
William Teague House (Siler City vicinity) 7/5/1985
A.P. Terry House (Pittsboro) 10/5/1982
James A. Thomas Farm (Pittsboro vicinity) 7/5/1985
Dr. E.H. Ward Farm (Bynum vicinity) 7/5/1985
Whitehead-Fogleman Farm (Crutchfield 7/5/1985
Burdett Woody House (Siler City vicinity) 8/16/2008


Andrews Mound (Destroyed) (Archaeology) (Andrews) 6/4/1973
John C. Campbell Folk School Historic District (Brasstown vicinity) 8/22/1983
Cherokee County Courthouse (Murphy) 5/10/1979
John Franklin Cobb House (Bell View vicinity) 10/11/1984
Robert Lafayette Cooper House (Murphy) 9/5/1990
Franklin Pierce Cover House (Andrews) 11/12/1982
First Baptist Church (Andrews) 9/14/2002
Harshaw Chapel and Cemetery (Murphy) 4/5/1984
Walker's Inn (Andrews) 8/19/1975


Albania (Edenton) 5/13/1976
Athol (Edenton vicinity) 5/22/1980
Barker House (Edenton) 3/24/1972
Chowan County Courthouse (Edenton) 4/15/1970
Cullins-Baker House (Tyner vicinity) 4/29/1982
Cupola House (Edenton) 4/15/1970
Edenton Historic District (Edenton) 7/16/1973
Edenton Historic District Boundary Expansion (Edenton) 10/5/2001
Edenton Historic District Bdy. Inc. 2/Add. Doc. (Edenton) 9/28/2007
Edenton Cotton Mill Village Historic District (Edenton) 2/5/1999
Edenton Station US Govt Fish & Fisheries Commission (Edenton) 9/14/2002
Greenfield Plantation (Somer vicinity) 5/11/1976
Hayes Plantation (Edenton) 3/3/1974
Hicks Field (Edenton) 9/13/1995
James Iredell House (Edenton) 2/26/1970
Cullen and Elizabeth Jones House (Edenton) 5/3/2006
Susan J. Armistead Moore House (Edenton vicinity) 5/18/2005
Mulberry Hill (Edenton vicinity) 5/13/1976
Peanut Factory (Edenton Peanut Mill) (Edenton) 9/20/1979
Pembroke Hall (Edenton) 11/7/1976
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church and Churchyard (Edenton) 5/29/1975
Sandy Point (Edenton vicinity) 4/25/1985
Shelton Plantation House (Clement Hall) (Edenton vicinity) 10/29/1974
Speight House and Cotton Gin (Edenton) 9/22/1980
Strawberry Hill (Edenton) 5/22/1980
Wessington House (Edenton) 3/20/1973


Clay County Courthouse (Hayesville) 10/29/1975
John Covington Moore House (Tusquitee vicinity) 7/21/1983
Spikebuck Town Mound and Village Site (Archaeology) (Hayesville vicinity) 8/17/1982


The Banker's House (Shelby) 5/6/1975
Joshua Beam House (Shelby vicinity) 6/4/1980
Central School Historic District (Kings Mountain) 5/18/2001
Central Shelby Historic District (Shelby) 6/23/1983
Central Shelby Historic District Boundary Expansion (Shelby) 9/14/2002
Cleveland County Courthouse (Shelby) 5/10/1979
Double Shoals Cotton Mill (Shelby vicinity) 3/24/2009
East Marion/Belvedere Park Historic District (Shelby) 12/31/2002
E.B. Hamrick Hall (Gardner-Webb College) (Boiling Springs) 7/12/1982
James Hayward Hull House (Shelby) 5/1/2003
Irvin-Hamrick Log House (Shelby vicinity) 5/28/1980
King Street Overhead Bridge (Kings Mountain) 4/6/2005
John Lattimore House (Lattimore vicinity) 8/26/1982
Margrace Mill Village Historic District (Kings Mountain) 5/6/2009
Masonic Temple Building (Shelby) 7/15/1982
Dr. Victor McBrayer House (Shelby) 5/31/1979
Southern Railway Company Overhead Bridge (Kings Mountain) 4/19/2007
George Sperling House and Outbuildings (Shelby) 12/31/2001
Joseph Suttle House (Shelby vicinity) 7/17/1980
Webbley (O. Max Gardner House) (Shelby) 9/29/1980
West Warren Street Historic District (Shelby) 5/12/2009


Columbus County Courthouse (Whiteville) 5/10/1979
Lake Waccamaw Depot (Moved) (Lake Waccamaw) 7/21/1983
Powell House (The Trading Post) (Fair Bluff) 1/31/1978


Attmore-Oliver House (New Bern) 1/20/1972
J. T. Barber School (New Bern) 12/20/2006
Baxter Clock (New Bern) 7/2/1973
Bellair (New Bern vicinity) 8/25/1972
Blades House (New Bern) 1/14/1972
Bryan House and Office (New Bern) 3/24/1972
Cedar Grove Cemetery (New Bern) 12/5/1972
Cedar Street Recreation Center (New Bern) 8/21/2003
Centenary Methodist Church (New Bern) 9/11/1972
Central Elementary School (First and Second New Bern Academy) (New Bern) 1/20/1972
Christ Episcopal Church and Parish House (New Bern) 4/13/1972
Clear Springs Plantation (Altered) (New Bern vicinity) 3/14/1973
Coor-Bishop House (New Bern) 11/9/1972
Coor-Gaston House (New Bern) 2/1/1972
DeGraffenried Park Historic District (New Bern) 8/9/2006
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church (New Bern) 6/30/1997
First Baptist Church (New Bern) 3/24/1972
First Church of Christ, Scientist (New Bern) 10/2/1973
First Missionary Baptist Church (New Bern) 6/30/1997
First Presbyterian Church and Churchyard (New Bern) 2/1/1972
Ghent Historic District (New Bern) 3/17/1988
Gull Harbor (New Bern) 8/14/1973
Harvey Mansion (New Bern) 11/12/1971
Hawks House (New Bern) 3/16/1972
William Hollister House (New Bern) 6/30/1972
Thomas Jerkins House (New Bern) 10/18/1972
Jerkins-Duffy House (New Bern) 3/17/1988
Jones-Jarvis House (New Bern) 4/11/1973
Ulysses S. Mace House (New Bern) 6/4/1973
Masonic Temple and Theater (New Bern) 3/16/1972
Mount Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (James City) 3/1/2007
New Bern Historic District (New Bern vicinity) 6/19/1973
New Bern Municipal Building (New Bern) 6/4/1973
New Bern Battlefield Site (New Bern) 10/15/2001
New Bern Historic District Bdy Exp & Add Doc (New Bern) 9/25/2003
New Bern National Cemetery (Federal Nomination) (New Bern) 1/31/1997
Rhem-Waldrop House (New Bern) 10/18/1972
Riverside Historic District (New Bern) 2/9/1988
Rue Chapel A.M.E. Church (New Bern) 6/30/1997
Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church (New Bern) 3/24/1972
Saint Peter's A.M.E. Zion Church (New Bern) 6/30/1997
Simpson-Oaksmith-Patterson House (Destroyed) (New Bern) 1/20/1972
Dr. Earl S. Sloan House (New Bern) 8/14/1986
Slover-Bradham House (New Bern) 4/11/1973
Eli Smallwood House (New Bern) 12/5/1972
Benjamin Smith House (New Bern) 4/13/1972
Isaac H. Smith, Jr. House (New Bern) 9/14/2002
Smith-Whitford House (New Bern) 4/13/1972
St. John's Missionary Baptist Church (New Bern) 6/30/1997
Edward R. Stanly House (New Bern) 3/24/1972
John Wright Stanly House (New Bern) 2/26/1970
Stevenson House (New Bern) 2/26/1970
Isaac Taylor House (New Bern) 12/27/1972
Tisdale-Jones House (New Bern) 4/25/1972
York-Gordon House (New Bern) 6/18/1973


Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Station (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Barge's Tavern (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Belden-Horne House (Fayetteville) 3/16/1972
Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church (Hope Mills vicinity) 7/21/1983
Brownlea (Fayetteville) 8/21/2003
Camp Ground Methodist Church (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway Passenger Depot (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Cape Fear Baptist Church (Fayetteville) 10/13/1983
The Capitol (Fayetteville) 5/4/2005
Carolina Theater (Destroyed) (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Confederate Breastworks (Federal Nomination) (Fayetteville) 10/17/1981
Cool Spring Place (Fayetteville) 10/10/1972
Cool Springs (Carbers Creek 9/19/1985
Cross Creek Cemetery No.1 (Fayetteville) 9/25/1998
Cumberland County Courthouse (Fayetteville) 5/10/1979
John Davis House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
DeVane-MacQueen House (Grays Creek vicinity) 7/21/1983
Ellerslie (Linden vicinity) 8/7/1974
Evans Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Falcon Tabernacle (Falcon) 10/11/1983
Fayetteville Downtown Historic District (Fayetteville) 7/1/1999
(former) Fayetteville Ice & Manufacturing Company (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
(former) Fayetteville Mutual Insurance Company Building (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Fayetteville Woman's Club and Oval Ballroom (Fayetteville) 2/6/1973
First Baptist Church (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
First Presbyterian Church (Fayetteville) 4/30/1976
Gully Mill (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Hangars 4 and 5, Pope Air Force Base (Pope Air Force Base 1/16/1991
Hay Street United Methodist Church (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Haymount Historic District (Fayetteville) 8/25/1983
Haymount Historic District Boundary Increase (Fayetteville) 4/10/2007
Holt-Harrison House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Hope Mills Historic District (Hope Mills) 7/9/1985
Kyle House (Fayetteville) 6/19/1972
Liberty Row (Fayetteville) 8/14/1973
Long Valley Farm (Spring Lake vicinity) 6/6/1994
M & O Chevrolet Company (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Mansard Roof House (Fayetteville) 3/20/1973
Market House (NHL) (Fayetteville) 9/15/1970
Market House Square District (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Massey Hill High School (Fayetteville) 12/23/2004
Maxwell House (Stedman vicinity) 2/28/1985
McArthur-Council House (Grays Creek vicinity) 7/21/1983
McCall House (Fayetteville) 8/25/1983
William McDiarmid House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Henry McLean House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Nimocks House (Fayetteville) 1/20/1972
North Carolina Arsenal Site (Archaeology) (Fayetteville) 2/23/1983
Oak Grove (Erwin 2/6/1973
John A. Oates House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Old Bluff Presbyterian Church (Wade vicinity) 8/7/1974
Orange Street School (Fayetteville) 9/22/1987
John E. Patterson House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Phoenix Masonic Lodge No. 8 (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Edgar Allen Poe House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Pope Air Force Base Historic District (Pope Air Force Base 1/25/1991
Prince Charles Hotel (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Saint John's Episcopal Church (Fayetteville) 9/6/1974
Saint Joseph's Episcopal Church (Fayetteville) 6/1/1982
Sedberry-Holmes House (Fayetteville) 9/2/1975
Seventy-First Consolidated School (Fayetteville) 12/23/2004
Frank H. Stedman House (Fayetteville) 9/14/2002
Robert Strange Country House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Taylor-Utley House (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
(former) United States Post Office (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Dr. William C. Verdery House (Fayetteville) 9/5/2007
(former) Waddill's Store (Fayetteville) 7/7/1983
Westlawn House (Fayetteville) 9/22/1980
Robert Williams House (Eastover vicinity) 7/21/1983


Baum Site 31CK9 (Archaeology) (Poplar Branch) 12/8/1982
Culong (Shawboro vicinity) 2/1/1980
Currituck Beach Lighthouse (Corolla) 10/15/1973
Currituck Beach Lighthouse Complex (Boundary Expansion) (Corolla) 1/14/2000
Currituck County Courthouse and Jail (Currituck) 5/10/1979
Currituck Shooting Club (Burned) (Corolla vicinity) 5/28/1980
(former) Grandy School (Grandy) 9/25/1998
Jarvisburg Colored School (Jarvisburg) 12/11/2009
Shaw House (Altered) (Shawboro) 4/17/1980
Twin Houses (Shawboro) 4/13/1972
Whalehead Club (Corolla) 4/16/1980


Ellsworth and Lovie Ballance House (Hatteras) 5/25/2001
Bodie Island Light Station (Nags Head vicinity) 7/4/2003
Bodie Island Lifesaving/ Coast Guard Station (Nags Head vicinity) 2/9/1979
Caffey's Inlet Lifesaving Station (Duck vicinity) 1/30/1978
Cape Hatteras Light Station (Cape Hatteras) 3/29/1978
Chicamacomico Life Saving Station (Rodanthe) 12/12/1976
George Washington Creef House (Manteo) 8/12/1982
John T. Daniels House (Manteo) 5/1/2003
First Colony Inn (Nag's Head) 1/21/1993
Fort Raleigh National Historic Site (Manteo vicinity) 10/15/1966
Hatteras Weather Bureau Station (Cape Hatteras) 2/17/1978
(former) Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station (Kitty Hawk) 10/11/1984
Markham-Albertson-Stinson Cottage (Nags Head) 1/13/2006
Theodore S. Meekins House (Manteo) 12/20/1982
Mattie Midgett Store and House (Nags Head) 12/23/2004
Rasmus Midgett House (Waves) 10/21/2009
Nags Head Beach Cottage Row Historic District (Nags Head) 8/19/1977
Oregon Inlet Station (Rodanthe vicinity) 12/23/1975
Salvo Post Office (Salvo) 9/23/1993
Sam's Diner (Kill Devil Hills) 1/27/1999
Sea Foam Motel (Nags Head) 12/23/2004
U.S.S. Huron (Archaeology) (MISSING) 11/15/1991
U.S.S. Monitor (Off Cape Hatteras) 10/11/1974
Wright Brothers National Memorial (Kitty Hawk) 10/15/1966
Wright Brothers National Memorial Additional Documentation (Kitty Hawk) 9/13/1996
Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center (Kill Devil Hills) 1/3/2001


Abbott's Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery (Thomasville vicinity) 7/10/1984
Adderton-Badgett House (Denton vicinity) 7/10/1984
Beallmont (Linwood vicinity) 7/10/1984
Beck's Reformed Church Cemetery (Silver Hill vicinity) 7/10/1984
Bethany Reformed and Lutheran Church Cemetery (Midway vicinity) 7/10/1984
Beulah Church of Christ Cemetery (Welcome vicinity) 7/10/1984
Brummel's Inn (Thomasville vicinity) 11/25/1980
Church Street School (Thomasville) 3/1/1990
Old Davidson County Courthouse (Lexington) 6/24/1971
Emanuel United Church of Christ Cemetery (Thomasville vicinity) 7/10/1984
Erlanger Mill Village Historic District (Lexington) 1/9/2008
Hamilton Everhart Farm (Midway vicinity) 7/10/1984
Riley Everhart Farm and General Store (Arnold vicinity) 7/10/1984
Fair Grove Methodist Church Cemetery (South Thomasville) 7/10/1984
First Reformed Church (Lexington) 4/28/2000
Good Hope Methodist Church Cemetery (Welcome vicinity) 7/10/1984
Grace Episcopal Church (Lexington) 12/20/2006
Grimes School (Lexington) 12/28/1988
Grimes Brothers Mill (Lexington) 5/2/2002
Grimes-Crotts Mill (Reedy Creek vicinity) 7/10/1984
Haden Place (Tyro vicinity) 7/10/1984
Hampton House (Arcadia vicinity) 7/10/1984
Hedrick's Grove Reformed Church (Lexington) 1/30/2008
Dr. William Rainey Holt House (Lexington) 6/23/1983
Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery (Linwood vicinity) 7/10/1984
Jersey Settlement Meeting House (Linwood vicinity) 7/10/1984
Junior Order U.A.M. National Orphans Home (Lexington vicinity) 7/10/1984
Captain John Koonts, Jr. Farm (Tyro vicinity) 7/10/1984
Shadrach Lambeth House (Thomasville vicinity) 9/10/1984
Lexington Residential Historic District (Lexington) 4/19/2007
Mitchell House (Thomasville) 9/20/2000
Eli Moore House (High Point vicinity) 7/10/1984
Mor-Val Hosiery Mill (Denton) 10/5/2001
Mount Ebal Methodist Protestant Church (Denton) 7/10/1984
Pilgrim Reformed Church Cemetery (Lexington vicinity) 7/10/1984
Reid Farm (Buildings moved to Denton by 1992) (Jackson Hill vicinity) 1/25/1979
Saint Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery (Tyro vicinity) 7/10/1984
Salem Street Historic District (Thomasville) 8/9/2006
Henry Shoaf Farm (Lexington vicinity) 7/13/1984
Smith Clinic (Thomasville) 11/29/1991
Philip Sowers House (Churchland vicinity) 11/25/1980
Adam Spach Rock House Site(31DV218**)(Archaeology) (Friedberg vicinity) 6/14/2002
Spring Hill Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery (High Point vicinity) 7/10/1984
Spurgeon House (High Point vicinity) 4/20/1983
Thomasville Downtown Historic District (Thomasville) 9/1/2005
Thomasville Railroad Passenger Depot (Thomasville) 7/9/1981
Tyro Tavern (Tyro) 8/16/1984
Uptown Lexington Historic District (Lexington) 5/16/1996
Waggoner Graveyard (Midway) 7/10/1984
George W. Wall House (Wallburg) 7/10/1984
John Henry Welborn House (Destroyed 1990) (Lexington) 7/10/1984
Yadkin College Historic District (Yadkin College) 2/25/1988


George F. Barnhardt House (Jerusalem Township) 5/4/2009
Boxwood Lodge (Mocksville vicinity) 6/2/1995
Cana Store and Post Office (Mocksville vicinity) 10/5/2001
Center Arbor (Center Community) 9/3/1991
Jesse Clement House (Mocksville) 4/17/1980
Cooleemee Plantation (Mocksville vicinity) 3/20/1973
Davie County Courthouse (Mocksville) 5/10/1979
Davie County Jail (Mocksville) 4/24/1973
Downtown Mocksville Historic District (Mocksville) 6/1/1990
Foard-Tatum House (Cooleemee vicinity) 5/26/1994
Fulton United Methodist Church (Advance vicinity) 11/15/1979
Hinton Rowan Helper House (Mocksville vicinity) 2/17/1974
Hodges Business College (Mocksville vicinity) 8/16/2000
McGuire-Setzer House (Mocksville vicinity) 9/4/1992
North Main Street Historic District (Mocksville) 6/1/1990
Salisbury Street Historic District (Mocksville) 6/1/1990
John Edward Belle Shutt House (Advance) 5/16/1996


W. Stokes Boney House (Wallace vicinity) 7/8/1999
Robert Dickson Farm (Magnolia vicinity, 2/8/1988
Faison Historic District (Faison) 1/2/1997
Faison Cemetery (Faison) 4/19/2006
William Wright Faison House (Bowdens vicinity) 12/23/2004
B.F. Grady School (Destroyed 4/96) (Albertson) 2/24/1994
Hebron Presbyterian Church (Pink Hill vicinity) 2/24/1995
Bryan Whitfield Herring Farm (Calypso vicinity) 11/29/2001
Needham Whitfield Herring House and Outbuildings (Kenansville vicinity) 5/26/1994
Buckner Hill House (Faison vicinity) 12/6/1975
Kenansville Historic District (Kenansville) 3/13/1975
Kenansville Historic District Boundary Decrease (Kenansville) 12/9/2003
Loftin Farm (Beautancus vicinity) 12/31/2001
John Wesley Mallard House (Faison) 12/23/2004
Isaac M. Powers House (Wallace vicinity) 4/15/1999
Wallace Commercial Historic District (Wallace) 10/20/1995
Warsaw Historic District (Warsaw) 12/13/1996
Waterloo (Grady House) (Albertson vicinity) 1/8/1975


American Tobacco Company Manufacturing Plant (Durham) 9/28/2000
J.S. Bassett House (Faculty Ave. TRN) (Durham) 11/29/1979
Bennett Place State Historic Site (Durham) 2/26/1970
Richard D. Blacknall House (Durham) 3/1/1990
Bright Leaf Historic District (Durham) 12/30/1999
Bull Durham Tobacco Factory (W. T. Blackwell Tob.Fact.) (Durham) 9/10/1974
Bullington Warehouse (Durham) 8/30/1982
City Garage Yard and Fire Drill Tower (Durham) 5/3/2000
Clark and Sorrell Garage (Durham) 8/16/2000
Cleveland Street Historic District (Durham) 9/20/1985
Cranford-Wannamaker House (Faculty Ave. TRN) (Durham) 11/29/1979
J.S. Crowell House (Durham) 11/29/1979
Dillard and Gamble Houses (Durham) 1/19/1979
Downtown Durham Historic District (Durham) 11/1/1977
Duke Homestead and Tobacco Factory (Durham) 11/13/1966
Duke Memorial United Methodist Church (Durham) 8/11/1985
Durham Cotton Mills Village Historic District (Durham) 8/9/1985
(former) North Durham County Prison Camp (Durham) 12/31/1998
Durham Hosiery Mill (Durham) 11/14/1978
Durham Hosiery Mill #2 (Burned 1985, Deteriorated) (Durham) 11/27/1985
East Durham Historic District ( Durham) 12/23/2004
Emmanuel AME Church (Durham) 8/9/1985
Ephphatha Church (Durham) 8/9/1985
Erwin Cotton Mills Company Mill No. 1 and Headquarters Building (Durham) 11/20/1984
Fairntosh Plantation (Durham vicinity) 4/3/1973
Wiley and Elizabeth Forbus House (Durham) 4/28/2005
Forest Hills Historic District (Durham) 12/28/2005
Golden Belt Historic District (Durham) 8/9/1985
Golden Belt Historic District (Boundary Increase) (Durham) 7/30/1996
Golden Belt Historic District Additional Documentation (Durham) 9/24/2008
Greystone (Stagg House) (Durham) 6/1/1982
Hardscrabble (Durham vicinity) 1/20/1972
John Sprunt Hill House (Durham) 1/30/1978
Kinchen Holloway House (Durham) 8/29/2008
Holloway Street Historic District (Durham) 9/20/1985
Holloway Street Historic District Boundary Increase (Durham) 4/30/2009
Hope Valley Historic District (Durham) 12/11/2009
Horton Grove Complex (Durham vicinity) 3/17/1978
Lakewood Park Historic District (Durham) 5/1/2003
Leigh Farm (Chapel Hill vicinity) 9/5/1975
Liberty Warehouse Nos. 1 & 2 (Durham) 8/6/2008
Little Creek Site 31Dh351 (Archaeology) (Chapel Hill vicinity) 1/11/1985
Bartlett Mangum House (Durham) 5/25/1989
Meadowmont (Chapel Hill vicinity) 7/11/1985
Mechanics and Farmers Bank (Durham) 5/15/1975
Morehead Hill Historic District (Durham) 8/9/1985
Morehead Hill Historic District Boundary Increase (Durham) 6/2/2004
North Carolina Central University (Durham) 3/28/1986
North Durham-Duke Park District (Durham) 6/20/1985
William Thomas O'Brien House (Durham) 8/9/1985
Pearl Mill Village Historic District (Durham) 8/9/1985
W.H. Pegram House (Faculty Ave. TRN) (Durham) 11/29/1979
George Poland House (Bahama vicinity) 12/4/2004
Powe House (Durham) 8/9/1985
Russell School (Lebanon vicinity) 8/5/2009
Scarborough House (Durham) 8/9/1985
Smith Warehouse (Durham) 9/16/1985
St. Joseph's AME Church (Durham) 8/11/1976
Stagville (Durham vicinity) 5/25/1973
Marcus Tilley House (Bahama vicinity) 1/14/2000
Trinity Historic District (Durham) 3/26/1986
Trinity Historic District Boundary Expansion (Durham) 6/4/2004
Trinity Historic District Boundary Increase 2 (Durham) 1/9/2008
Adolphus Umstead House (Bahama vicinity) 9/14/1989
Venable Tobacco Company Prizery and Receiving Room (Durham) 8/21/2003
Venable Tobacco Company Warehouse (Durham) 8/9/1985
Watts Hospital (Durham) 4/2/1980
Watts and Yuille Warehouses (Durham) 4/5/1984
Watts-Hillandale Historic District (Durham) 4/25/2001
West Durham Historic District (Durham) 3/26/1986
West Point on the Eno (Durham vicinity) 8/9/1985


The Barracks (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Batts House and Outbuildings (Speed vicinity) 4/5/2006
Bracebridge Hall (Old Sparta vicinity) 2/18/1971
Bracebridge Hall Boundary Increase /Additional Documentation (Macclesfield vicinity) 12/16/2005
Calvary Episcopal Church and Churchyard (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Cedar Lane (Leggett vicinity) 4/15/1982
Coats House (Tarboro) 4/3/1973
Coolmore Plantation (Tarboro vicinity) 2/18/1971
Cotton Press (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Eastern Star Baptist Church (Tarboro MRN) (Tarboro) 4/2/1980
Edgecombe Agricultural Works (Tarbobo MRN) (Tarboro) 4/2/1980
Edgemont Historic District (Rocky Mount) 11/12/1999
Edgemont Historic District Boundary Expansion (Rocky Mount) 9/14/2002
The Grove (Blount-Bridgers House) (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Howell Homeplace (Tarboro vicinity) 12/20/1984
Lone Pine (Tarboro vicinity) 11/6/1987
Mount Prospect (Exum-Lewis House) (Burned) (Leggett vicinity) 11/20/1974
Dr. A.B. Nobles House and McKendree Church (Mercer vicinity) 6/19/1980
Oakland Plantation (Tarboro MRN) 4/2/1980
Old Town Plantation RELISTED 12/1/83 (Battleboro vicinity) 1/20/1972
Piney Prospect (Old Sparta vicinity) 2/18/1971
Porter Houses and Armstrong Kitchen (Whitakers) 9/14/2002
Princeville School (Princeville) 1/9/2001
Quigless Clinic (Tarboro) 10/27/2000
Railroad Depot Complex (Tarboro MRN) (Tarboro) 4/2/1980
Redmond-Shackleford House (Tarboro) 12/12/1976
Rocky Mount Central City Historic District (Rocky Mount) 6/19/1980
Rocky Mount Central City His. Dis. - bdy inc and dec/add doc (Rocky Mount) 8/27/2009
Saint John's Episcopal Church (Battleboro) 2/18/1971
Saint Paul Baptist Church (Tarboro MRN) (Tarboro) 4/2/1980
Tarboro Historic District (Tarboro) 4/2/1980
Tarboro Town Common (Tarboro) 9/30/1970
The Grove (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Vinedale (Pinetops vicinity) 7/15/1982
Walston-Bulluck House (Pender Museum) (Tarboro) 2/18/1971
Wilkinson-Dozier House (Conetoe vicinity) 10/23/1974
Worsley-Burnette House (Conetoe vicinity) 5/24/1990


Ardmore Historic District (Winston-Salem) 8/25/2004
Arista Cotton Mill Complex (Brookstown Mill) (Winston-Salem) 8/18/1977
(former) Atkins High School (Winston-Salem) 12/30/1999
S.G. Atkins House (Slater Academy TRN) (Winston-Salem) 7/22/1979
Agnew Hunter Bahnson House (Winston-Salem) 4/12/2001
Bethabara Historic District NHL Boundary Increase (Winston Salem) 1/20/1999
Bethabara Historic District (Winston-Salem) 11/15/1978
Bethabara Moravian Church (Winston-Salem) 9/28/1971
Bethania Historic District (Bethania) 5/3/1976
Bethania Historic District Amendment/Boundary Increase (Bethania) 3/25/1991
George Black House (Winston-Salem) 1/28/2000
Colonel William Allen Blair House (Winston-Salem) 4/25/1985
Joseph Franklin Bland House (Winston-Salem) 8/21/1984
Brickenstein-Leinbach House (Winston-Salem) 9/3/1991
W.C. Brown Apartment Building (Winston-Salem) 6/26/1998
Centerville Historic District (Winston-Salem) 5/8/2008
City Hall Building (Winston-Salem) 10/20/2001
Clayton Family Farm (Stanleyville vicinity) 10/5/2001
Conrad-Starbuck House and Carriage House (Winston-Salem) 6/4/1990
Craver Apartment Building (Winston-Salem) 6/26/1998
Thomas A. Crews House (Walkertown) 4/26/1993
Downtown North Historic District (Winston-Salem) 12/31/2002
James and Diana Dyer House (Winston-Salem) 4/5/2006
(former) First Baptist Church (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
Gilmer Building (Winston-Salem) 7/29/1982
Goler Memorial AME Zion Church (Winston-Salem) 6/26/1998
Goler Metropolitan AME Zion Church (Winston-Salem) 1/27/1999
Graylyn (Winston-Salem) 8/3/1978
P. H. Hanes Knitting Company Complex (Winston-Salem) 6/10/2005
Harmon-Reid Mill (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
J.S. Hill House (Winston-Salem) 7/22/1979
Holly Avenue Historic District (Winston-Salem) 5/2/2002
Hylehurst (Winston-Salem) 7/21/1983
Indera Mills (Winston-Salem) 7/15/1999
Dr. Beverly Jones House (Bethania vicinity) 1/20/1978
John Henry Kapp Farm (Bethania vicinity) 8/31/1992
(former) Kernersville Depot (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
Korner's Folly (Kernersville) 3/20/1973
Lloyd Presbyterian Church (Winston-Salem) 6/26/1998
Cicero Francis Lowe House (Winston-Salem) 12/20/1984
Colonel Jacob Lott Ludlow House (Winston-Salem) 3/17/1983
Mars Hill Baptist Church & Parsonage (Winston-Salem) 1/27/1999
Isaac Harrison McKaughan House (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
Middleton House (Winston-Salem) 12/28/2000
Nissen Building (Winston-Salem) 3/17/1983
S. J. Nissen Building (Winston-Salem) 8/16/2007
Nissen Building Boundary Increase (Winston-Salem) 8/25/2004
North Cherry Street Historic District (Winston-Salem) 12/23/2004
North Cherry Street Historic District (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
Oak Grove School (Winston-Salem 12/31/2002
O'Hanlon Building (Winston-Salem) 7/12/1984
Old Richmond Schoolhouse and Gymnasium (Tobaccoville vicinity) 1/21/2009
Old Salem Historic District (Winston-Salem) 11/13/1966
Piedmont Leaf Tobacco Company (W.F. Smith/Brown Bros. Co.) (Winston-Salem) 2/23/1978
H.D. Poindexter Houses (Winston-Salem) 7/31/1978
Reynolda Historic District (Winston-Salem) 11/28/1980
Richard J. Reynolds High School and Memorial Auditorium (Winston-Salem) 1/11/1991
Reynoldstown Historic District (Winston-Salem) 2/28/2008
Richmond Courthouse Site (Archaeology) (Donnaha vicinity) 1/5/1984
Roberts-Justice House (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
A. Robinson Building (Winston-Salem) 6/26/1998
James Mitchell Rogers House (Winston-Salem) 7/15/1982
Rural Hall Depot (Rural Hall) 7/21/1983
Saint Philip's Moravian Church (Winston-Salem) 9/3/1991
Salem Town Hall (Winston-Salem) 3/17/1983
Salem Tavern (Old Salem Historic District) (Winston-Salem) 10/15/1966
John Jacob Schaub House (Vienna vicinity) 10/7/1982
Shamrock Mills (Hanes Hosiery Mill # 1) (Winston-Salem) 5/23/1978
Shell Service Station (Winston-Salem) 5/13/1976
Christian Thomas Shultz House (Winston-Salem 12/16/2005
Single Brothers House (Old Salem Historic District) (Winston-Salem) 4/15/1970
Single Brothers Industrial Complex Site (Archaeology) (Winston-Salem) 12/13/1979
John Wesley Snyder House (Winston-Salem) 10/12/2000
Sosnik's/Morris-Early Commercial Block (Winston-Salem) 4/5/1984
South Main Street Historic District (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
South Trade Street Houses (Winston-Salem) 12/11/1978
(former) Spruce Street YMCA (Winston-Salem) 7/12/1984
Samuel B. Stauber House (Bethania vicinity) 1/12/1988
Stuart Motor Company (Kernersville) 2/25/1988
Sunnyside/Central Terrace Historic District (Winston-Salem) 5/8/2008
(former) Union Station (Winston-Salem) 12/24/1998
(former) Wachovia Bank and Trust Company Building (Winston-Salem) 5/31/1984
Wachovia Building (Winston-Salem) 4/19/2001
Washington Park Historic District (Winston-Salem) 1/13/1992
Waughtown-Belview Historic District (Winston-Salem) 1/20/2005
West End Historic District (Winston-Salem) 12/4/1986
West Salem Historic District (Winston-Salem) 1/19/2005
Winston-Salem City Hall (Winston-Salem) 10/20/2001
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Freight Warehouse and Office (Winston-Salem) 11/29/1991
Winston-Salem Tobacco Historic District (Winston-Salem) 8/5/2009
Zevely House (Winston-Salem) 4/24/1978


Andrews-Moore House (Bunn (vicinity)) 12/10/1998
Baker Farm (Bunn vicinity) 10/5/1982
Cascine (Louisburg vicinity) 4/26/1973
Cascine Boundary Increase (Louisburg vicinity) 12/4/1985
Clifton House and Mill Site (Royal vicinity) 4/17/1980
Cooke House (Louisburg vicinity) 10/14/1975
Archibald H. Davis Plantation (Cypress Hall) (Louisburg vicinity) 7/24/1975
Dean Farm (Louisburg vicinity) 5/2/1975
Franklinton Depot (Franklinton) 12/27/1990
Edwin Wiley Fuller House (Louisburg) 11/17/1978
Green Hill House (Louisburg vicinity) 6/10/1975
Dr. J.H. Harris House (Franklinton) 8/1/1975
William A. Jeffreys House (Youngsville vicinity) 6/23/1976
Jones-Wright House (Polly Wright House) (Rocky Ford vicinity) 3/12/1992
Shemuel Kearney House (Franklinton vicinity) 6/5/1975
Laurel Mill and Colonel Jordan Jones House (Louisburg vicinity) 5/30/1975
Locust Grove (Foster House) (Ingleside) 11/20/1975
Louisburg Historic District (Louisburg) 2/18/1987
Main Building, Louisburg College (Louisburg) 12/8/1978
Massenburg Plantation (Louisburg vicinity) 7/30/1975
Massenburg Plantation (Boundary Expansion) (Louisburg vicinity) 3/15/2000
C. L. and Bessie G. McGhee House (Franklinton) 9/5/2007
Monreath (Ingleside vicinity) 8/6/1975
Dr. Samuel Perry House (Gupton vicinity) 6/5/1975
Person Place (Louisburg vicinity) 6/19/1972
Person-McGhee Farm (Franklinton vicinity) 6/26/1979
Portridge (Louisburg vicinity) 3/1/1990
Rose Hill (Louisburg vicinity) 5/3/2006
J.A. Savage House (Franklinton) 9/22/1980
Speed Farm (Gupton vicinity) 12/27/1991
Sterling Cotton Mill (Franklinton) 5/16/1996
Archibald Taylor House (Wood) 5/12/1975
Patty Person Taylor House (Louisburg vicinity) 2/13/1975
Aldridge H. Vann House (Franklinton) 1/9/2008
Vine Hill (Centerville vicinity) 5/28/1975
Thomas and Lois Wheless House (Louisburg) 8/28/2007
Williamson House (Louisburg) 6/20/1975


(former) Beam's Shell Service Station & Office (Cherryville) 10/17/1997
Belmont Historic District (Belmont) 12/27/1996
Belmont Abbey Cathedral (Belmont) 4/11/1973
Belmont Abbey Historic District (Belmont) 7/14/1993
Belmont Hosiery Mill (Belmont) 9/16/2002
Andrew Carpenter House (Lucia vicinity) 3/17/1983
Central School (Bessemer City) 1/9/2008
Craig Farmstead (Gastonia vicinity) 4/19/2006
Dallas Historic District (Dallas) 7/26/1973
Dallas Graded and High School (Dallas) 5/2/2002
Downtown Gastonia Historic District (Gastonia) 1/6/2004
First National Bank Building (Gastonia) 2/20/1986
Gaston County Courthouse (Gastonia) 5/10/1979
Gastonia High School (Gastonia) 3/17/1983
Eli Hoyle House (Dallas) 12/17/1998
Peter Hoyle House (Dallas vicinity) 10/21/1993
David Jenkins House (Burned 7/87) (Gastonia) 2/17/1978
Loray Mill Historic District Boundary Increase (Gastonia) 4/5/2006
Loray Mill Historic District (Gastonia) 10/19/2001
Mayworth School (Cramerton) 9/16/2002
McAdenville Historic District (McAdenville) 2/5/2009
Mount Holly Mill (Mount Holly) 8/1/1996
Robinson-Gardner Building (Gastonia) 4/9/1999
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church (Mountain Island 6/7/1979
Third National Bank Building (Gastonia) 2/20/1986
(former) United States Post Office (Belmont) 11/29/1995
William J. Wilson House (Crowder's Creek 10/14/1976
York-Chester Historic District (Gastonia) 9/1/2005


Buckland (Buckland) 3/5/1986
Elmwood Plantation (Gatesville vicinity) 2/1/1972
Eure-Roberts House (Gatesville) 9/20/2006
Freeman House (Gates vicinity) 9/23/1982
Joseph Freeman House (Reynoldson vicinity) 11/12/1999
(former) Gates County Courthouse (Gatesville) 10/22/1976
Roberts-Carter House (Gatesville vicinity) 3/1/1984
Rountree Family Farm (Gates vicinity) 8/2/2000
Sunbury High School (Sunbury) 5/12/2009


Cheoah Hydroelectric Development (Tapoco vicinity) 5/21/2004
Charles Noden George House (Talulah Creek vicinity) 4/5/1984
Graham County Courthouse (Robbinsville) 8/28/2007
Santeetlah Hydroelectric Development (Robbinsville vicinity) 5/21/2004
Snowbird Mountain Lodge (Robbinsville) 9/2/1993
Tapoco Lodge Historic District (Tapoco vicinity) 5/21/2004


Abrams Plains (Stovall vicinity) 11/29/1979
Adoniram Masonic Lodge (Oxford vicinity) 8/31/1988
Allen-Mangum House (Grissom vicinity) 4/28/1988
Rufus Amis House and Mill (Virgilina vicinity) 4/28/1988
Rufus Amis House and Mill Boundary Amendment (Virgilina vicinity) 6/24/1993
James Blackwell House (Cornwall vicinity) 4/28/1988
Bobbitt-Rogers House and Tobacco Manufactory District (Wilton vicinity) 8/31/1988
Brassfield Baptist Church (Wilton vicinity) 8/31/1988
Brookland (Grassy Creek vicinity) 4/28/1988
Central Orphanage (Oxford) 8/31/1988
Edgewood (Grassy Creek vicinity) 4/28/1988
William Ellixson House (Wilbourns vicinity) 4/28/1988
Elmwood (Lewis vicinity) 4/28/1988
(former) First National Bank Building (Creedmoor) 8/31/1988
James W. Freeman House (Wilton vicinity) 4/28/1988
Granville County Courthouse (Oxford) 5/10/1979
Harris-Currin House (Wilton vicinity) 8/31/1988
Maurice Hart House (Stovall vicinity) 4/28/1988
Hill Airy (Stovall vicinity) 10/29/1974
Joseph P. Hunt Farm (Dexter vicinity) 8/31/1988
John P. Lawrence Plantation (Grissom vicinity) 8/31/1988
Joseph B. Littlejohn House (Oxford) 8/31/1988
Locust Lawn (Oxford vicinity) 4/28/1988
Mount Energy Historic District (Mount Energy) 8/31/1988
Oak Lawn (Huntsboro vicinity) 4/28/1988
Oliver-Morton Farm (Oak Hill vicinity) 8/31/1988
Oxford Historic District (Oxford) 4/28/1988
Paschall-Daniel House (Oxford) 6/4/1992
John Mask Peace House (Fairport vicinity) 4/22/2003
John Peace, Jr. House (Wilton vicinity) 4/28/1988
Puckett Family Farm (Satterwhite vicinity) 4/28/1988
Red Hill (Bullock vicinity) 8/14/1986
Rose Hill (Grassy Creek vicinity) 4/28/1988
John Henry Royster Farm (Bullock vicinity) 8/31/1988
Marcus Royster Plantation (Wilbourns vicinity) 4/28/1988
Salem Methodist Church (Huntsboro) 8/31/1988
Elijah Sherman Farm (Berea vicinity) 8/31/1988
William G. Smith House (Bullock vicinity) 4/28/1988
John W. Stovall Farm (Stovall vicinity) 8/31/1988
Sycamore Valley (Grassy Creek vicinity) 4/28/1988
Archibald Taylor House (Huntsboro vicinity) 10/20/2001
Colonel Richard P. Taylor House (Huntsboro vicinity) 4/28/1988
Thorndale (Oxford) 4/28/1988
Eldon B. Tunstall Farm (Bullock vicinity) 8/31/1988
Lewis Wimbish Plantation (Grassy Creek vicinity) 4/28/1988
Obediah Winston Farm (Creedmoor vicinity) 8/31/1988


Benjamin W. Best House (Jason vicinity) 2/3/2006
Titus W. Carr House (Walstonburg vicinity) 11/25/1987
Edward and Sallie Coward House (Ormondsville vicinity) 3/6/2002
Greene County Courthouse (Snow Hill) 5/10/1979
Neoheroka Fort Site (Snow Hill vicinity) 7/17/2009
Snow Hill Historic District (Snow Hill) 9/14/2000
Snow Hill Historic District Bdy Inc and Add Doc (Snow Hill) 8/27/2009
Snow Hill Colored High School (Snow Hill) 8/23/2003
Speight-Bynum House (Walstonsburg 3/12/1992
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church (Snow Hill) 10/10/1979
Zachariah School (Wooten's Crossroads) 5/4/2005


John H. Adams House (High Point) 1/11/2001
Agricultural & Technical College of North Carolina Historic District (Greensboro) 10/20/1988
Colonel Isaac Beeson House (High Point vicinity) 10/16/1980
Charles Benbow House (Oak Ridge vicinity) 8/19/1982
Jesse Benbow House II (Oak Ridge vicinity) 9/8/1983
Bennett College Historic District (Greensboro) 4/3/1992
Blandwood (Greensboro) 4/17/1970
Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Greensboro) 9/16/2002
Bumpass-Troy House (Greensboro) 12/6/1977
David Caldwell Log College Site (Archaeology) (Greensboro) 1/13/1982
Wilbur and Martha Carter House (Greensboro) 8/13/2008
Central Fire Station (Greensboro) 4/25/1980
College Hill Historic District (Greensboro) 11/4/1993
Deep River Friends Meeting House and Cemetery (High Point vicinity) 12/13/1995
Dixon-Leftwich-Murphy House (Greensboro) 9/23/1982
Downtown Greensboro Historic District (Greensboro) 6/17/1982
Downtown Greensboro Historic District Additional Documentation (Greensboro) 7/2/2004
James B. Dudley High School and Gymnasium (Greensboro) 4/11/2003
(former) East White Oak School (Greensboro) 4/21/1992
Endsley-Morgan House (Reuben Starbuck Hs) (Colfax vicinity) 10/25/1984
William Fields House (Greensboro) 12/5/1985
First Baptist Church (High Point) 1/8/2009
Fisher Park Historic District (Greensboro) 1/22/1992
Fisher Park Historic District Boundary Expansion (I) (Greensboro) 9/12/1996
Edward J. Forney House (Greensboro) 4/21/1992
Daniel P. Foust House (Whitsett vicinity) 1/20/2005
Julius I. Foust Building (Greensboro) 9/11/1980
Foust-Carpenter and Dean Dick Farms (Whitsett vic) 7/1/2009
John Marion Galloway House (Greensboro) 7/21/1983
Stephen Gardner House (Greensboro) 10/15/1974
Dr. Charles S. Grayson House (High Point) 3/17/1994
Green Hill Cemetery Gatekeeper's House (Greensboro) 5/29/1979
Greensboro Historical Museum (First Presbyterian Church) (Greensboro) 4/25/1985
Greensboro Senior High School (Greensboro) 9/7/2005
Guilford College Historic District-Bdy. Reduction (Greensboro) 6/27/2001
Guilford College Historic District (Greensboro) 6/21/1990
Guilford County Office and Court Building (High Point) 12/20/1988
(former) Guilford County Courthouse (Greensboro) 5/10/1979
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park (Greensboro vicinity) 10/15/1966
John Haley House (High Point) 8/26/1971
Hardee Apartments (High Point) 3/14/1991
Hillsdale Brick Store (Hillsdale) 6/14/1982
Hillside (Julian Price House) (Greensboro) 2/1/1980
Holly Gate (J.H. Joyner House) (Whitsett) 9/22/1980
Hoskins House Historic District (Greensboro) 3/15/1988
Charles H. Ireland House (Greensboro) 5/29/1979
Irving Park Historic District (Greensboro) 2/21/1995
Jamestown Historic District (High Point vicinity) 1/22/1973
(former) Jamestown High School (Public Library) (Jamestown) 12/6/1991
Jefferson Standard Building (Greensboro) 5/28/1975
Kellenberger Estate ("Miramichi") (Greensboro vicinity) 3/17/1994
Kilby Hotel (High Point) 4/22/1982
Kimrey-Haworth House (Greensboro) 3/14/1991
O. Arthur Kirkman House and Outbuildings (High Point) 1/28/1988
O. Arthur Kirkman House: Blair School Amendment (High Point) 6/9/1989
Latham-Baker House (Greensboro) 12/11/1982
Low House (Whitsett vicinity) 3/8/1978
Lyndon Street Townhouses (Greensboro) 4/3/1992
Hardin Thomas Martin House (Greensboro) 12/19/1985
McCulloch's Gold Mill (Jamestown vicinity) 4/24/1979
(former) Charles D. McIver School (Greensboro) 4/3/1992
Dr. Joseph A. McLean House (Sedalia vicinity) 2/2/1995
Richard Mendenhall Plantation Buildings (Jamestown) 11/3/1972
Oak Ridge Military Academy Historic District (Oak Ridge) 3/17/1983
Oakdale Cotton Mill Village (Jamestown) 3/15/1976
Oakwood Historic District (High Point) 2/7/1991
Old Mill of Guilford (Oak Ridge vicinity) 8/2/1982
Palmer Memorial Institute Historic District (Sedalia) 10/24/1988
William Penn High School (High Point) 11/16/1978
(former) Pomona High School (Greensboro) 1/25/1995
Ragsdale Farm (Jamestown vicinity) 9/3/1991
Revolution Cotton Mills (Greensboro) 3/1/1984
(former) L. Richardson Memorial Hospital (Greensboro) 4/3/1992
Thomas Scott House (Greensboro vicinity) 7/12/1984
Shaw-Cude House (Colfax vicinity) 6/1/1982
Sherrod Park Historic District (High Point) 3/14/1991
Michael Sherwood House (Greensboro) 1/31/1978
J.C. Siceloff House (High Point) 3/14/1991
Francis Marion Smith House (Gibsonville) 7/12/1984
William R. and Elizabeth W. Smith House (Whitsett vicinity) 2/27/2007
South Greensboro Historic District (Greensboro) 12/20/1991
Sigmund Sternberger House (Greensboro) 4/16/1993
Summerfield Historic District (Summerfield) 5/18/2005
Summit Avenue Historic District (Greensboro) 8/5/1993
Tabernacle Methodist Protestant Church (Pleasant Garden 3/10/1995
A. E. Taplin Apartment Building (High Point) 3/1/1996
Tomlinson Chair Manufacturing Company Complex (High Point) 3/17/1983
Union Cemetery (Greensboro) 10/21/1993
Wadsworth Congregational Church (Gibsonville vicinity) 12/31/2002
Wafco Mills (Greensboro) 5/30/1979
Simeon Wagoner House (Gibsonville vicinity) 9/3/1991
Dr. David P. Weir House (Greensboro) 7/12/1984
West High Street Historic District (High Point) 4/12/2007
West Market Street Methodist Church (Greensboro) 12/19/1985
White Oak New Town Historic District (Greensboro) 4/3/1992
Whitsett Historic District (Whitsett) 5/5/1999
Lucy and Vassie Wilson House (High Point) 5/4/2005
World War Memorial Stadium (Greensboro) 4/12/2001


Bell-Sherrod House (Enfield) 10/20/1988
Samuel Warren Branch House (Branch Grove) (Enfield vicinity) 6/14/1982
The Cellar (Enfield) 9/20/1979
Church of the Immaculate Conception & Ferrall Cem. (Halifax) 6/4/1997
William Richardson Davie House (Halifax) 6/19/1973
Eagle Tavern (Halifax) 4/24/1973
Edmunds-Heptinstall House (Aurelean Springs 3/12/1979
Enfield Graded School (Enfield) 1/8/2009
Garner Farm (Days Crossroads 6/7/1990
Grace Episcopal Church (Weldon) 10/1/1991
Gray-Brownlow-Wilcox House (La Vallee) (Brinkleyville vicinity) 8/3/1982
Halifax County Courthouse (Halifax) 5/10/1979
(former) Halifax County Home and Tubercular Hospital (Halifax) 12/10/1985
Historic Halifax State Historic Site Historic District (Halifax) 1/21/1970
The Hermitage House (Tillery House) (Tillery vicinity) 5/29/1975
Hoffman-Bowers-Josey-Riddick House (Scotland Neck) 12/29/1988
Kehukee Primitive Baptist Church (Scotland Neck vicinity) 2/4/1994
Magnolia (Scotland Neck vicinity) 4/17/1980
Matthews Place (Ivey Hill) (Hollister vicinity) 11/11/1974
Myrtle Lawn (Enfield vicinity) 7/11/1985
Oakland (Airlie) 7/2/1973
James Harvey Parker House (Enfield) 6/6/1994
Person's Ordinary (Littleton) 4/24/1973
Roanoke Canal (Roanoke Rapids- 10/8/1976
Roanoke Rapids Historic District (Roanoke Rapids) 4/27/1999
Roanoke Rapids Junior-Senior High School (Roanoke Rapids) 12/29/1988
Sally-Billy House (Halifax) 2/8/1973
Scotland Neck Historic District (Scotland Neck) 1/31/2003
Shell Castle (Enfield vicinity) 4/11/1973
St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Halifax) 2/26/1998
Strawberry Hill (Enfield) 3/15/1980
Tillery-Fries House (Tillery vicinity) 7/8/1992
Trinity Church (Scotland Neck vicinity) 11/25/1980
Weldon Historic District (Weldon) 5/23/1996
Whitaker's Chapel (Enfield vicinity) 12/8/1997
White Rock Plantation (Hollister vicinity) 2/14/1979
Woodstock (Scotland Neck vicinity) 11/25/1980


Averasboro Battlefield Historic District (Dunn vicinity) 5/10/2001
James Archibald Campbell House (Buies Creek vicinity) 11/17/1977
Dunn Commercial Historic District (Dunn) 9/9/2009
Harrington-Dewar House (Holly Springs vicinity) 1/23/2009
Kenneth L. Howard House (Dunn Woman's Club) (Dunn) 8/19/1982
Ivy Burne (Linden vicinity) 9/5/1991
Lebanon (Dunn vicinity) 1/29/1973
General William C. Lee House (Dunn) 11/25/1983
John A. McKay House and Manufacturing Company (Dunn) 4/10/1986
Dr. Wayman C. Melvin House (Linden vicinity) 1/9/2008
Summer Villa and McKay-Salmon House (Lillington vicinity) 4/25/1985
Summerville Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Lillington vicinity) 4/25/1985
Thorbiskope (Bunn Level vicinity) 1/23/1986
Williams Grove School (Angier) 5/26/1995


Boone-Withers House (Waynesville) 7/21/1983
Canton Main Street Historic District (Canton) 9/7/2005
(former) Citizens Bank and Trust Company Building (Waynesville) 3/14/1991
Colonial Theater (Canton) 3/15/2000
Davis Family House (Crabtree vicinity) 12/27/1996
Frog Level Historic District (Waynesville) 8/28/2003
James M. Gwyn House (Cruso vicinity) 7/12/1984
Haywood County Courthouse (Waynesville) 5/10/1979
Alden and Thomasene Howell House (Waynesville) 4/22/2003
Lambeth Inn (Lake Junaluska) 7/29/1982
Main Street Historic District (Waynesville) 12/16/2005
Masonic Hall (Waynesville) 6/9/1988
Mount Zion United Methodist Church (Crabtree vicinity) 2/5/1986
Patton Farm (Canton vicinity) 11/10/1980
Charles and Annie Quinlan House (Waynesville) 9/7/2005
Clyde Ray Sr. House (Waynesville) 10/22/1996
Shackford Hall (Lake Junaluska) 4/25/2001
Shelton House (Waynesville) 1/31/1979
Shook-Welch-Smathers House (Clyde) 9/12/2008
Frank Smathers House (Waynesville) 7/10/1998
(former) United States Post Office Building (Waynesville) 3/14/1991
Dr. J. Howell Way House (Waynesville) 9/11/1980


Aloah Hotel (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
Brookland (Flat Rock) 8/19/1982
Bryn Avon (Etowa vicinity) 4/9/1999
Camp Arrowhead (Tuxedo vicinity) 12/16/2005
The Cedars (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
Chewning House (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
Clarke-Hobbs-Davidson House (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
Cold Spring Park Historic District (Hendersonville) 1/8/2009
Mary Mills Coxe House (Hendersonville) 8/26/1994
Druid Hills Historic District (Hendersonville) 8/16/2000
Flat Rock Historic District (Flat Rock) 10/15/1973
Grey Hosiery Mill (Hendersonville) 10/6/2000
Henderson County Courthouse (Hendersonville) 5/10/1979
Hyman Heights/Mount Royal Historic District (Hendersonville) 2/16/2001
Kanuga Lake Historic District (Hendersonville 8/31/1995
King-Waldrop House (Hendersonville) 6/28/1989
Lenox Park Historic District (Hendersonville) 12/31/2002
Main Street Historic District Bdy. Inc./Add. Doc. (Hendersonville) 12/20/2006
Main Street Historic District (Hendersonville) 3/30/1989
The Meadows (Fletcher) 1/11/1980
Mills River Chapel (Mills River vicinity) 12/2/1988
Arthur W. Moore House (Hendersonville 1/4/2001
Moss-Johnson Farm (Hendersonville 2/10/1987
Reese House (Hendersonville) 6/2/1995
Rugby Grange (Fletcher vicinity) 5/5/1987
Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (Connemara) (Flat Rock) 10/17/1968
Seventh Avenue Depot District (Hendersonville) 3/30/1989
Smith-Williams-Durham Boarding House (Destroyed) (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
Erle Stillwell House II (Hendersonville) 9/6/2002
Erle Stillwell House (Hendersonville) 11/20/2001
The Waverly (Hendersonville) 2/24/1989
West Side Historic District (Hendersonville) 12/31/2001


Ahoskie School (Ahoskie) 9/7/2005
Ahoskie Downtown Historic District (Ahoskie) 4/25/1985
Wiley and Jane Vann Brown House (Union vicinity) 2/13/2007
C.S. Brown School Auditorium (Winton) 7/29/1985
The Cedars (T.E. Browne House) (Murfreesboro vicinity) 9/22/1983
The Columns (Murfreesboro) 2/18/1971
Cowper-Thompson House (Murfreesboro) 1/9/1992
Deane House (Pritchard House) (Murfreesboro vicinity) 4/15/1982
East End Historic District (Ahoskie) 1/31/2008
Freeman House (Hertford Academy) (Murfreesboro) 2/18/1971
Gray Gables (James S. Mitchell House) (Winton) 6/1/1982
Hare Plantation House (Como vicinity) 2/18/1971
Harrellsville Historic District (Harrellsville) 11/29/1995
Roberts H. Jernigan House (Ahoskie) 2/16/2001
King-Casper-Ward-Bazemore House (Cling Bazemore House) (Ahoskie vicinity) 11/26/1982
Melrose (Murfreesboro) 3/31/1971
William Mitchell House (Ahoskie vicinity) 12/4/1972
Mulberry Grove (Minton's Store vicinity) 11/25/1980
Murfreesboro Historic District (Murfreesboro) 8/26/1971
Myrick House (Murfreesboro) 3/31/1971
Myrick-Yeats-Vaughan House (Murfreesboro) 3/17/1983
James Newsome House (Ahoskie vicinity) 11/14/1984
King Parker House (Winton vicinity) 12/31/2002
William Rea Store (Murfreesboro) 9/15/1970
Riddick House (Como vicinity) 2/18/1971
Roberts-Vaughan House (Murfreesboro) 2/18/1971
Dr. Roscius P. & Mary M. Thomas House and Outbuildings (Bethlehem vicinity) 8/28/2007
Vernon Place (Cowper-Taylor House) (Como) 4/29/1982
John Wheeler House (Murfreesboro) 3/31/1971


Hoke County Courthouse (Raeford) 5/10/1979
Long Street Church (Fort Bragg Military 1/21/1974
Mill Prong (Edinburgh vicinity) 12/13/1979
Puppy Creek Plantation (McGregor-Lamont House) (Rockfish vicinity) 12/12/1976
Raeford Historic District (Raeford) 8/9/2006


George V. Credle House and Cemetery (Rose Bay vicinity) 7/29/1985
Fairfield Historic District (Fairfield) 7/5/1985
Hyde County Courthouse (Swan Quarter) 5/10/1979
The Inkwell (Amity vicinity) 9/1/1978
Lake Landing Historic District (Lake Landing and 3/13/1986
Lake Mattamuskeet Pump Station (Federal Nomination) (New Holland vicinity) 5/28/1980
Ocracoke Historic District (Ocracoke) 9/28/1990
Ocracoke Light Station (Federal Nomination) (Ocracoke) 11/25/1977
Albin B. Swindell House and Store (Swindell Fork vicinity) 8/14/1986
Wynne's Folly (Engelhard vicinity) 12/6/1977


Academy Hill Historic District (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Allison Woods (Statesville vicinity) 3/9/1995
Bethany Presbyterian Church and Cemetery/Ebenezer Academy (Statesville vicinity) 11/24/1980
Bethesda Presbyterian Church (Amity Hill vicinity) 11/24/1980
Espy Watts Brawley House (Mooresville) 11/24/1980
Perciphull Campbell House (Union Grove vicinity) 1/24/1980
Center Street A.M.E. Zion Church (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Centre Presbyterian Church, Session House, & Cemeteries (Mount Mourne 11/24/1980
Coddle Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Rocky River vicinity) 11/24/1980
Cornelius House (Shepherds vicinity) 11/24/1980
Daltonia (Houstonville vicinity) 11/24/1980
Damascus Baptist Church Arbor (Central vicinity) 11/24/1980
Davidson House (Troutman vicinity) 11/24/1980
East Broad Street-Davie Avenue Historic District (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Henry Eccles House (Statesville vicinity) 11/24/1980
Falls-Hobbs House (Doolie vicinity) 11/24/1980
Farmville (Farmville-Darshana) Plantation (Farmville) 6/19/1973
Feimster House (Loray vicinity) 11/24/1980
Fort Dobbs (Statesville vicinity) 9/15/1970
Gaither House (Harmony vicinity) 11/24/1980
Hargrave House (Mooresville vicinity) 11/24/1980
Holland-Summers House (Central vicinity) 11/24/1980
George Houston House (Walls-Houston House) (Mount Mourne 11/24/1980
Iredell County Courthouse (Statesville) 5/10/1979
Johnson-Neel House (Mooresville vicinity) 6/20/1975
(former) Key Memorial Chapel (Statesville) 11/24/1980
King-Flowers-Keaton House (Central vicinity) 11/24/1980
Main Building, Mitchell College (Statesville) 1/25/1973
McClelland-Davis House (Statesville vicinity) 11/24/1980
McElwee Houses (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Mitchell College Historic District (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Mitchell College Historic District Boundary Expansion (Statesville) 9/6/2002
Mitchell College Historic District Additional Documentation (Statesville) 10/28/2001
Mooresville Historic District (Mooresville) 11/24/1980
Morrison-Campbell House (Harmony vicinity) 11/24/1980
Morrison-Mott House (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Mount Mourne Plantation (Mount Mourne) 10/29/1974
Col. Silas Alexander Sharpe House (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Snow Creek Methodist Church and Burying Ground (Central vicinity) 11/24/1980
South Broad Street Row (Mooresville) 11/24/1980
South Race Street Historic District (Statesville) 5/26/1995
Statesville City Hall (Statesville) 1/24/1974
Statesville Commercial Historic District (Statesville) 11/24/1980
Henry Turner House and Caldwell-Turner Mill Site (Cool Spring) 11/24/1980
Waddle (Waddell)-Click Farm (Elmwood vicinity) 11/24/1980
Welch-Nicholson House and Mill Site (Houstonville vicinity) 11/24/1980
Wood Lawn (Davidson vicinity) 11/24/1980


Backus Lodge (Lake Toxaway vicinity) 6/9/1988
Balsam Mountain Inn (Balsam) 7/15/1982
Camp Merrie-Woode (Cashiers vicinity) 6/2/1995
Church of the Good Shepherd (Cashiers) 2/20/1986
Fairfield Inn (Cashiers vicinity) 6/14/1982
Lucius Coleman Hall House (Webster) 3/8/1990
Elisha Calor Hedden House (Webster) 12/21/1989
High Hampton Inn Historic District (Cashiers vicinity) 9/26/1991
Dr. D. D. Hooper House (Sylva) 4/21/2000
Jackson County Courthouse (Sylva) 5/10/1979
Joyner Building (Cullowhee) 12/8/1978
Elias Brendle Monteith House and Outbuildings (Dillsboro) 8/13/2008
Walter E. Moore House (Webster) 2/23/1990
Mount Beulah Hotel (Dillsboro) 3/1/1984
Webster Baptist Church (Webster) 12/21/1989
Webster Methodist Church (Webster) 12/21/1989
Webster Rock School (Webster) 1/4/1990
Mordecai Zachary House (Cashiers vicinity) 12/31/1998


Atkinson-Smith House (Smithfield vicinity) 6/5/1975
Benson Historic District (Benson) 5/9/1985
Bentonville Battlefield (NHL) (Newton Grove / 6/19/1996
Bentonville Battleground State Historic Site (Newton Grove vicinity) 2/26/1970
Boyette Slave House (Kenly vicinity) 9/20/1979
Brooklyn Historic District (Smithfield) 5/5/2000
(former) Clayton Banking Company Building (Clayton) 12/6/1996
Clayton Graded School and Clayton Grammar School/Municipal (Clayton) 10/20/2001
Cleveland School (Clayton vicinity) 9/7/2005
Noah Edward Edgerton House (Selma) 6/24/1982
Ellington-Ellis Farm (Clayton vicinity) 7/21/1983
Four Oaks Commercial Historic District (Four Oaks) 8/9/2006
Hannah's Creek Primitive Baptist Church (Benson vicinity) 1/25/1991
Harper House (Newton Grove vicinity) 2/26/1970
Hastings-McKinnie House (Princeton) 9/8/1983
Hood Brothers Building (Smithfield) 8/14/1986
Hood-Strickland House (Smithfield) 8/23/1990
Johnston County Courthouse (Smithfield) 5/10/1979
Walter R. and Eliza Smith Moore House (Willow Springs 5/4/2005
North Smithfield Historic District (Smithfield) 5/26/2000
Nowell-Mayerburg-Oliver House (Selma) 6/24/1982
Princeton Graded School (Princeton) 10/4/2005
Sanders-Hairr House (Clayton vicinity) 5/6/1971
Selma Graded School (demolished) (Selma) 6/24/1982
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church (Brogden vicinity) 1/31/2008
William E. Smith House (Selma) 6/24/1982
Smithfield Masonic Lodge (Smithfield) 9/28/2007
Downtown Smithfield Historic District (Smithfield) 10/14/1993
Stallings-Carpenter House (Clayton vicinity) 3/28/1983
Everitt P. Stevens House (Selma) 6/24/1982
Union Station (Selma) 6/24/1982
(former) United States Post Office (Smithfield) 4/22/1993
Watson-Sanders House (Smithfield vicinity) 1/26/2001


Bryan-Bell Farm (Pollocksville vicinity) 12/21/1989
Eagle Nest (Taylors Corner 11/13/1974
Foscue & Simmons Plantations (Pollocksville) 10/7/1998
Foscue Plantation House (Pollocksville) 11/19/1971
Grace Episcopal Church (Trenton) 1/20/1972
Bryan Lavender House (Pollocksville) 4/25/1985
Sanderson-Waller House (Pollocksville vicinity) 12/16/1971
Trenton Historic District (Trenton) 7/3/1974


Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemeteries (Sanford) 2/5/1999
Downtown Sanford Historic District (Sanford) 9/28/1985
Endor Iron Furnace (Cumnock vicinity) 8/13/1974
Euphronia Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (White Hill vicinity) 5/26/1994
Farish-Lambeth House (Moncure vicinity) 3/1/2002
Obediah Farrar House (Haywood vicinity) 8/18/1993
Hawkins Avenue Historic District (Sanford) 7/5/2000
Lee Avenue Historic District (Sanford) 9/6/2002
Lee County Courthouse (Sanford) 5/10/1979
Lee County Training School (Sanford) 12/28/2000
John D. McIver Farm (Sanford vicinity) 8/18/1993
The Railroad House (Sanford) 1/29/1973
Rosemount-McIver Park Historic District (Sanford) 3/21/1997
(former) Sanford High School (Sanford) 11/29/1995
Seaboard Milling Company (Sanford) 5/2/2002
Temple Theatre (Sanford) 9/8/1983


American Tobacco Company Prizery (Kinston) 4/28/2005
(former) Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad Freight Depot (Kinston) 11/8/1989
(former) Baptist Parsonage (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Robert L. Blalock House (Kinston) 11/8/1989
C.S.S. Neuse (Kinston vicinity) 6/11/2001
B.W. Canady House (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Cedar Dell (Falling Creek vicinity) 8/26/1971
Herring House (LaGrange vicinity) 10/25/1973
Hill-Grainger Historic District (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Hotel Kinston (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Jesse Jackson House (Kinston vicinity) 6/24/1971
Kennedy Memorial Home Historic District (Kinston vicinity) 9/3/2009
Kinston Apartments (Kinston) 6/22/2004
Kinston Battlefield (Four Areas) (Kinston vicinity) 11/30/2006
(former) Kinston Fire Station/City Hall (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Kinston Baptist/White Rock Presbyterian Church (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Kinston Commercial Historic District (Kinston) 6/3/1994
LaGrange Historic District (La Grange) 5/11/2000
LaGrange Presbyterian Church (LaGrange) 8/14/1986
Lenoir County Courthouse (Kinston) 5/10/1979
Mitchelltown Historic District (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Peebles House (Kinston) 8/26/1971
Peoples Bank Building (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Queen/Gordan Streets Historic District (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Sumrell and McCoy Building (Kinston) 12/21/1989
Trianon Historic District (Kinston) 11/8/1989
Tull-Worth-Holland Farm (Kinston vicinity) 9/22/1992
Dempsey Wood House (Falling Creek vicinity) 8/26/1971


Caldwell-Cobb-Love House (Lincolnton) 2/6/1986
Emanuel United Church of Christ (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
(former) First Baptist Church (Lincoln Cultural Center) (Lincolnton) 12/21/1994
First Presbyterian Church (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
First United Methodist Church (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
William A. Graham, Jr. Farm (Round Barn) (Kidville vicinity) 5/6/1977
Ingleside (Iron Station vicinity) 4/13/1972
Laboratory Historic District (Laboratory) 12/10/2003
Lincoln County Courthouse (Lincolnton) 5/10/1979
Lincolnton Commercial Historic District (Lincolnton) 12/16/2005
Lincolnton Recreation Department Youth Center (Lincolnton) 12/30/2009
Loretz House (Lincolnton vicinity) 3/16/1972
Magnolia Grove Boundary Increase (Iron Station) 6/27/1997
Magnolia Grove (Iron Station vicinity) 3/16/1972
Methodist Church Cemetery (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
Mount Welcome (Mariposa vicinity) 9/13/1991
Old White Church Cemetery (Lincolnton) 12/14/1994
Pleasant Retreat Academy (Lincolnton) 5/29/1975
Reinhardt-Craig House, Kiln, and Pottery Shop (Vale vicinity) 1/9/2008
Rock Springs Camp Meeting Ground (Denver) 2/29/1972
Saint Luke's Church and Cemetery (Lincolnton) 1/14/1992
Salem Union Church and Cemetery (Maiden vicinity) 10/4/1995
Andrew Seagle Farm (Reepsville vicinity) 2/24/1975
Shadow Lawn (Lincolnton) 3/24/1972
South Aspen Street Historic District (Lincoln) 1/15/2003
Tucker's Grove Camp Meeting Ground (Machpelah vicinity) 2/26/1972
Vesuvius Furnace (Catawba Springs 8/13/1974
West Main Street Historic District (Lincolnton) 1/15/2003
Woodside (Lincolnton Township) 3/7/1973


Baldwin-Coker Cottage (Highlands) 5/9/2003
Dr. Alexander C. Brabson House (Otto vicinity) 8/23/1990
Albert Swain Bryson House (Franklin) 12/20/1984
Cabin Ben Additional Documentation (Highlands) 1/26/2006
Cabin Ben House (Highlands) 4/22/2003
Church of the Incarnation (Highlands) 5/16/1996
Cowee Mound and Village Site (Archaeology) (Wests Mill) 1/18/1973
Cowee-West's Mill Historic District (Franklin vicinity) 1/11/2001
Edwards Hotel (Central House) (Highlands) 11/20/1992
First Presbyterian Church (Highlands) 8/22/1996
Franklin Presbyterian Church (Franklin) 2/5/1987
Franklin Terrace Hotel (Franklin) 7/29/1982
Glen Choga Lodge (Aquone vicinity) 4/23/1996
Dr. Thomas Grant Harbison House (Highlands) 4/30/2008
Highlands Inn (Highlands) 12/18/1990
Nequasee (Archaeology) (Franklin) 11/26/1980
Pendergrass Building (Franklin) 9/26/1991
Playmore/Bowery Road Historic District (Highlands) 3/27/2002
Saint Agnes Church (Franklin) 6/4/1987
Satulah Mountain Historic District (Highlands) 10/8/1995
Jesse R. Siler House (Franklin) 4/29/1982
Wilson Log House (Highlands vicinity) 5/20/1998


Bank of French Broad (Marshall) 6/10/2004
California Creek Missionary Baptist Church (Mars Hill vicinity) 7/12/1984
Dorland Memorial Presbyterian Church (Hot Springs) 7/24/1986
Hot Springs Historic District (Hot Springs) 2/5/2009
Madison County Courthouse (Marshall) 5/10/1979
Mars Hill High School (Mars Hill) 9/7/2005
Mars Hill College Historic District (Mars Hill) 9/12/2006
Marshall High School (Marshall) 8/13/2008
Marshall Main Street Historic District (Marshall) 8/16/2007
Thomas J. Murray House (Mars Hill vicinity) 6/1/2005
Henry Ottinger House (Hot Springs vicinity) 3/6/1986
Sunnybank (Hot Springs) 5/23/1980
James H. White House (Marshall) 12/21/1989
Jeff White House (Marshall vicinity) 6/5/1975


Bear Grass School (Bear Grass) 6/1/2005
Bear Grass Primitive Baptist Church (Bear Grass) 4/28/2005
Asa Biggs House (Williamston) 10/10/1979
Burras House (Burris-Smithwick House) (Jamesville) 3/30/1978
Conoho Creek Historic District (Hassell) 3/12/1998
Darden Hotel (Hamilton) 12/30/1975
Everetts Christian Church (Everetts) 4/28/2005
First Christian Church (Robersonville) 4/28/2005
Fort Branch (Archaeology) (Hamilton vicinity) 6/18/1973
W. W. Griffin Farm (Williamston vicinity) 10/20/2001
Hamilton Historic District (Hamilton) 6/3/1980
Hickory Hill (Hamilton vicinity) 12/20/1984
Jamesville Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery (Jamesville) 12/20/1984
Jesse Fuller Jones House (Hamilton vicinity) 4/29/1982
W.J. Little House (Robersonville) 9/19/1985
Martin County Courthouse (Williamston) 5/10/1979
Oak City Christian Church (Oak City) 4/28/2005
Robersonville Primitive Baptist Church (Robersonville) 4/20/2005
Sherrod Farm (Hamilton vicinity) 12/20/1984
Skewarkey Primitive Baptist Church (Williamston) 4/28/2005
Smithwick's Creek Primitive Baptist Church (Farm Life vicinity) 4/20/2005
Spring Green Primitive Baptist Church (Hamilton vicinity) 4/20/2005
Sunny Side Inn (Williamston) 11/29/1995
Williamston Historic District (Williamston) 10/12/2001
Williamston Commercial Historic District (Williamston) 3/9/1995


Welsford Parker Artz House (Catawba Hill) (Old Fort) 8/23/1990
Henry Seawell and Mary Jane English Brown Farmstead (Ashford vicinity) 9/3/2009
Carson House (Marion vicinity) 9/15/1970
Depot Historic District (Marion) 3/28/1991
First Presbyterian Church (Marion) 3/28/1991
Albertus Ledbetter House (Montford Cove 1/4/2001
(former) Linville Falls Tavern (Linville Falls) 12/28/2000
Lone Beech House (Marion) 6/2/1995
Main Street Historic District (Marion) 3/28/1991
McDowell County Courthouse (Marion) 5/10/1979
St. John's Episcopal Church (Marion) 3/28/1991
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (Marion) 3/28/1991


Addison Apartments (Charlotte) 8/23/1990
Hezekiah Alexander House (Charlotte) 4/17/1970
Neal Somers Alexander House (Charlotte) 5/7/2008
William T. Alexander House (Charlotte) 1/15/2003
Beaver Dam (Davidson vicinity) 3/19/1979
Biddle Memorial Hall, (Johnson C. Smith University) (Charlotte) 10/14/1975
Billingsville School (Charlotte) 11/12/1999
Chairman Blake House (Davidson) 8/25/2004
James A. Blakeney House (Providence vicinity) 6/18/1998
Philip Carey Building (Charlotte) 3/1/1984
(former) Carolina School Supply Building (Charlotte) 4/12/2001
(former) Carolina Transfer & Storage Co. (Charlotte) 11/30/1999
John Price Carr House (Charlotte) 10/22/1980
Cedar Grove Plantation (Huntersville vicinity) 2/1/1972
(former) Charlotte Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Charlotte) 2/26/1998
(former) Charlotte Supply Company Building (Demolished 6/91) (Charlotte) 3/1/1984
Commercial Building at 500 N. Tryon Street (Charlotte) 11/20/1992
Crane Company Building (Charlotte) 4/18/2001
Dr. Walter Pharr Craven House (Charlotte vicinity) 1/31/1991
Croft Historic District (Charlotte vicinity) 6/10/1999
Davidson Historic District (Davidson) 6/1/2009
Benjamin W. Davidson House (Oak Lawn) (Huntersville vicinity) 4/26/1976
Dilworth Historic District (Charlotte) 4/9/1987
Dilworth Historic District Boundary Increase (Charlotte) 12/7/2000
James Buchanan Duke(Lynnewood, White Oaks) House (Charlotte) 1/20/1978
East Avenue Tabernacle Associated Reformed Church (Charlotte) 1/20/2005
Elizabeth Historic District (Charlotte) 1/3/1989
Eumenean Hall (Davidson College) (Davidson) 4/13/1972
John F. Ewart Farm (house moved, property redeveloped (Huntersville vicinity) 2/4/1991
(former) Fire Station #2 (Charlotte) 10/22/1980
First Presbyterian Church (Charlotte) 11/12/1982
Frederick Apartments (Charlotte) 4/5/2001
Thomas and Latitia Gluyas House (Huntersville) 7/11/2001
Grace AME Zion Church (Charlotte) 5/15/2008
Sidney and Ethel Grier House (Charlotte) 8/23/2006
Grinnell Co./General Fire Extinguisher Co. Complex (Charlotte) 12/10/2003
Hayes-Byrum Store and House (Charlotte vicinity) 1/31/1991
Highland Park Manufacturing Co. Mill #3 (Charlotte) 10/20/1988
Eugene Wilson Hodges House and Farm (Charlotte vicinity) 2/21/1991
Holly Bend (Huntersville vicinity) 3/24/1972
Home Federal Building (Charlotte) 1/30/2008
Hopewell Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Long Creek Township) 3/1/1996
Hoskins Mill (Charlotte) 10/5/1988
Hotel Charlotte (Charlotte) 7/2/1979
Huntersville Colored High School (Huntersville) 8/20/2009
Independence Building (Charlotte) 9/18/1978
Charles R. Jonas Federal Building (Federal Nomination) (Charlotte) 6/7/1978
Hamilton C. Jones House (Charlotte) 5/2/2002
Bishop John C. Kilgo House (Charlotte) 1/22/2009
Latta Arcade (Charlotte) 10/29/1975
Latta House (Huntersville vicinity) 3/16/1972
Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden (Charlotte) 9/14/2006
Liddell-McNinch House (Charlotte) 12/12/1976
Matthews Commercial Historic District (Matthews) 8/22/1996
Mayes House (Charlotte) 8/5/1993
Albert McCoy Farm (Huntersville) 11/2/2000
Samuel J. McElroy House (Huntersville vicinity) 2/21/1991
John Washington McKinney House (Charlotte vicinity) 2/21/1991
Frank Ramsay McNinch House (Charlotte) 6/3/1999
Mecklenburg County Courthouse (Charlotte) 5/10/1979
Mecklenburg Investment Company Building (Charlotte) 8/19/1982
(former) Merchants and Farmers National Bank Building (Charlotte) 3/1/1984
Green Morris Farm (Destroyed) (Charlotte vicinity) 2/21/1991
Morrocroft (Charlotte) 11/28/1983
Myers Park Historic District (Charlotte) 8/10/1987
(former) Nebel Knitting Mill (Charlotte) 9/5/1991
North Charlotte Historic District (Charlotte) 3/16/1990
Orient Manufacturing Company/ Chadwick-Hoskins No. 3 (Charlotte) 8/15/2006
Overcarsh House (Charlotte) 7/21/1983
Palmer Fire School (Charlotte) 8/25/2004
(former) Parks-Cramer Company Complex (Charlotte) 3/7/1994
Pharrsdale Historic District (Charlotte) 2/20/2002
Philanthropic Hall (Davidson College) (Davidson) 4/13/1972
Potts Plantation (Cornelius vicinity) 1/5/1998
Providence Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Matthews vicinity) 6/1/1982
Ramah Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Huntersville vicinity) 2/21/1991
Rosedale (Frew's Folly) (Charlotte) 9/11/1972
Edward M. Rozzell House (Charlotte) 1/20/2005
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church (Huntersville vicinity) 3/1/1984
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Boundary Increase (Huntersville vicinity) 2/21/1991
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Station (Charlotte) 10/24/1980
Fritz Seifart House (Charlotte) 12/20/2006
Siloam School (Charlotte) 9/28/2007
Southern Asbestos Company Mills (Charlotte) 1/30/2008
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church (Charlotte vicinity) 2/21/1991
Joseph . B. Sykes Brothers Company Building (Charlotte) 5/1/2003
Textile Supply Company Building (Charlotte) 2/5/1999
Thrift Mill (Charlotte) 8/26/1994
(former) Daniel A. Tompkins Company Machine Shop (Charlotte) 5/8/2001
(former) Union Storage and Warehouse Co. Building (Charlotte) 1/11/2001
VanLandingham Estate (Charlotte) 10/13/1983
Victoria (Charlotte) 4/11/1973
Wesley Heights Historic District (Charlotte) 11/29/1995
White Oak Plantation (Charlotte vicinity) 2/7/1978


Church of the Resurrection (Little Switzerland) 3/5/1999
Dellinger Mill (Hawk vicinity) 11/19/1998
Downtown Spruce Pine Historic District (Spruce Pine) 8/28/2003
Gunter Building (Spruce Pine) 3/1/2002
Mitchell County Courthouse (Bakersville) 5/10/1979
Penland School Historic District (Spruce Pine vicinity) 12/10/2003
John N. Peterson Farm (Poplar vicinity) 12/6/1990
Henry Willis House (Penland vicinity) 7/14/1988


Doerschuk Site 31Mg22 (Archaeology) (Badin vicinity) 8/5/1985
Hotel Troy (Troy) 8/23/2006
Montgomery County Courthouse (Troy) 5/10/1979
Mount Gilead Downtown Historic District (Mount Gilead) 12/23/2005
Town Creek Indian Mound (Archaeology) (Mount Gilead vicinity) 10/15/1966
Troy Residential Historic District (Troy) 8/23/2006


Aberdeen Historic District (Aberdeen) 6/28/1989
Alston House (Glendon vicinity) 3/26/1970
Bethesda Presbyterian Church (Aberdeen vicinity) 6/22/1979
J.C. Black House (Carthage) 7/8/1999
Black-Cole House (Eastwood vicinity) 9/18/1978
"River Daniel" Blue House (Carthage vicinity) 7/21/1983
John Blue House (Aberdeen) 7/29/1982
Malcolm Blue Farm (Aberdeen vicinity) 6/1/1982
James Boyd House (Weymouth) (Southern Pines) 5/12/1977
Bruce-Dowd-Kennedy House (Carthage) 9/29/1980
James Bryant House (Harris Crossroads 4/15/1982
Cameron Historic District (Cameron) 3/17/1983
Carthage Historic District (Carthage) 3/19/1992
Jugtown Pottery (Jugtown) 11/12/1999
Alexander Kelly House (Carthage vicinity) 5/2/2002
Lakeview Historic District (Lakeview) 5/18/2000
Leslie-Taylor House (Vass vicinity) 1/17/2008
Lincoln Park School (Pinebluff vicinity) 2/27/1997
Lloyd-Howe House (Pinehurst vicinity) 9/8/1983
McLeod Family Rural Complex (Pine Bluff vicinity) 12/20/1984
Moore County Courthouse (Carthage) 5/10/1979
Gordon Payne Site 31Mr15 (Archaeology) (High Falls vicinity) 9/24/1986
John Evander Phillips House (Cameron vicinity) 10/6/2000
Pinehurst Race Track (Pinehurst) 11/27/1992
Pinehurst Historic District Expansion (Pinehurst) 6/9/1996
Pinehurst Historic District (Pinehurst) 8/14/1973
Shaw House (Southern Pines) 6/17/1993
Southern Pines Historic District (Southern Pines) 12/27/1991


General Joseph Arrington House (Hilliardston vicinity) 7/15/1974
Bellamy-Philips House (Battleboro vicinity) 6/1/1982
Bellamy's Mill (Whitakers vicinity) 11/5/1974
Bellemonte (Rocky Mount) 12/21/1989
Benvenue (Rocky Mount) 4/29/1982
Bissette-Cooley House (Nashville) 9/19/1985
Black Jack (Red Oak vicnity) 7/31/1974
Dr. Hassell Brantley House (Spring Hope) 8/14/1986
Dortch House (Dortches) 12/26/1972
Falls Road Historic District (Rocky Mount) 11/12/1999
Dr. Franklin Hart Farm (Rocky Mount vicinity) 7/21/1988
Machaven (Hines House) (Rocky Mount) 11/25/1980
Morgan School (Bailey) 9/15/2006
Nash County Courthouse (Nashville) 5/10/1979
Nashville Historic District (Nashville) 7/22/1987
Red Oak Community Building (Red Oak) 4/19/2006
Rocky Mount Central City Historic District (Rocky Mount) 6/19/1980
Rocky Mount Electric Power Plant (Rocky Mount) 7/15/1982
Rocky Mount Mills (Rocky Mount) 2/1/1980
Rocky Mount Mills Village Historic District (Rocky Mount) 4/22/1999
Rose Hill Plantation (Rocky Mount vicinity) 4/29/1982
Spring Hope Historic District (Spring Hope) 9/15/1988
Stonewall (Rocky Mount) 6/2/1970
Taylor's Mill (Middlesex vicinity) 5/28/1980
The Meadows (Battleboro vicinity) 5/16/1974
Villa Place Historic District (Rocky Mount) 11/12/1999
Villa Place Historic District Boundary Expansion (Rocky Mount) 9/6/2002
West Haven Historic District (Rocky Mount) 9/6/2002


Audubon Trolley Station (Wilmington) 8/5/1993
Bradley-Latimer Summer House (Airlie vicinity) 7/20/1987
Cape Fear Civil War Shipwreck District (Archaeology) (Wilmington vicinity) 12/23/1985
Carolina Heights Historic District (Wilmington) 7/29/1999
Carolina Heights Historic District (Boundary Increase) (Wilmington) 11/30/1999
Carolina Place Historic District (Wilmington) 8/31/1992
City Hall-Thalian Hall (Wilmington) 4/3/1970
Delgado School (Wilmington) 10/20/2001
Federal Building and Courthouse (Federal Nomination) (Wilmington) 5/2/1974
Fort Fisher (Wilmington vicinity) 10/15/1966
Gabriel's Landing (Wilmington) 5/7/2008
(former) William Hooper School (Wilmington) 3/12/1998
Joy Lee Apartment Building and Annex (Carolina Beach) 4/3/1997
Market Street Mansions District (Wilmington) 4/21/1975
Masonboro Sound Historic District (Wilmington vicinity) 10/22/1992
Mount Lebanon Chapel and Cemetery (Airlie vicinity) 10/16/1986
Newton Homesite and Cemetery (Carolina Beach) 3/13/1997
Sunset Park Historic District (Wilmington) 12/10/2003
Tinga Nursery (Wrightsboro vicinity) 10/4/2000
U.S.S. North Carolina (Wilmington) 7/23/1981
U.S.S. Peterhoff (Archaeology) (Wilmington vicinity) 8/6/1975
James Walker Nursing School Quarters (Wilmington) 7/20/1989
Westbrook-Ardmore Historic District (Wilmington) 2/5/2009
Wilmington Historic and Archaeological District (Wilmington) 5/6/1974
Wilmington Historic District Bdy. Exp. and Add. Doc. (Wilmington) 5/1/2003
Wilmington National Cemetery (Federal Nomination) (Wilmington) 1/31/1997


Amis-Bragg House (Governor Thoms Bragg House) (Jackson) 8/28/2003
Church of the Saviour and Cemetery (Jackson) 1/4/2001
Duke-Lawrence House (Rich Square vicinity) 10/22/1980
Garysburg United Methodist Church and Cemetery (Garysburg) 6/20/1985
Holomon-Outland House (Rich Square vicinity) 10/14/2001
Jackson Historic District (Jackson) 6/16/2004
Mason-Hardee-Capel House (Gumberry vicinity) 2/2/2005
Mowfield (Jackson vicinity) 2/13/1975
Northampton County Courthouse Square (Jackson) 4/11/1977
Francis Parker House (Murfreesboro vicinity) 10/21/1982
J. E. Piland House (Margarettsville 9/10/2004
Princeton Site (Forehand Site) 31Np93 (Archaeology) (Murfreesboro vicinity) 11/25/1980
Seaboard Historic District (Seaboard) 9/15/2005
Verona (Jackson vicinity) 5/29/1975
Woodland-Olney School (Woodland) 10/8/1997


Alum Spring (Catherine Lake 1/31/1990
Avirett-Stephens Plantation (Richlands vicinity) 4/18/1991
Bank of Onslow and Jacksonville Masonic Temple (Jacksonville) 11/13/1989
Catherine Lake Historic District (Catherine Lake) 11/13/1989
Futral Family Farm (Fountain vicinity) 11/13/1989
William Edward Mattocks House (Swansboro) 3/22/1989
Mill Avenue Historic District (Jacksonville) 3/16/1990
Palo Alto Plantation (Belgrade vicinity) 10/10/1979
Pelletier House and Wantland Spring (Jacksonville) 11/13/1989
Richlands Historic District (Richlands) 3/16/1990
Southwest Historic District (Waltons Store vicinity) 11/13/1989
Swansboro Historic District (Swansboro) 3/16/1990
Taylor Farm (Richlands vicinity) 1/27/1999
Venters Farm Historic District (Richlands vicinity) 5/7/1987
Yopps Meeting House (Sneads Ferry vicinity) 7/22/1999


Alberta Mill Complex (Carrboro) 1/19/1976
Ayr Mount (Hillsborough) 8/26/1971
Bellevue Manufacturing Co. (Hillsborough) 8/28/2003
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House (Chapel Hill) 4/20/2005
Bingham School (Oaks) 1/18/1978
Burwell School (Hillsborough) 9/15/1970
Cabe-Pratt-Harris House (Chapel Hill vicinity) 4/27/1999
The Carolina Inn (Chapel Hill) 8/6/1999
Carrboro Commercial Historic District (Carrboro) 6/20/1985
Cedar Grove Rural Crossroads Historic District (Cedar Grove) 4/23/1998
Chapel Hill Town Hall (Chapel Hill) 3/20/1990
Chapel Hill Historic District (Chapel Hill) 12/16/1971
Old Chapel Hill Cemetery (Chapel Hill) 6/3/1994
Chapel of the Cross (Chapel Hill) 2/1/1972
The Commandant's House (Hillsborough) 11/9/1972
Eagle Lodge (Hillsborough) 4/16/1971
Faucett Mill and House (Chatwood) (Hillsborough vicinity) 8/4/1988
Maude Faucette House (The Elms) (Hillsborough vicinity) 11/22/1999
Gimghoul Historic District (Chapel Hill) 8/5/1993
Hazel-Nash House (Hillsborough) 3/31/1971
Heartsease (Hillsborough) 4/11/1973
Hillsborough Historic District (Hillsborough) 10/15/1973
Thomas and Mary Hogan House (Carrboro vicinity) 1/26/2001
Alexander Hogan Plantation Archaeological Site 310R296 (Chapel Hill vicinity) 3/4/1996
Holden-Roberts Farm (Hillsborough vicinity) 5/2/2002
Jacob Jackson Farm (Maple Hill) (Hillsborough vicinity) 3/17/1994
Dr. Arch C. Jordan House (Caldwell vicinity) 8/6/1998
Thomas F. Lloyd Historic District (Carrboro) 8/14/1986
Montrose (Hillsborough) 10/18/2001
Moorefields (Hillsborough vicinity) 4/25/1972
Murphey School (Hillsborough vicinity) 8/20/2009
Nash Law Office (Hillsborough) 9/28/1971
Nash-Hooper House (Hillsborough) 11/11/1971
Occoneechee Speedway (Hillsborough) 5/2/2002
Old East (Chapel Hill) 10/15/1966
Old Orange County Courthouse (Hillsborough) 6/24/1971
Paisley-Rice Log House (Mebane vicinity) 1/22/1979
Playmakers Theatre (Smith Hall) (Chapel Hill) 6/24/1971
Rigsbee's Rock House (Hillborough vicinity) 10/20/1988
Rocky Ridge Farm Historic District Bnd. Inc./Add. Doc. (Chapel Hill) 1/30/2008
Rocky Ridge Farm Historic District (Chapel Hill) 8/8/1989
Ruffin-Roulhac House (Hillsborough) 8/5/1971
Saint Mary's Chapel (Hillsborough vicinity) 7/12/1978
Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church and Churchyard (Hillsborough) 6/24/1971
Sans Souci (Hillsborough) 8/26/1971
West Chapel Hill Historic District (Chapel Hill) 12/31/1998


China Grove (Oriental vicinity) 2/6/1973


Elizabeth City Historic District (Elizabeth City) 10/18/1977
Elizabeth City Water Plant (Elizabeth City) 3/4/1994
Elizabeth City Historic District Boundary Expansion (Elizabeth City) 3/7/1994
Elizabeth City State Teachers College Historic District (Elizabeth City) 2/28/1994
Episcopal Cemetery (Elizabeth City) 4/21/1994
Morgan House (Morgan's Corner 2/1/1972
Newland Road (nine ft brick rd) Site 31PK5 (Archaeology) (Providence township) 4/14/1983
Norfolk Southern Railroad Passenger Station (Elizabeth City) 2/25/1994
Northside Historic District (Elizabeth City) 3/4/1994
Old Brick House (Elizabeth City vicinity) 3/16/1972
Riverside Historic District (Elizabeth City) 3/11/1994
Shepard Street-South Road Street Historic District (Elizabeth City) 3/11/1994


Governor Samuel Ashe Grave (Rocky Point vicinity) 10/12/2001
Bannerman House (Players vicinity) 5/31/1974
Belvidere Plantation House (Moved) (Hampstead vicinity) 6/14/1982
Burgaw Depot (Burgaw) 7/24/1986
Burgaw Historic District (Burgaw) 8/27/1999
Moore's Creek National Battlefield (Currie vicinity) 10/15/1966
Moore's Creek National Military Park Boundary Increase (Currie vicinity) 2/13/1987
Pender County Courthouse (Burgaw) 5/10/1979
Poplar Grove (Scotts Hill) 7/16/1979
Sloop Point (Vista) 1/20/1972
U.S. Naval Ordnance Testing Facility Assembly Building (Topsail Beach) 9/14/1993
US Naval Ordnance Testing Facility Observation Tower 2 (Topsail Beach) 9/14/1993
US Naval Ordnance Testing Facility Control Tower (Topsail Beach) 9/14/1993


Belvidere Historic District (Belvidere) 6/4/1999
Belvidere (Belvidere) 8/2/1977
Church of the Holy Trinity (Hertford) 6/11/1998
Cove Grove (Parkville Township) 8/7/1974
Fletcher-Skinner-Nixon House and Outbuildings (Hertford vicinity) 1/21/1994
Hertford Historic District (Hertford) 10/22/1998
Gen. Jonathon Hill Jacocks House (New Hope vicinity) 4/1/1998
Land's End (Leigh House) (New Hope Township) 9/20/1973
Mitchell-Ward House (Belvidere vicinity) 6/25/1999
Myers-White House (Bethel Township) 1/20/1972
Newbold-White House (Bethel Township) 6/24/1971
Samuel Nixon House (Parkville Township) 10/15/1973
Old Neck Historic District (Hertford vicinity) 9/6/1996
Perquimans County Courthouse (Hertford) 5/10/1979
Stockton (New Hope Township) 6/7/1974
Sutton-Newby House (New Hope Township) 9/10/1974
Issac White House (Bethel vicinity) 3/23/1979
Winfall Historic District (Winfall) 1/15/2003


Burleigh (Concord vicinity) 5/1/1980
Henry-Vernon House (Bushy Fork) 2/3/1983
Holloway-Jones-Day House (Roxboro vicinity) 6/9/1988
Holloway-Walker-Dollarhite House (Bethel Hill vicinity) 6/1/1982
James A. and Laura Thompson Long House (Roxboro) 4/6/2005
Merritt-Winstead House (Roxboro vicinity) 9/15/2005
Person County Courthouse (Roxboro) 5/10/1979
Roxboro Cotton Mill (Roxboro) 8/27/2009
Roxboro Commercial Historic District (Roxboro) 3/1/1984
Roxboro Male Academy and Methodist Parsonage (Roxboro) 7/29/1982
House on Wagstaff Farm (Roxboro vicinity) 4/5/2006
Waverly Plantation (Cunningham vicinity) 10/9/1974


Ayden Historic District (Ayden) 8/26/1994
College View Historic District (Greenville) 3/19/1992
Cox-Ange House (Winterville) 10/6/2000
Dickinson Avenue Historic District (Greenville) 3/1/2007
Farmville Historic District (Farmville) 10/21/1993
E.B. Ficklen House (Greenville) 12/20/1984
James L. Fleming House (Greenville) 7/21/1983
Greenville Commercial HD-additional documentation (Greenville) 9/16/2009
Greenville Commercial Historic District (Greenville) 8/21/2003
Greenville Tobacco Warehouse Historic District Boundary Increase (Greenville) 11/30/1999
Greenville, NC Tobacco Warehouse Historic District (Greenville) 7/17/1997
Greenwreath (Falkland vicinity) 4/29/1982
Grimesland Plantation (Grimesland vicinity) 3/31/1971
Spencer Harris House (Falkland vicinity) 1/20/2005
Robert Lee Humber House (Greenville) 7/9/1981
Jones-Lee House (Greenville) 11/25/1980
Kittrell-Dail House (Renston vicinity) 3/24/2000
Robert J. Lang, Jr. House (Fountain vicinity) 8/23/1990
William H. Long House (Greenville) 4/15/1982
Benjamin May-Lewis House (Farmville vicinity) 6/20/1985
Jesse R. Moye House (Greenville) 10/17/1997
Oakmont (Greenville) 10/15/2001
Pitt County Courthouse (Greenville) 5/10/1979
Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church (Bell Fork vicinity) 2/20/2002
Renston Rural Historic District (Winterville vicinity) 12/4/2003
Saint John's Episcopal Church (St. John's) 12/2/1986
Thomas Sheppard Farm House and Millpond (Stokes vicinity) 5/18/2000
Skinnerville-Greenville Heights Historic District (Greenville) 12/23/2005
United States Post Office (Greenville) 2/6/1986


Bank of Tryon Building (Tryon) 1/17/2008
Blackberry Hill (Mills House) (Tryon vicinity) 11/21/1974
Block House Site (Tryon vicinity) 10/15/1970
The Charlton Leland (Saluda) 4/5/2006
Church of the Transfiguration (Saluda) 11/26/1982
Friendly Hills (Tryon vicinity) 6/26/1998
Green River Plantation (Cox Store vicinity) 3/28/1974
J.G. Hughes House (Columbus) 5/5/1989
John Hiram Johnson House (Saluda vicinity) 2/7/1994
Reverend Joshua D. Jones House (Mill Spring) 9/26/1991
Mill Farm Inn (Tryon vicinity) 1/22/2009
Mills-Screven Plantation (Tryon vicinity) 2/3/1983
Pine Crest Inn (Tryon) 4/15/1982
Polk County Courthouse (Columbus) 11/8/1974
Railway Clerks' Mountain Home (Saluda vicinity) 7/28/2000
Ryder Hall (Saluda) 9/15/2005
Saluda Main Street Historic District (Saluda) 5/29/1996
Seven Hearths (Tryon vicinity) 3/26/1976


Central School (Asheboro) 11/12/1993
Coleridge Historic District (Coleridge) 11/13/1976
Deep River-Columbia Manufacturing Company (Ramseur) 11/15/1978
Franklinville Historic District (Franklinville) 12/20/1984
Moses Hammond House (Archdale) 6/12/1989
Jeduthan Harper House (Trinity vicinity) 6/22/1979
Wilson Kindley Farm and Mine (Asheboro vicinity) 6/11/1992
Lewis-Thornburg Farm (Asheboro vicinity) 2/24/2005
Liberty Historic District (Liberty) 11/22/2000
Marley House (Staley vicinity) 12/18/1990
Mount Shepherd Pottery Site (Archaeology) (Asheboro vicinity) 2/1/1980
Pisgah Community CoveredBridge (Pisgah) 1/20/1972
Randleman Graded School (Randleman) 4/20/2005
Randolph County Courthouse (Asheboro) 5/10/1979
Skeen's Mill Covered Bridge (Asheboro vicinity) 1/20/1972
Thayer Farm Site 31Rd10 (Archaeology) (Asheboro vicinity) 8/28/1986


Bank of Pee Dee (Rockingham) 9/22/1983
Bostick School (Norman vicinity) 4/20/2005
Covington Plantation House (Rockingham vicinity) 5/28/1980
Alfred Dockery House (Rockingham vicinity) 11/20/1986
Ellerbe Springs Hotel (Ellerbe vicinity) 6/4/1980
Great Falls Mill (In Ruins after Fire) (Rockingham) 12/13/1971
Liberty Hill School (Covington vicinity) 1/17/2008
John Phillips Little House (Little's Mill vicinity) 12/20/1984
Main Street Commercial Historic District (Hamlet) 3/19/1992
The Manufacturers Building (Rockingham) 5/29/1979
Hannah Pickett Mill, No. 1 (Rockingham) 9/22/1983
Powell-Brookshire-Parker Farm (Ellerbe vicinity) 1/17/2008
Richmond County Courthouse (Rockingham) 5/10/1978
Roberdel Mill No. 1 (Rockingham) 9/22/1983
Rockingham Historic District (Rockingham) 11/21/1983
Seaboard Air Line Passenger Depot (add. doc.) (Hamlet) 4/13/2006
Seaboard Coast Line Passenger Depot (Hamlet) 11/19/1971
(former) United States Post Office and Federal Building (Rockingham) 9/22/1983
H.C. Watson House (Rockingham) 9/22/1983


Asbury Methodist Church (Raynham) 4/30/2009
Ashpole Presbyterian Church (Rowland vicinity) 10/19/1982
Baker Sanatorium (Lumberton) 10/8/1998
Luther Henry Caldwell House (Lumberton) 9/18/1978
Carolina Theatre (Lumberton) 7/9/1981
Centenary Methodist Church (Rowland) 4/10/2007
Humphrey-Williams House (Lumberton vicinity) 7/24/1973
Humphrey-Williams Plantation Boundary Increase (Lumberton vicinity) 11/16/1988
Lumberton Commercial Historic District (Lumberton) 12/21/1989
Flora MacDonald College (Red Springs) 4/3/1976
Maxton Historic District (Maxton) 2/12/1999
Kenneth McKinnon House (St. Pauls vicinity) 9/15/2005
Old Main, Pembroke State University (Pembroke) 5/13/1976
(former) Pembroke High School (Pembroke) 9/1/1995
Philadelphus Presbyterian Church (Philadelphus) 10/3/1975
Planters Building (Lumberton) 11/3/1987
Rowland Depot (Rowland) 5/18/2001
Alfred Rowland House (Lumberton) 1/17/2008
Rowland Commercial Historic District (Rowland) 2/2/2005
W. R. Surles Memorial Library (Proctorville) 9/16/2009
United States Post Office (Federal Nomination) (Lumberton) 3/6/1985
Williams-Powell House (Orrum vicinity) 4/9/1984


Academy Street Historic District (Madison) 7/15/1982
Boone Road Historic District (Eden) 8/31/1987
The Boxwoods (Madison) 5/28/1980
Bullard-Ray House (Eden) 6/11/1982
Cascade Plantation (Eden vicinity) 10/14/1975
Central Leaksville Historic District (Eden) 12/9/1986
Chinqua-Penn Plantation (Reidsville vicinity) 4/8/1993
Dempsey-Reynolds-Taylor House (Eden) 12/2/1982
Fewell-Reynolds House (Madison vicinity) 7/16/1979
First Baptist Church (Eden) 3/9/1989
(former) First Baptist Church (Reidsville) 12/11/1986
High Rock Farm (Williamsburg 4/26/1974
Jennings-Baker House (Reidsville) 3/12/1987
Dr. Franklin King House (Eden) 9/19/1985
Leaksville Commercial Historic District (Eden) 10/23/1987
Leaksville-Spray Institute (Eden) 3/9/1989
Lower Saura Town 31Rk1 (Archaeology) (Eden vicinity) 5/24/1984
Lower Sauratown Plantation (Eden vicinity) 10/11/1984
Reuben Wallace McCollum House (Reidsville) 5/1/2003
Mount Sinai Baptist Church (Eden) 6/23/1987
Dan River Navigation System: Cross Rock Rapid Sluice (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Dead Timber Ford Sluices (Wentworth vicinity) 6/29/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Eagle Falls Sluice (Wentworth vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Gravel Shoals Sluice (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Jacob's Creek Landing (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Mayo River Sluice (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Roberson's Fish Trap Shoal Sluice (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Slink Shoal Sluice and Wing Dams (Madison vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Tanyard Shoal Sluice (Eden vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Three Ledges Shoal Sluice (Eden vicinity) 3/19/1984
Dan River Navigation System: Wide Mouth Shoal Sluice (Eden vicinity) 3/19/1984
North Washington Avenue Workers Houses (Reidsville) 12/11/1986
Penn House (Reidsville) 11/25/1983
Governor David S. Reid House (Reidsville) 4/26/1974
Reidsville Historic District (Reidsville) 3/12/1987
(former) Reidsville High School (Reidsville) 1/21/1994
Robert Payne Richardson House III (Reidsville)
Richardson Houses Historic District (Reidsville) 12/11/1986
Rockingham County Courthouse and Jail (Wentworth) 5/10/1979
Saint Luke's Episcopal Church (Eden) 3/17/1989
Alfred Moore Scales Law Office (Madison) 5/28/1982
Spray Industrial Historic District (Eden) 12/9/1986
Troublesome Creek Ironworks (Archaeology) (Simpsonville 9/29/1972
Washington Mills- Mayodan Plant (Mayodan) 4/20/2005
Wentworth Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery (Wentworth) 3/13/1986
Wright Tavern (Wentworth) 9/15/1970


Back Creek Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Mt. Ulla vicinity) 12/29/1983
Barber Farm (Cleveland vicinity) 1/15/2003
Bernhardt House (Salisbury) 6/11/1992
George Matthias Bernhardt House (Rockwell vicinity) 11/12/1982
Henry Connor Bost House (South River) 11/12/1982
Boyden High School (Salisbury) 5/23/1996
Michael Braun House (Granite Quarry) 9/28/1971
Brooklyn-South Square Historic District (Salisbury) 7/5/1985
Maxwell Chambers House (Salisbury) 1/20/1972
China Grove Roller Mill (China Grove) 12/29/1983
Corriher Grange Hall (Five Points vicinity) 9/23/1982
Ellis Street Graded School Historic District (Salisbury) 3/5/1999
Fulton Heights Historic District (Salisbury) 3/25/1999
Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church (Lower Stone Church) (Rockwell vicinity) 1/20/1972
(former) Granite Quarry School (Colored) (Granite Quarry) 2/7/2001
Griffith-Sowers House (West Salisbury) 9/9/2009
Grimes Mill (Salisbury) 2/6/1984
Grubb-Sigmon-Weisiger House (Salisbury) 2/12/1999
Hall Family House (Barber vicinity) 10/5/1982
Hambley-Wallace House (Salisbury) 12/15/1997
Archibald Henderson Law Office (Salisbury) 1/20/1972
Kerr Mill (Millbridge) 5/11/1976
General William Kerr House (Enochville vicinity) 9/23/1982
Kesler Mfg. Co.- Cannon Mills Plant #7 Historic District (Salisbury) 6/20/1985
Knox Farm Historic District (Cleveland vicinity) 4/1/1985
Knox-Johnstone House (Cleveland vicinity) 8/5/1993
Livingstone College Historic District (Salisbury) 5/27/1982
Alexander Long House (Spencer vicinity) 2/1/1972
Lyerly Building for Boys (Gold Hill vicinity) 1/5/1989
Walter McCanless House (Salisbury) 5/21/2005
McNeely-Strachen House (Salisbury) 2/1/1972
Monroe Street School (Salisbury) 5/19/2004
Mount Vernon (Mt. Vernon 5/27/1980
Mount Zion Baptist Church (Salisbury) 12/30/1985
North Long Street-Park Avenue Historic District (Salisbury) 6/20/1985
North Main Street Historic District (Salisbury) 7/29/1985
Owen-Harrison House (James Owen Hse.) (Millbridge vicinity) 7/21/1983
John Phifer Farm (Cleveland vicinity) 12/28/1990
Rankin-Sherrill House additional documentation (Mount Ulla) 9/9/2009
Rankin-Sherrill House (Mt. Ulla) 9/23/1982
Old Rowan County Courthouse (Community Bldg.) (Salisbury) 3/5/1970
Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church and Cemetery (Woodleaf vicinity) 8/19/1982
Salisbury Historic District (Salisbury) 11/12/1975
Salisbury Historic District Boundary Expansion (Salisbury) 7/20/2000
Salisbury Historic District Extension:Areas 2 & 3 (Salisbury) 7/6/1989
Salisbury Historic District Extension:Area 1 (Firehouse) (Salisbury) 1/6/1988
Salisbury National Cemetery (Federal Nomination) (Salisbury) 4/12/1999
Salisbury Railroad Corridor Historic District Boundary Expansion (Salisbury) 5/1/2003
Salisbury Railroad Corridor Historic District (Salisbury) 5/13/1987
Salisbury Southern Railroad Passenger Depot (Salisbury) 7/30/1975
Shaver Rental Houses District (Salisbury) 1/12/1988
John Carlyle and Anita Sherrill House (Mount Ulla) 9/1/2009
Shuping's Mill Complex (Faith vicinity) 9/23/1982
Southern Railway Spencer Shops (Spencer) 3/17/1978
Spencer Historic District (Spencer) 12/20/1984
John Steele House (Lombardy) (Salisbury) 9/12/1994
John Stigerwalt House (Litaker Township) 12/20/1984
Third Creek Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (Cleveland vicinity) 7/21/1983
Thyatira Presbyterian Church, Cemetery and Manse (Millbridge vicinity) 2/17/1984
Calvin H. Wiley School (Salisbury) 10/20/1988
Wood Grove (Captain Thomas Cowan House) (Cleveland vicinity) 9/23/1982
Zion Lutheran Church (Organ Church) (Rockwell vicinity) 1/20/1972


Alexander Manufacturing Company Mill Village Historic District (Forest City) 5/15/2008
Bechtler Mint Site # 31RF157 (Rutherfordton vicinity) 4/14/1997
Carrier Houses (Rutherfordton) 6/19/1992
Carson-Andrews Mill and Ben F.W. Andrews House (Washburn vicinity) 6/4/2008
Cliffside Public School (Cliffside) 1/26/1998
Cool Springs High School (Forest City) 7/8/1999
East Main Street Historic District (Forest City) 12/23/2005
Forest City Baptist Church (First Baptist Church) (Forest City) 9/14/1989
Fox Haven Plantation (Green Hill Township) 10/14/1972
Gilbert Town Historic District (Rutherfordton vicinity) 8/23/2006
Henrietta-Caroleen High School (Mooresboro vicinity) 12/16/2005
James Dexter Ledbetter House (Forest City vicinity) 6/14/1982
George W. Logan House (Jobe Hill) (Rutherfordton vicinity) 2/20/1986
Main Street Historic District (Rutherfordton) (Rutherfordton) 12/7/1995
Main Street Historic District (Forest City) (Forest City) 2/14/2002
Main Street Historic District Boundary Expansion (Forest City) (Forest City) 6/9/2004
Melton-Davis House (Bostic vicinity) 8/29/2008
Melton-Fortune Farmstead (Golden Valley vicinity) 7/11/1985
Pine Gables (Lake Lure vicinity) 11/30/1999
Rutherford County Courthouse (Rutherfordton) 5/10/1979
Rutherfordton-Spindale Central High School (Rutherfordton) 2/3/1993
Saint Luke's Chapel (Rutherfordton) 1/14/1992
Trinity Lutheran Church (St. John's Episcopal Church) (Rutherfordton) 3/24/1972
Washburn Historic District (Washburn) 2/20/2002
Washburn Historic District Boundary Increase (Bostic vicinity) 1/25/2006
Max T. Watson House (Forest City) 10/15/2001
West Main Street Historic District (Forest City) 12/20/2006


Beatty-Corbett House (Ivanhoe vicinity) 3/17/1986
Bethune-Powell Buildings (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Asher W. Bizzell House (Rosin) 5/21/1986
Black River Presbyterian and Ivanhoe Baptist Churches (Ivanhoe) 3/17/1986
General Thomas Boykin House (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Marion Butler Birthplace (Moved 1991) (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Dan E. Caison, Sr. House (Roseboro) 5/21/1986
Cherrydale (Turkey vicinity) 3/17/1986
Clear Run (Clear Run) 3/17/1986
Clinton Depot (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Clinton Commercial Historic District (Clinton) 5/30/2002
College Street Historic District (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Dell School Campus (Delway) 5/21/1986
William E. Faison House (Giddensville vicinity) 1/20/2005
Graves-Stewart House (Clinton) 9/8/1983
Robert Herring House (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Troy Herring House (Roseboro) 3/17/1986
Lewis Highsmith Farm (Harrells vicinity) 3/17/1986
Hollingsworth-Hines Farm (Turkey vicinity) 3/17/1986
Howard-Royal House (Salemburg) 3/17/1986
Howell-Butler House (Roseboro) 3/17/1986
Johnson Building (Clinton) 5/11/2000
Samuel Johnson House and Cemetery (Ingold vicinity) 3/17/1986
James Kerr House (Kerr vicinity) 3/17/1986
Marcheston Killett Farm (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Marshall Kornegay House and Cemetery (Suttontown) 3/17/1986
James H. Lamb House (Suttontown) 3/17/1986
Lovett Lee House (Giddensville vicinity) 3/17/1986
Dr. James O. Matthews Office (Taylors Bridge 3/17/1986
Fleet Matthis Farm (Taylors Bridge 3/17/1986
Jonas McPhail House and Annie McPhail Store (Rosin) 3/17/1986
Murphy-Lamb House and Cemetery (Garlin vicinity) 3/17/1986
Oak Plain Presbyterian Church (Waycross vicinity) 5/21/1986
Livingston Oates Farm (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Owen Family House & Cemetery (McDaniels vicinity) 3/17/1986
Patrick-Carr-Herring House (Clinton) 1/14/1993
Pigford House (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Pope House (Burned) (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Francis Pugh House (Clinton vicinity) 3/17/1986
Pugh-Boykin House (Clinton) 3/17/1986
J.W. Scott Robinson Farm (Ivanhoe vicinity) 3/17/1986
Royal-Crumpler-Parker House (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Dr. John B. Seavey House and Cemetery (Harrells vicinity) 5/21/1986
Dr. David Dickson Sloan House (Garland vicinity) 3/17/1986
Thirteen Oaks (Newton Grove vicinity) 6/7/1990
West Main-North Chesnutt Streets Historic District (Clinton) 3/17/1986
Isaac Williams House (Newton Grove vicinity) 3/1/1984
Isaac Williams House Boundary Increase (Newton Grove vicinity) 6/12/1989
John E. Wilson House (Dunn vicinity) 3/17/1986


John Blue House (Laurinburg vicinity) 12/8/1978
Mag Blue House (Springfield Mills 9/23/1982
Central School (Laurinburg) 1/20/2005
Dr. Evan Alexander Erwin House (Laurinburg) 4/19/2007
E. Hervey Evans House (Laurinburg) 4/5/2006
Thomas J. Gill House (Laurinburg) 7/15/1982
Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church (Laurinburg vicinity) 8/18/1983
Laurinburg Commercial Historic District (Laurinburg) 12/10/2003
Gilbert McMillan House (Burned) (Laurrel Hill Church 4/8/1982
McRae-McQueen House (Johns vicinity) 11/25/1980
Robert Nancy Monroe House (Silver Hill vicinity) 3/13/1983
Richmond Temperance and Literary Society Hall (Wagram vicinity) 4/11/1973
Shaw Family Farms Historic District (Wagram vicinity) 10/13/1983
Stewart-Hawley-Malloy House (Laurinburg vicinity) 8/1/1975
Villa Nova (Laurinburg vicinity) 8/29/1982


Badin Historic District (Badin MRN) (Badin) 10/12/1983
Downtown Albemarle Historic District (Albemarle) 3/28/2002
Five Points Historic District (Albemarle) 10/16/2002
Hardaway Site 31St4 (Archaeology) (Hardaway Point) 3/1/1984
Narrows Dam and Power Plant Complex (Badin MRN) (Badin) 10/12/1983
Opera House/Starnes Jewelers Building (Albemarle) 3/9/1995
Pee Dee Avenue Historic District (Albemarle) 1/7/1998
Pee Dee Avenue Historic District Boundary Increase (Albemarle) 1/26/2006
Pfeiffer Junior College Historic District (Misenheimer vicinity) 4/28/1999
Randle House (Norwood vicinity) 9/8/1992
Second Street Historic District (Albemarle) 4/6/2005
Isaiah Wilson Snuggs House and Marks House (Albemarle) 3/9/1995
West Badin Historic District (Badin MRN) (Badin) 10/11/1983


Christ Episcopal Church (Walnut Cove) 1/28/2005
Danbury Historic District (Danbury) 7/15/1986
R.W. George Mill (Francisco vicinity) 10/10/1997
Germanton Methodist Church and Cemetery (Germanton) 3/19/1998
Hanging Rock State Park Bathhouse (Danbury vicinity) 10/24/1991
Jessup's Mill (Collinstown vicinity) 7/15/1982
King Historic District (King) 9/6/2002
Leak-Chaffin-Browder House (Germanton vicinity) 9/6/2002
Matthew Moore House (Danbury vicinity) 10/29/1974
Moratock Iron Furnace (Danbury) 7/30/1974
Pine Hall (Pine Hall vicinity) 7/16/1979
Rock House (John Martin House) (Flat Rock vicinity) 10/1/1975
St. Philip's Episcopal Church (Germanton) 7/15/1982
Stokes County Courthouse (Danbury) 5/10/1979
Walnut Cove Colored School (Walnut Cove) 2/24/1995


(former) Bank of Pilot Mountain (Pilot Mountain) 12/1/1997
W.F. Carter House (Mount Airy) 8/18/1983
William Carter House (Mount Airy vicinity) 3/15/1990
Cedar Point (Richard Gwyn House) (Elkin) 9/11/2003
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital (Elkin) 5/2/2002
C.C. Cundiff House (Siloam) 7/21/1983
Downtown Elkin Historic District (Elkin) 11/1/2000
Edwards-Franklin House (Bernard Franklin House) (Dobson vicinity) 4/24/1973
Gwyn Avenue - Bridge Street Historic District (Elkin) 8/28/2007
Hauser Farm (Horne Creek Living Historical Farm) (Pinnacle vicinity) 3/1/2002
Haystack Farm (Oak Grove vicinity) 12/17/1982
Edgar Harvey Hennis House (Mount Airy) 2/20/1986
William Alfred Moore House (Mount Airy) 3/6/1986
Mount Airy Historic District (Mount Airy) 10/3/1985
North Carolina Granite Corporation Quarry Complex (Mount Airy vicinity) 8/6/1980
Renfro Mill (Mount Airy) 10/12/2000
Rockford Historic District (Rockford) 8/27/1976
Surry County Courthouse (Dobson) 5/10/1979
Trinity Episcopal Church (Mount Airy) 1/9/1986


Frye-Randolph House and Fryemont Inn (Bryson City) 12/2/1982
Governor's Island (Kituhwa) (Archaeology) (Bryson City vicinity) 6/4/1973
Hall Cabin (Fontana vicinity) 1/30/1976
Abel Hyatt House (Bryson City vicinity) 3/22/1991
Nununyi Mound and Village Site (Archaeology) (Cherokee vicinity) 1/22/1980
Oconaluftee Archaeological District (Oconaluftee vicinity) 2/19/1982
Oconaluftee (Smokemont) Baptist Church (Federal Nomination) (Cherokee vicinity) 1/1/1976
Swain County Courthouse (Bryson City) 5/10/1979


Biltmore Forest School (Federal Nomination) (Brevard vicinity) 11/19/1974
William Breese, Jr. House (Brevard) 6/23/1983
Brevard College Stone Fence and Gate (Brevard) 12/21/1993
Dr. Max and Claire Brombacher House (Brevard) 10/15/2001
William Deaver House (Brevard vicinity) 8/13/1979
East Main Street Historic District (Brevard) 8/20/2009
Flem Galloway House (Calvert vicinity) 2/24/1995
Godfrey-Barnette House (Brevard) 12/30/1993
William H. Grogan House (Brevard) 9/10/2008
Hanckel-Barclay House (Brevard) 12/9/1999
Hanckel-Barclay House Boundary Expansion (Brevard) 7/20/2000
Hillmont (Lake Toxaway) 10/16/1986
Lake Toxaway United Methodist Church (Lake Toxaway vicinity) 2/18/1994
Main Street Historic District (Brevard) 9/6/2002
McMinn Building (Brevard) 2/18/1994
Morgan's Mill (Brevard vicinity) 8/16/1979
Royal and Louise Morrow House (Brevard) 12/6/2006
Charles E. Orr House (Brevard) 12/6/2006
Saint Philip's Episcopal Church (Brevard) 12/30/1997
Silvermont (Brevard) 7/9/1981
Transylvania County Courthouse (Brevard) 5/10/1979


Columbia Historic District (Columbia) 3/17/1994
Scuppernong River Bridge (Columbia) 3/5/1992
Tyrrell County Courthouse (Columbia) 5/10/1979


Malcolm K. Lee House (Monroe) 1/5/1988
Monroe City Hall (Monroe) 7/27/1971
Monroe Downtown Historic District (Monroe) 1/6/1988
Monroe Residential Historic District (Monroe) 1/6/1988
North Carolina-South Carolina Cornerstore (Lancaster Co., SC) 12/20/1984
Piedmont Buggy Factory (Monroe) 6/2/2004
Pleasant Grove Camp Meeting Ground (Waxhaw vicinity) 4/3/1974
John C. Sikes House (Monroe) 4/15/1982
Union County Courthouse (Monroe) 6/24/1971
United States Post Office (Federal Nomination) (Monroe) 3/6/1985
Waxhaw Historic District (Waxhaw) 12/6/1991
Waxhaw-Weddington Roads Historic District (Monroe) 1/5/1988


Ashburn Hall (Kittrell vicinity) 8/16/1977
Ashland (Henderson vicinity) 3/14/1973
Belvidere (Williamsboro vicinity) 11/12/1992
Burnside Plantation House (Williamsboro vicinity) 4/16/1971
Thomas Capehart House (Kittrell vicinity) 5/6/1977
Josiah Crudup House (Kittrell vicinity) 9/25/1979
Henderson Central Business Historic District (Henderson) 8/24/1987
Henderson Fire Station (Henderson) 8/10/1978
LaGrange (Harris Crossroads 4/27/1982
Library & Laboratory Building (Henderson Institute) (Henderson) 11/29/1995
Machpelah (Townsville) 3/27/2007
Mistletoe Villa (Henderson) 8/10/1978
Maria Parham Hospital (Henderson) 9/2/1994
Pleasant Hill (Rivenoak, Hawkins House) (Middleburg vicinity) 3/19/1979
Pool Rock Plantation (Williamsburg 11/29/1978
Saint James Episcopal Church and Rectory (Kittrell) 12/14/1978
Saint John's Episcopal Church (Williamsboro) 4/16/1971
Daniel Stone Plank House (Henderson vicinity) 7/12/1984
Vance County Courthouse (Henderson) 5/10/1979
West End School (Henderson) 2/2/2005
Zollicoffer's Law Office (Henderson) 6/13/1978


Adams-Edwards House (Raleigh vicinity) 12/6/2006
Agriculture Building (Raleigh) 6/16/1976
Andrews-Duncan House (Raleigh) 1/20/1972
Apex Historic District (Apex) 3/17/1994
Apex Historic District Boundary Expansion (Apex) 3/10/1995
Apex Historic District Boundary Expansion II (Apex) 2/14/2002
Apex Historic District Boundary Increase III (Apex) 1/31/2008
Apex Town Hall (Apex) 12/5/1985
(former) Apex Union Depot (Apex) 12/20/1988
Dr. Thomas H. Avera House (Wendell vicinity) 9/11/2003
George and Neva Barbee House (Zebulon) 8/28/2007
Beaver Dam Plantation (Raleigh vicinity) 1/6/1987
Ben-Wiley Hotel (Fuquay-Varina) 2/27/1997
Dr. Nathan Blalock House (Willow Springs 12/23/2005
Bloomsbury Historic District (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Boylan Apartments (Raleigh) 9/5/2007
Boylan Heights Historic District (Raleigh) 7/29/1985
Briggs Hardware Building (Raleigh) 10/25/1973
Bennett Bunn Plantation (Zebulon vicinity) 2/4/1986
Cameron Park Historic District (Raleigh) 7/29/1985
Cannady-Brogden Farm (Sandy Plain vicinity) 4/25/2001
Capehart House (Raleigh) 1/17/1975
Capital Club Building (Raleigh) 12/5/1985
Capitol Area Historic District (Raleigh) 4/15/1978
Caraleigh Mills (Raleigh) 5/25/2001
Carolina Coach Garage and Shop Building (Raleigh) 8/27/2009
Carpenter Historic District (Carpenter) 5/26/2000
Cary Historic District (Cary) 4/25/2001
Christ Church (Raleigh) 7/28/1970
City Cemetery (Raleigh) 9/12/2008
(former) CP&L Co. Car Barn & Automobile Garage (Raleigh) 10/30/1997
Crabtree Creek Recreational Demonstration Area (Raleigh) 6/30/1995
William A. Curtis House (Raleigh) 9/24/2008
Josephus Daniels House (Federal Nomination) (Raleigh) 12/8/1976
Davis-Adcock Store (Wilbon) 9/6/2006
Depot Historic District (Raleigh) 9/6/2002
Dix Hill (Raleigh) 11/7/1990
Dodd-Hinsdale House (Raleigh) 11/12/1972
J.S. Dorton Arena (Raleigh) 4/11/1973
Downtown Wake Forest Historic District (Wake Forest) 2/20/2002
W.E.B. DuBois School (Wake Forest) 10/5/1993
East Raleigh-South Park Historic District (Raleigh) 10/11/1990
Edenwood (Garner vicinity) 7/2/1993
Elmwood (Raleigh) 10/29/1975
Estey Hall (Shaw University) (Raleigh) 5/25/1973
Fadum House (Raleigh) 6/10/1993
Falls of the Neuse Manufacturing Company (Raleigh) 9/19/1983
Fayetteville Street Historic District (Raleigh) 2/27/2008
Federal Building (Century Post Office) (Raleigh) 5/6/1971
Forestville Baptist Church (Wake Forest) 10/25/1984
Free Church of the Good Shepherd (Raleigh) 9/10/2008
Fuquay Mineral Spring (Fuquay-Varina) 12/4/1986
Fuquay Springs Historic District (Fuquay-Varina) 11/29/1996
Fuquay Springs Teacherage (Fuquay-Varina) 12/23/2005
Fuquay Springs High School (Fuquay-Varina) 5/16/2002
Fuquay-Varina Woman's Club Clubhouse (Fuquay-Varina) 4/24/2007
Downtown Garner Historic District (Garner) 12/21/1989
Glen Royall Mill Village Historic District (Wake Forest) 8/27/1999
Glenwood Historic District (Raleigh) 7/29/1985
Glenwood-Brooklyn Historic District (Raleigh) 2/20/2002
Willis M. Graves House (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Herman Green House (Raleigh vic (Lake 9/11/2003
Green Level Historic District (Green Level) 4/5/2001
Green-Hartsfield House (Rolesville vicinity) 12/21/1989
Grosvenor Gardens Apartments (Raleigh) 11/12/1992
Rev. Plummer T. Hall House (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Harmony Plantation (Wendell vicinity) 1/29/2008
Hartsfield-Perry Farm (Rolesville vicinity) 1/23/2003
Hawkins-Hartness House (Raleigh) 2/1/1972
Hayes Barton Historic District (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Haywood Hall (Raleigh) 7/28/1970
Dr. Hubert Benbury Haywood House (Raleigh) 12/13/1995
Richard B. Haywood House (Raleigh) 7/28/1970
Heck Houses (Raleigh) 4/13/1973
Heck-Andrews House (Raleigh) 1/20/1972
Isabelle Bowen Henderson House and Gardens (Raleigh) 8/7/1989
Samuel Bartley Holleman House (New Hill vicinity) 1/30/2008
Hood-Anderson Farm (Eagle Rock vicinity) 4/29/1999
Rufus J. Ivey House (Raleigh vicinity) 4/5/2006
Ivey-Ellington House (Cary) 5/15/2008
J. Beale Johnson House (Fuquay-Varina 9/5/1991
Kemp B. Johnson House (Fuquay-Varina 9/15/2005
Alpheus Jones House (Raleigh vicinity) 7/7/1975
Crabtree Jones House (Raleigh) 6/4/1973
Nancy Jones House (Cary) 3/1/1984
Jones-Johnson-Ballentine Historic District (Fuquay-Varina 1/26/1990
Henry L. Kamphoefner House (Raleigh) 3/12/1996
Henry H. & Bettie S. Knight Farm (Knightdale) 1/12/1988
Joel Lane House (Raleigh) 7/28/1970
Lane-Bennett House (Raleigh) 8/22/1977
Rev. M.L. Latta House (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Calvin Wray Lawrence House (Apex vicinity) 9/23/2008
Dr. Elmo N. Lawrence House (Raleigh) 4/20/2005
Lea Laboratory (Wake Forest) 5/29/1975
Leslie-Alford-Mims House (Holly Springs) 3/8/1997
Lewis-Smith House (Raleigh) 12/11/1972
Lumsden-Boone Building (Raleigh) 9/8/1983
Mahler and Carolina Trust Buildings (Raleigh) 11/29/2000
Maiden Lane Historic District (Raleigh) 5/3/2006
James Mangum House (Creedmore vicinity) 11/18/1974
Marshall-Harris-Richardson House (Raleigh) 3/6/1986
Mary Elizabeth Hospital (Raleigh) 2/5/2009
Masonic Temple Building (Raleigh) 5/3/1984
Old Masonic Temple Building (Raleigh) 9/17/1979
Matsumoto House and Studio (Raleigh) 9/21/1994
Meadowbrook Country Club (Garner vicinity) 12/16/2009
Merrimon House (Raleigh) 9/5/1975
Midway Plantation House and Outbuildings (Knightdale) 6/15/2007
Montford Hall (Raleigh) 3/8/1978
Moore Square Historic District (Raleigh) 8/3/1985
Mordecai House (Raleigh) 6/1/1970
Mordecai Place Historic District (Raleigh) 2/4/1998
Mordecai Place Historic District Boundary Expansion (Raleigh) 12/28/2000
Mount Hope Cemetery (Raleigh) 1/8/2009
New Hill Historic District (New Hill) 4/25/2001
Norburn Terrace (Raleigh) 2/1/1980
North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station Cottage (Raleigh) 10/15/2001
North Carolina Executive Mansion (Raleigh) 2/26/1970
North Carolina School for the Blind and Deaf Dormitory (Raleigh) 8/11/1976
North Carolina State Capitol (Raleigh) 2/26/1970
North Carolina State Fair Commercial and Educational Buildings (Raleigh) 6/5/1987
Oak View (Williams-Wyatt-Poole Farm) (Raleigh vicinity) 4/3/1991
Oakforest (Forestville vicinity) 6/11/1998
Oakwood Historic District (Raleigh) 6/25/1974
Oakwood Historic District, Linden Avenue Amendment (Raleigh) 10/21/1987
Oakwood Historic District, Oakwood South Amendment (Raleigh) 1/6/1988
Oakwood Historic District, Oakwood North Amendment (Raleigh) 1/9/1989
Oaky Grove (Shotwell vicinity) 9/30/1993
Occidental Life Insurance Co. Building (Raleigh) 9/11/2003
Odd Fellows Building (Raleigh) 12/1/1997
Page-Walker Hotel (Cary) 5/29/1979
Panther Branch School (Raleigh vicinity) 4/8/2001
Paschal House (Raleigh) 9/21/1994
Peace College Main Building (Raleigh) 6/19/1973
Jesse Penny House and Outbuildings (Raleigh vicinity) 3/13/2002
Perry Farm (Riley Hill vicinity) 8/26/1994
Pilot Mill (Raleigh) 6/5/1989
Pine Hall (Raleigh) 9/6/2006
(former) Pine State Creamery (Raleigh) 12/1/1997
Leonidas L. Polk House (Raleigh) 4/13/1977
Wayland Poole House (Garner vicinity) 9/25/2003
Dr. M.T. Pope House (Raleigh) 11/22/1999
Powell House (Wake Forest vicinity) 10/15/1974
Professional Building (Raleigh) 9/8/1983
Pugh House (Morrisville) 9/11/2003
Pullen Park Carousel (Raleigh) 9/8/1976
Purefoy-Chappell House and Outbuildings (Wake Forest) 10/22/2008
Purefoy-Dunn Plantation (Wake Forest vicinity) 3/24/1988
Raleigh Bonded Warehouse (Raleigh) 8/24/2006
Raleigh Banking & Trust Company Building (Raleigh Building) (Raleigh) 6/17/1993
(former) Raleigh Electric Company Power House (Raleigh) 10/30/1997
Raleigh National Cemetery (Federal Nomination) (Raleigh) 1/31/1997
Raleigh Water Tower (AIA Tower) (Raleigh) 12/16/1971
Raleigh Water Works and E.B. Bain Water Treatment Plant (Raleigh) 11/22/1999
Riley Hill Elementary School (Riley Hill) 4/25/2001
Ritcher House (Raleigh) 9/21/1994
Roanoke Park Historic District (Raleigh) 5/9/2003
Rock Cliff Farm (Wake Forest vicinity) 8/29/2007
Rogers-Bagley-Daniels-Pegues House (Raleigh) 3/21/1979
Rogers-Whitaker-Haywood House (Wake Crossroads 9/19/1985
Mae and Philip Rothstein House (Raleigh) 4/15/2005
(former) Royal Baking Company (Raleigh) 12/1/1997
Royall Cotton Mill Commissary (Wake Forest) 10/16/1991
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Company Office Building (Raleigh) 2/8/1971
Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel (Raleigh) 8/11/1978
Small House (Raleigh) 9/21/1994
G. Milton Small & Associates Office Building (Raleigh) 9/21/1994
Frank and Mary Smith House (Willow Springs 9/11/2003
Turner and Amelia Smith House (Willow Springs 6/10/2005
Spring Hill (Theophilus Hunter House) (Raleigh) 12/29/1983
St. Augustine's College Campus (Historic District) (Raleigh) 3/28/1980
St. Mary's College (Historic District) (Raleigh) 12/19/1978
St. Mary's Chapel (Raleigh) 11/20/1970
St. Matthews Rosenwald School (Raleigh vicinity) 4/25/2001
St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Raleigh) 11/5/1987
State Bank of North Carolina (Raleigh) 6/1/1970
Sunnyside (Wendell) 10/15/2001
William Thompson House (Wake Forest vicinity) 9/15/2005
Tucker Carriage House (Raleigh) 2/13/1975
John T.& Mary Turner House (Raleigh) 5/16/2002
Utley-Council House (Holly Springs vicinity) 5/16/2002
Vanguard Park Historic District (Raleigh) 5/9/2003
Varina Commercial Historic District (Fuquay-Varina) 1/31/1990
Wake Forest Historic District (Wake Forest) 12/18/2003
Wakefield Dairy Complex (Falls vicinity) 1/15/2003
Wakefields (Home Acres) (Wake Forest vicinity) 10/6/1974
Wakelon School (Zebulon) 5/13/1976
Walnut Hill Cotton Gin (Knightdale vicinity) 8/14/1986
Walnut Hill Historic District (Knightdale vicinity) 10/6/2000
Washington Graded and High School (Raleigh) 2/2/2005
Paul and Ellen Welles House (Raleigh) 1/29/2009
Wendell Boulevard Historic District (Wendell) 6/3/2009
Wendell Commercial Historic District (Wendell) 7/31/1998
West Raleigh Historic District (Raleigh) 12/18/2003
White-Holman House (Raleigh) 4/16/1971
Leonidas R. Wyatt House (Raleigh) 7/5/1990
Yates Mill (Raleigh vicinity) 2/26/1970
Dr. Lawrence Branch Young House (Rolesville) 9/25/2003


Mary Ann Browne House (Vaughn vicinity) 7/24/1980
Buck Spring Plantation (Vaughan vicinity) 10/15/1970
Buxton Place (Inez vicinity) 4/22/1993
Chapel of the Good Shepherd (Ridgeway vicinity) 9/16/1977
Cherry Hill (Inez vicinity) 11/5/1974
Coleman-White House (Warrenton) 10/25/1973
Dalkeith (Arcola vicinity) 12/16/1974
Green Duke House (Soul City) 8/7/1974
Elgin (Warrenton vicinity) 2/6/1973
William J. Hawkins House (Ridgeway) 5/22/1978
Hebron Methodist Church (Oakville vicinity) 4/19/1984
Lake O'Woods (Inez vicinity) 1/19/1979
Liberia School (Warrenton vicinity) 5/18/2005
Little Manor (Mosby Hall) (Littleton vicinity) 4/24/1973
Reedy Rill (Warrenton vicinity) 12/3/1974
Shady Oaks (Cheek-Twitty House) (Warrenton vicinity) 3/15/1976
Dr. Charles Skinner Farm (Littleton vicinity) 10/6/2000
Sledge-Hayley House (Warrenton) 4/17/1980
Mansfield Thornton House (Warrenton vicinity) 12/2/1977
Tusculum (Arcola vicinity) 10/23/1974
Warren County Training School (Wise vicinity) 4/19/2006
Warren County Fire Tower (Liberia vicinity) 3/3/2000
Warrenton Historic District (Warrenton) 8/11/1976
John Watson House (Warrenton vicinity) 12/28/1990
Solomon and Kate Williams House (Inez) 9/25/2003


Belgrade and St. David's Church (Creswell vicinity) 1/26/1978
Creswell Historic District (Creswell) 10/10/2002
Davenport House (Creswell vicinity) 9/5/2007
Garrett's Island House (Plymouth vicinity) 2/2/2001
Latham House (Plymouth) 12/12/1976
Perry-Spruill House (Plymouth) 4/25/1985
Plymouth Historic District (Plymouth) 1/16/1991
Rehoboth Methodist Church (Skinnersville vicinity) 5/13/1976
Somerset Place State Historic Site (Creswell vicinity) 3/5/1970
Washington County Courthouse (Plymouth) 5/10/1979


Blair Farm (Boone vicinity) 8/29/2008
Bollinger-Hartley House (Blowing Rock) 3/9/1995
Daniel Boone Hotel (Boone) 12/2/1982
(former) Cove Creek High School (Sugar Grove) 6/18/1998
East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR Locomotive #12 (Blowing Rock vicinity) 3/12/1992
Ben Farthing Farm (Sugar Grove vicinity) 1/4/1993
Gragg House (Blowing Rock vicinity) 10/25/1973
Green Park Historic District (Blowing Rock) 8/19/1994
Green Park Inn (Blowing Rock) 6/3/1982
Jones House (Boone) 3/25/1987
Mast Farm (Valle Crucis vicinity) 1/20/1972
Mast General Store (Valle Crucis vicinity) 4/3/1973
John Smith Miller House (Boone vicinity) 1/29/2009
(former) Randall Memorial Building (Blowing Rock) 3/14/1991
United States Post Office (Boone) 1/11/1996
Valle Crucis Historic District (Valle Crucis) 2/2/2005
Valle Crucis Episcopal Mission (Valle Crucis vicinity) 9/9/1993
Vardell Family Cottages (Blowing Rock) 3/12/2001
Ward Family House (Sugar Grove vicinity) 5/23/1997
Westglow (Blowing Rock vicinity) 8/13/1979
Wilson-Vines House (Bethel vicinity) 12/22/1997


Charles B. Aycock Birthplace State Historic Site (Fremont vicinity) 2/26/1970
Barnes-Hooks Farm (Fremont vicinity) 9/1/1995
Borden Manufacturing Company (Goldsboro) 2/2/2005
Eureka United Methodist Church (Eureka) 8/26/1982
First Presbyterian Church (Christian Science Church) (Goldsboro) 5/29/1979
L.D. Giddens and Son Jewelry Store (Goldsboro) 3/19/1979
Goldsboro Union Station (Goldsboro) 4/13/1977
Harry Fitzhugh Lee House (Goldsboro) 3/1/1984
Mount Olive Historic District (Mount Olive) 5/27/1999
(former) Mount Olive High School (Mount Olive) 10/22/1998
Oddfellows Lodge (Goldsboro) 8/3/1978
Perry-Cherry House (Mount Olive) 3/13/1980
Southerland-Burnette House (Mount Olive) 2/8/1988
(former) United States Post Office (Mount Olive) 6/2/1995
Vernon (Mount Olive vicinity) 10/9/1974
Soloman and Henry Weil Houses (Goldsboro) 12/22/1976
Dred and Ellen Yelverton House (Fremont vicinity) 8/27/2009


Brown-Cowles House and Cowles Law Office (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Claymont Hill (Ronda vicinity) 9/12/1985
Robert Cleveland Log House (Wilkesboro vicinity) 2/1/1972
Downtown Main Street Historic District (North Wilkesboro) 5/9/2003
Downtown Wilkesboro Historic District (Wilkesboro) 4/30/2009
Elkin Creek Mill (Elkin vicinity) 4/29/1982
Federal Building (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
J.T. Ferguson Store (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Thomas B. Finley Law Office (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Thomas. B. Finley House (N. Wilkesboro) 5/15/2008
J.L. Hemphill House (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Holbrook Farm Complex (Trap Hill vicinity) 11/29/1978
Benjamin Hubbard Farm (Moravian Falls 1/29/2009
Johnson-Hubbard House (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Old Wilkes County Jail (Wilkesboro) 2/18/1971
Southern Railway Depot (North Wilkesboro) 9/10/2004
St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Cemetery (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Montfort Stokes House (Burned) (Wilkesboro vicinity) 3/16/1972
Traphill Historic District (Traphill) 5/22/1980
Wilkes Hosiery Mills (North Wilkesboro) 4/30/2008
Wilkes County Courthouse (Wilkesboro) 5/10/1979
Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982
Wilkesboro-Smithey Hotel (Wilkesboro) 8/24/1982


W.H. Applewhite House (Stantonsburg vicinity) 2/13/1986
Manalcus Aycock House (Black Creek) 2/13/1986
General Joshua Barnes House (Wilson vicinity) 2/13/1986
Black Creek Rural Historic District (Black Creek vicinity) 10/14/1986
Branch Banking and Trust Company Building (Wilson) 8/11/1978
Broad/Kenan Streets Historic District (Wilson) 10/27/1988
Bullock-Dew House (Sims vicinity) 2/13/1986
Cherry Hotel (Wilson) 8/26/1982
Davis-Whitehead-Harriss House (Wilson) 6/14/1982
East Wilson Historic District (Wilson) 4/11/1988
Edmundson-Woodard House (Stantonsburg vicinity) 2/13/1986
Elm City Municipal Historic District (Elm City) 2/13/1986
W.H. Langley House (Elm City vicinity) 2/13/1986
Lucama Municipal Historic District (Lucama) 2/13/1986
Dr. H.D. Lucas House (Black Creek) 2/13/1986
Old Wilson Historic District (Wilson) 12/20/1984
Joseph John Pender House (Penders Crossroad 2/13/1986
Moses Rountree House (Wilson) 4/29/1982
Major James Scarborough House (Saratoga vicinity) 6/14/1982
Alfred & Martha Jane Thompson House and Williams Barn (New Hope vicinity) 2/14/2002
Upper Town Creek Rural Historic District (Wilson vicinity) 8/29/1986
Ward-Applewhite-Thompson House (Stantonsburg vicinity) 2/13/1986
Webb-Barron-Wells House (Elm City vicinity) 2/13/1986
West Nash Street Historic District (Wilson) 12/20/1984
Olzie Whitehead Williams House (Wilson vicinity) 12/19/1983
Wilson Central Business-Tobacco Warehouse Historic District (Wilson) 12/20/1984
Wilson County Courthouse (Wilson) 5/10/1979
Woodard Family Rural Historic District (Wilson vicinity) 8/29/1986


Davis Brothers Store (East Bend) 1/21/1994
Donnaha Site (Archaeology) (East Bend vicinty) 12/6/1978
Durrett-Jarratt House (Enon vicinity) 5/23/1997
Glenwood (Enon vicinity) 8/13/1979
Morse and Wade Building (East Bend) 4/6/2005
Richmond Hill Law School (Rockford vicinity) 10/15/1970
Second Yadkin County Jail (Yadkinville) 7/21/1988
The White House (Sofley House) (Huntsville) 6/1/1982

Bald Creek Historic District (Bald Creek) 1/29/2009
David M. Buck House (Bald Mountain) 4/25/2001
Chase-Coletta House (Burnsville) 6/16/2004
(former) Citizens Bank Building (Burnsville) 3/29/1990
John Wesley McElroy House (Burnsville) 11/29/1990
Nu-Wray Inn (Burnsville) 4/15/1982
Yancey Collegiate Institute Historic District (Burnsville) 8/21/2003
Yancey County Courthouse (Burnsville) 5/10/1979

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