Updated 3/11/2013

NI = new information (no previous file)
U = update to existing HPO file
NLS = no longer standing

Alamance County Training School (NLS; NI)
Burlington School (a.k.a. Jordan Sellers Elementary School) (NLS; NI)

ALEXANDER COUNTY (Phyllis A. Bailey)
Happy Plains School, Taylorsville (NLS?; NI)
Moser School, Miller Township (NLS?; NI)
Third Creek School, Miller Township (NLS; NI)

BEAUFORT COUNTY (Alethea Williams-King)
Bayside School, Bath (NLS; NI)
Leechville School, Leechville (NI)
Pantego School No. 1, Pantego (NLS; NI)
Pantego School No. 2, Pantego (NI)
Riverroad School, Washington (NLS; NI)
Ware Creek School, Blounts Creek (U)

BLADEN COUNTY (Dorothy McKoy, Marie McKoy, Michael McKoy, Helen Hollis)
Bladen County Training School, Elizabethtown (NI)
East Arcadia School, East Arcadia (NI)
Porterville School, Clarkton vic. (NI)

Shiloh School, Asheville (NI)

CASWELL COUNTY (Janie H. Flippen)
Beulah School, Blanch (NLS; NI)
Blackwell School, Yanceyville vic. (NLS; NI)
Dotmond School, Milton vic. (NLS; NI)
Milton School, Milton (NLS; NI)
New Ephesus School, Yanceyville vic. (NLS; NI)
Yanceyville School, Yanceyville (NLS; NI)

CATAWBA COUNTY (Betty J. Kale-McClendon)
Catawba Elementary School, Catawba (NLS; NI)

Gees Grove School, Siler City (NLS; NI)
Gulf School, Gulf (NLS?; NI)
Gum Springs, Moncure vic. (NI)
Haywood School, Haywood (NLS?; NI)
Mitchell’s Chapel School, Pittsboro vic. (NLS; NI)
Piney Grove School, location unknown (??; NI)
Pittsboro School (Horton High School), Pittsboro (NLS; NI)
Siler City Training School, Siler City (NLS; NI)
Zion School, Farrington vic. (NLS?; NI)

General information
Borders School, Waco (NLS; NI)
Compact School, Kings Mountain vic. (NLS; NI)
Douglas School, Lawndale vic. (NLS; NI)
Ebenezer School, Kings Mountain (NLS; NI)
Ellis Chapel School, Patterson Springs vic. (NLS; NI)
Green Bethel School, Boiling Springs (NLS; NI)
Kings Mountain School, Kings Mountain (NLS; NI)
Long Branch School, Grover (NLS; NI)
Philadelphia School, Lawndale vic. (NLS; NI)
Shelby School/County Training School (No. 1 & 2), Shelby (Update?)
Washington School, Waco (NLS; NI)

DAVIE COUNTY (Warren Fleming)
Cooleemee School (North Cooleemee School), Cooleemee (NLS; NI)

EDGECOMBE COUNTY (C. Rudolph Knight & Lawrence Auld)
Acorn Hill School, Tarboro vic. (NLS; NI)
Bellamy School, Wrendale vic. (NLS; NI)
Bryan School, Lawrence vic. (NLS; NI)
Chinquapin School, Conetoe vic. (NLS; NI)
Coakley School, Coakley (ruinous; NI)
Dixon School, Leggett vic. (NLS; NI)
Dogtown (Keech) School (U)
Draughan School, Draughan vic. (NLS; NI)
Harry Knight School, Scott’s Crossroads (NLS; NI)
Hickory View, Sharpsburg vic. (NLS; NI)
Kingsboro School, Kingsboro (NLS; U)
Lancaster School, Mercer (NLS; NI)
Lawrence School, Lawrence (NLS; NI)
Leggett (Coker) School, Leggett vic. (NLS; NI)
Living Hope School, Macclesfield (NLS; NI)
Logsboro School No. 1, Leggett vic. (NLS; NI)
Logsboro School No. 2, Leggett vic. (NLS; NI)
Marks Chapel School, Rocky Mount vic. (NLS; NI)
Mt. Olive School, Rocky Mount vic. (NLS; U)
Pittman Grove School, Rocky Mount vic. (NLS; NI)
Providence School, Hartsboro vic. (NLS; U)
St. Luke School, Tarboro vic. (NLS; NI)
Tarboro (W. A. Patillo) School, Tarboro (NLS; NI)
White’s Chapel School, Speed vic. (NLS; NI)
Willow Grove School, Red Hill vic. (NLS; U)
Wimberly School, Leggett vic. (NLS; NI)

Beaver Dam School, Bessemer City (NI)
Bessemer City School, (Stewart Elementary), Bessemer City (NI)
Dallas School, Dallas (NLS; NI)
Mauney School, Bessemer City (NLS; NI)

GREENE COUNTY (Joann Stevens)
Snow Hill Colored High School, Snow Hill (U)
Zachariah School, Wooten’s Crossroads (U)

GUILFORD COUNTY (Mary A. Browning)
Florence School (No. 1 & 2), High Point (NLS; NI)
Jonesboro School (NI?; not sure if still standing; info from unidentified source)

East Flat Rock School, East Flat Rock (NLS; NI)

HERTFORD COUNTY (Michelle Felton)
Cotton School, Winton vic. (NI)
Catherine Haynes School, Harrellsville (NLS; NI)
Mill Neck School, Como vic. (NI)
Mt. Sinai School, Como (NI)
Murfreesboro School, Murfreesboro (NI)
Vaughantown School, Murfreesboro vic. (NI)

HYDE COUNTY (James Shelton)
Englehard Ridge School, Englehard vic. (NLS; NI)
Hyde County Training School, Sladesville (NLS?; U)

IREDELL COUNTY (Teresa Bailey)

Chestnut Grove School, Cool Springs vic. (NLS; NI)
Coddle Creek School, Mooresville vic. (NI)
Elmwood (Rocky Crest) School, Elmwood (NLS; NI)
Morrow Chapel School, Mooresville vic. (NLS; NI)
Neilstown School, GET LOCATION (NLS; NI)
Piney Grove School, Turnersburg vic. (NI)
Rocky Knoll Rosenwald School, Statesville vic. (NI)
Scotts Rosenwald School, (NI)
Troutman School, Troutman (NLS; NI)
Unity School (NLS; NI) (replaced by 1940s Unity H.S.)

Other Iredell Co. African American Schools (not Rosenwald):
Haywood Chapel School, Statesville vic.
Houstonville School, Houstonville/Eagle Mills vic. (NLS)
Shinnsville School, Shepherds vic.
Sugar Bottom School

LENOIR COUNTY (Ellen Berry; Hazel Lewis)
Kinston Negro High School (Lenoir Co. Training School, Adkin High, Lincoln City) (NLS; NI)
Bank’s Chapel School, LaGrange vic. (NLS; NI)
Grifton Colored School, Grifton vic. (NLS; NI)
LaGrange Colored School, LaGrange (NLS; NI)

Mount Vernon School, Vale (U)
Oaklawn School (formerly Lincolnton School?), Lincolnton (NI)
Tuckers Grove Elementary School, Tucker’s Grove (NLS; NI)

NASH COUNTY (Hazel Lewis)
General Information
Avent School, Aventon (NI)
Bailey School, Bailey vic. (NI)
Castalia School, Castalia (NI)
Easonburg School, Little Easonburg (NLS; NI)
Evans School, Nashville vic. (NI)
Jeffreys School, Rocky Mount vic. (NI)
Lewis Ricks School, Red Oak vic. (NLS; NI)
Little Raleigh School, Rocky Mount (NLS; NI)
Macklin School, Rocky Mount vic. (NLS; NI)
Middlesex School, Middlesex (NLS; NI)
Morgan School, Mt. Pleasant vic. (NI)
Nashville School (Nash County Training School), Nashville (NLS; NI)
Rawlins School, Drake (NLS; NI)
Spring Hope School, Spring Hope vic. (NLS; NI)
Taybron School, Spring Hope vic. (NLS; NI)
Taylor-Shiloh School, Whitakers vic. (NLS; NI)
Whitakers School, Whitakers (NI)

Seaboard School, Seaboard vic. (NI)

PENDER COUNTY (Hattie Squires; Claudia Stack)
Bowden School, Burgaw vic. (NLS, NI)
Canetuck School, Still Bluff vic. (U)
Currie School, Currie vic. (U)
Pender County Training School, Rocky Point (NI)
Scott’s Hill (a.k.a. Browntown) School, Scott’s Hill vic. (NI)

POLK COUNTY (Evelyn D. Petty)
Coxe School, Cox Store vic. (NLS, NI)
Melvin Hill School, McGinnis Crossroads vic. (NLS, NI) [Rosenwald connection uncertain]
Pea Ridge, Pea Ridge vic. (NLS, NI)
Rosenwald School (Green Creek School), Cox Store vic. (NLS, NI)
Tryon School (Edmund Embury School), Tryon (NLS, NI)
Union Grove School, Sandy Plains vic. (NLS, NI)

Other Polk County African American Schools (not Rosenwald)
Ponderville School, Cox Store vic. (replaced Coxe School?) (NLS)
St. Paul School, Columbus vic. (NLS)
Saluda School, Saluda (NLS)
Stony Knoll School, Mill Spring vic.
Zion Grove School, Cox Store vic.

ROBESON COUNTY (Nyoni Collins)
Crystalite School, Lumberton vic. (NLS; NI)
Fairmont School, Fairmont (NLS; NI)
Lumber Bridge School, Lumber Bridge (NLS; NI)
Marietta School, Marietta (NLS; NI)
Maxton School (Robeson County Training School), Maxton (NLS; NI)
Panthers Ford School, Red Springs (NLS; NI)
Parkton School, Parkton vic. (NLS; NI)
Piney Grove School, Maxton vic. (NLS; NI)
Proctorville School, Proctorville (NLS; NI)
Rennert School, Red Springs vic. (NLS; NI)
Rowland School, Rowland (NLS?; U)
Shannon School No. 1 & 2, Shannon vic. (NLS; NI)
St. Pauls School, St. Pauls (NLS; NI)
Thompson Chapel (Turn Out) School, Raemon (NLS: NI)

SAMPSON COUNTY (Edgar Merritt)
Garland School, Garland (NLS; NI)
Snow Hill School, Concord vic. (NLS; NI)
White Oak School, Newton Grove vic. (NLS; NI)

SCOTLAND COUNTY (Harry Armstrong)
Johns (a.k.a. Peddler’s Creek) School, Johns (NI)

Brevard Rosenwald School, Brevard (NLS; NI)

WARREN COUNTY (William Jordan)
Warrenton Rosenwald School (NI)

WAYNE COUNTY (David Wilder & Keith Peten)
Barnes Chapel School, Rosewood vic. (NLS; NI)
Rosenwald School (the Bunn school?), Best vic. (U)
Dudley School, Dudley vic. (U)
Millers School, Goldsboro vic. (NLS; NI)
Mt. Olive School, Mt. Olive (NLS; NI)
Patetown School, Patetown (NLS; NI)
Pikeville School, Pikeville (NLS; NI)
Roundabout School, Goldsboro/Marmac vic. (NLS; NI)
Sasser’s Mill School, Pinkney vic. (NLS; NI)
Springbank School, Goldsboro vic. (NLS; NI)
Vail School, Pikeville vic. (NLS; NI)

WILSON COUNTY (Alton C. Bobbitt)
Evansdale School, Black Creek vic. (NLS; NI)
Holden School, Holden’s Crossroads (NLS; NI)
Jones Hill School, Wilson vic. (NLS; NI)
Kirby’s Crossing School, Kenly vic. (NLS; NI)
Lucama School, Lucama vic. (NLS; NI)
New Vesters School, Bailey Township (NLS; NI)
Rocky Branch School, Buckhorn Crossroads vic. (NLS; NI)
Saratoga School, Saratoga vic. (NI)
Sims School, Sims (partially standing; NI)
Stantonsburg School, Stantonsburg (NLS; NI)
Williamson School, Lucama vic. (NI)
Wilson High School (aka Darden High), Wilson (U)
Yelverton School, Fountain vic. (NI)

Other Wilson Co. African American Schools (but not Rosenwald?):
Bynum School, Driver’s Store vic.
Calvin Level School, Lucama vic.
Elm City Colored Graded School, Elm City (NLS)
Farmer School, Cliftonville vic.
Mitchell School, Dunn’s Crossroads vic.
Turner School, Elm City vic. (NLS)
Wilbank School, Bridgersville vic. (NLS)
Wilson Colored Graded School (a.k.a. Sally Barbour School) (NLS)

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