Rosenwald Schools Documented
in the Files of the
North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office
January 24, 2005

This list initially was compiled by intern Kate Phillips in the summer of 2002 by culling NC HPO survey files in Raleigh. Because Ms. Phillips was not able to travel to Asheville, where files on the 25 western counties are stored, this list currently includes few western schools. Staff plans to review the western files as soon as time and funding permit. Beginning in November 2003, HPO staff has expanded the list with entries for files compiled with material submitted after August 2002, when the HPO and the N. C. Rosenwald Schools Community Project began sponsoring a statewide survey by volunteers dedicated to identifying North Carolina's Rosenwald schools. Many of the pre-existing files have been augmented by survey volunteers, while other post-August 2002 files were created by staff, consultants, or interested citizens independent of the statewide Rosenwald schools survey.

All of the following were schools for African Americans. A number of the schools already in HPO files prior to the summer of 2002, however, have not been documented as Rosenwald schools, although there is a strong likelihood that they were built with Rosenwald Fund monies or their designs were influenced by standard Rosenwald school plans. For these properties, further research is required to confirm the association with the Rosenwald Fund.

This list will be updated periodically as additional information is received. Information on additional Rosenwald schools and corrections to this list should be submitted to Claudia Brown, N. C. State Historic Preservation Office, 4617 Mail Service Station, Raleigh, NC 27699-4617.

The following codes apply throughout:
NR = Listed in the National Register of Historic Places
SL = On North Carolina National Register Study List
D = Destroyed
* = file produced after statewide school survey began summer 2002

Alamance County

Byrd School (D)
S side SR 1912, 0.25 mi. E of jct. NC 119
Pleasant Grove vicinity

Alexander County

Happy Plains School (D?)* (high school library only)

Moser School (D?)*
Miller Township

Third Creek School (D)*
(new building consolidated Third Creek and Happy Hollow schools;
Happy Hollow was in Stony Point & it is unclear if it was a Rosenwald school.)
Miller Township

Anson County

Cedar Hill School
W side SR 1628, 0.6 mi. N of jct. w/ SR 1627
Ansonville vicinity

Deep Creek School
N side SR 1103, 0.2 mi. E of jct. w/ SR 1112
Deep Creek vicinity

Horne School (SL)
E side SR 1703, 0.2 mi. N of mct. w/SR 1634
Horne Crossroads

Hough School
Now known as Ingram Revival Center
W side of NC 109, 1 mi. S of jct. w/SR 1658
Ansonville vicinity

Ingram School (SL)
W side SR 1703, 0.2 mi. N of jct. w/ SR 1701
Ingram Level vicinity

Pee Dee School
W side SR 1842, 0.4 mi. south of jct. w/ NC 145
Pee Dee vicinity

Beaufort County

Bayside School (D)*
NC 92

Leechville School*

Pantego School No. 1 (D)*

Pantego School No. 2*

Riverroad School (D)*

Ware Creek School (NR)
E side SR 1103, 0.3 mi. SE of jct. w/ SR 1112
Blounts Creek vicinity

Bertie County

Ashland School
Jct. of NC 45 & Ashland Church Rd.

Aulander School
Commerce St.

Cashie School
Jct. of Cooper Hill School Rd. (NC 308) and Sans Souci Rd.
Windsor vicinity

(West?) Colerain School

Kelford School
Black Jack Rd.
Kelford vicinity

Lewiston School (John B. Bond School)
NC 308
Lewiston-Woodville vicinity

Merry Hill School
Old Merry Hill Rd.
Merry Hill vicinity

Merry Meta School
Gilliam Rd., off Cedar Landing Rd.
Woodard vicinity

Mount Olive School
Corner of NC 308 & Parker School Rd.
Windsor vicinity

Roxobel School No. 2 (ruinous/destroyed)

Sam's Chapel School
NC 308, 2 mi. W of Windsor
Windsor vicinity

St. Francis School
St. Francis Road, approx. 1 mi. from jct. of US 17/13 & Spellers Ford Rd.
Windsor vicinity

Spring Hill School
Spring Hill Church Rd.
Lewiston-Woodville vicinity

Weeping Mary School
SR 1128 (Weeping Mary Rd.), just off NC 11
Lewiston-Woodville vicinity

Wynn's Grove School (moved)
Wynns Grove Church Rd.
Colerain vicinity

Bladen County

Bladen County Training School*
1300 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

East Arcadia School*
N side SR 1741 at jct. w/SR 1742 (Charles Munn Circle)
East Arcadia

Porterville School*
E side SR 1755, 0.2 mi. S of NC 211
Clarkton vicinity

Buncombe County

Shiloh School*
121 Shiloh Rd.

Cabarrus County

Bellefonte School (D)
SW side of SR 1139, 0.7 mi. SE of jct. w/ SR 1168
Harrisburg vicinity

Bethpage School
N side SR 1609, 0.3 mi. W of jct. w/ SR 1616
Bethpage vicinity

Dry School
S side of NC 49, 0.1 mi. W of jct. w/ SR 2635
Cold Springs vicinity

Caswell County

Beulah School (D)*
W side SR 1564, 0.2 mi. N of US 158
Pleasant Grove vicinity

Blackwell School (D)*
S side US 158, 0.2 mi. E of SR 1317

Dotmond School (D)*
E side NC 57, immed. N of SR 1551)
Milton vicinity

Milton School (D)*
Baker St., W side

New Ephesus School (D)*
S side US 158, immed. W of SR 1306
Yanceyville vicinity

Yanceyville School (D)*
W side SR 1739

Catawba County

Catawba Elementary School (D)*
300 S. Main St.

Chatham County

Gees Grove School (D)*
Near Gees Grove AME Zion Church (?), 245 Gees Grove Rd.
Siler City

Gulf School (D?)*

Gum Springs School*
Gum Springs Rd.
Moncure vicinity

Haywood School (?)*
Old US 1, about 0/5 mi. W of Haw River

Mitchell's Chapel School (D)*
Mitchell's Chapel Rd., about 0.5 mi. W of NC 87
Pittsboro vicinity

Piney Grove School (D?)*
location unknown

Pittsboro (Horton High School) (D)*
US 15-501, about 0.5 mi. S of courthouse

Siler City Training School (D)*
Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Siler City

Zion School (D?)*
Lystra Rd. (near Mt. Zion Baptist Church)?
Farrington vicinity

Cleveland County

Borders School (D)*
Stony Point Rd.
Waco vicinity

Compact School (D)*
Kings Mountain vicinity

Douglas School (D)*
Lawndale vicinity

Ebenezer School (D)*
Kings Mountain

Ellis Chapel School (D)*
S side NC 180, S of Patterson Springs
Patterson Springs vicinity

Green Bethel School (D)*
Boiling Springs

Kings Mountain School (a.k.a. Lincoln Academy, Mildred Wellmon Elementary) (D)*
Kings Mountain

Long Branch School (D)*

Philadelphia School (D)*
Lawndale vicinity

Shelby School/County Training School No. 2*
342 Hudson St.

Washington School (D)*
Stony Point Rd.
Waco vicinity

Craven County

Dover Colored School
E side N West St.
Dover vicinity (just outside Dover city limits)

Epworth Colored School
N side NC 118, 0.4 mi. W of jct. w/ SR 1458
Epworth vicinity

Duplin County

Little Creek School (SL)
W side of SR 1950, 0.2 miles N of jct. w/ SR 1102 (moved here from
@ ½-mile away)
Greenevers vicinity

Magnolia (Stanford) School
Jct. of SR 1003 & SR 1923
Magnolia vicinity

Durham County

Russell School (SL)
St. Mary's Road
Lebanon vicinity

School (unidentified-Hebron School?) (SL)
N side SR 1634, 0.5 mi. E of mct. w/SR 1004
Durham vicinity

Edgecombe County

Keech School
N side SR 1526, 0.25 mi. E of SR 1524
Dogtown vicinity

Kingsboro School (D)
W side SR 1225, 0.2 mi. N of SR 1223

Mount Olive School
W side SR 1141, 0.3 mi. S of NC 43 (Cokey Rd.)
Rocky Mount

Providence Rosenwald School
N side SR 1208, 0.3 mi. W of SR 1207
Hartsboro vicinity

Willow Grove School
N side NC 44, 0.2 mi. W of SR 1404, 0.3 mi. on drive
Red Hill vicinity

Forsyth County

Atkins High School (NR)
1215 North Cameron Street
Winston-Salem vicinity

Franklin County

Concord School (SL)
645 Walter Grissom Rd.
Kittrell vicinity

Gaston County

Beaver Dam School*
Just S of NC 279, betw. SR 1624 & SR 1440 (511 Carson Hunter Rd.)
Cherryville vicinity

Bessemer City School*
W. Carolina Ave.
Bessemer City

Dallas (D)*
S. Spargo St.

Mauney School (D)*
SR 1489 (Wilson Bridges Rd.) at SR 1409 (Hovis Rd.
Bessemer City vicinity

Reid Rosenwald School Teacherage (SL)
223 Cedar Street

Gates County

(former) Corapeake School (SL)
E side NC 32, 0.2 mi. of jct. w/ SR 1327
Holly Grove Township

Reid's Grove School
E side NC 27, 0.8 mi. N of jct. w/ US 158
Gatesville Township

Greene County

Knox School (ruinous)
S side SR 1302, about 0.5 mi. E of SR 1312
Walstonburg vicinity

Snow Hill Colored High School (NR)
602-A Harper St.
Snow Hill

Zachariah School (SL)
W side SR 1239, 0.6 mi. S of jct. w/ SR 1244
Wooten's Crossroads vicinity

Guilford County

Florence School (No. 1 and 2) (D)*
7605 Florence School Rd.
High Point

Jonesboro School (still standing?)*
300 Raleigh St.

Halifax County

Allen Grove School (SL)
moved to grounds of Halifax County Home:
N side NC 903, 0.25 mi. E of jct. w/ 1667
Halifax vicinity

Chestnut School
N side NC 56, 1.1 mi. NE of SR 1135
Tillery vicinity

Diololia Rosenwald School
E side SR 1600, 0.15 mi. S of jct. w/ NC 903
Pierce's Crossroads vicinity

Edgewood School
W side SR 1418, 0.15 mi. S of SR 1417
Hines Crossroads vicinity

Eden School
E side SR 1206, 0.5 mi. N of SR 1207
Beaverdam vicinity

Gold Mine School
S side SR 1304, 0.2 mi. W of SR 1300
Gretna Green vicinity

Haywood School
W side US 301, 0.4 mi. S of SR 1125
Enfield vicinity

Pea Hill School
W side NC 125, 0.5 mi. N of SR 1103
Pea Hill

Springfield School
W side SR 1200, 1 mi. N of SR 1608
Lewis Crossroads vicinity

Ward School
E side SR 1222, 0.1 mi. S of NC 481
Enfield vicinity

Harnett County

Harnett County Training School*
510 E. Johnson St.

Henderson County

East Flat Rock School (D)*
E side SR 1827 (Mine Gap Rd.) approx. 0.5 mi. from SR 1807 (Roper Rd.)
East Flat Rock

Hertford County

C.S. Brown School Auditorium/Brown Hall (NR)
(formerly Waters Normal Institute)
SE side of NC 45, just NE of jct. w/ SR 1457 and 1449
Winton vicinity

Cotton School*
SR 1174, 4 mi. from Winton (near Mt. Moriah Baptist Church)
Winton vicinity

Catherine Haynes School (D)*

Mill Neck School*
SR 1319, off NC 258
Como vicinity

Mt. Sinai School*
SR 1311

Murfreesboro School*
SR 1303 (off NC 185)

Pleasant Plains Rosenwald School
W side US 13, just S of jct. w/ SR 1132
Pleasant Plains

Vaughantown School*
SR 1165
Murfreesboro vicinity

Hyde County

Englehard Ridge School (D)*
E side US 264, 1 mi. W of Englehard

Hyde County Training School (still standing?)
W side SR 1145, .4 mi. S of jct. w/SR 1143

Iredell County

Chestnut Grove School (D)*
Chestnut Grove Rd.
Cool Springs vicinity

Coddle Creek School*
NC 136 (Coddle Creek Rd.)
Mooresville vicinity

Elmwood (Rocky Crest) School (D)*
US 70

Morrow Chapel School (D)*
Brawley School Rd.
Mooresville vicinity

Neilstown School (D)*
Off Perch Rd.
Troutman vicinity

Piney Grove School*
Rim Rock Rd.
Turnersburg vicinity

Rocky Knoll Rosenwald School*
Wallace Spring Rd.

Scotts Rosenwald School (D)*
N side SR 1551, betw. SR 1550 & RR tracks (Scotts Rd.)
Stony Point vicinity

Troutman School*
Off Talley St.

Unity High School*

Johnston County

Princeton Graded School (SL)*
601-611 W. Edwards St.

Lee County

Lee County Training School (W.B. Wicker School) (NR) (D-2004)
806 South Vance Street

Lenoir County

Banks Chapel School (D)*
SR 1519 (2764 Eason Rd.)
La Grange vicinity

Grifton Colored School (D)*
Skeeter Pond Rd.
Grifton vicinity

Kinston Negro High School (a.k.a. Lenoir County Training School, Adkin High School) (D)*
1800 block of Lincoln St.

La Grange School (D)*
102 N. Martin Luther King Dr.

Lincoln County

(former) Mount Vernon School
N side of SR 1317, 0.3 mi. S of jct. w/ NC 27 (1156 N. Brook III School Rd.)
Iron Station vicinity

Oaklawn (Lincolnton) School*
Oaklawn St.

Tuckers Grove Elementary School (D)*
NC 73, near jct. w/SR 1360
Machpelah vicinity

Martin County

Burroughs School (SL)
W side of SR 1423, 0.4 mi. N jct. w/ SR 1409
Williamston vicinity

Hamilton School (NR)
S side Waldo Street at River
Hamilton Historic District

Mecklenburg County

Billingsville School (NR)
3100 Leroy Street

Caldwell Rosenwald School
NW side NC 73, 0.2 mi. W of jct. w/ SR 1242
Lemley Township

Huntersville Rosenwald School
S side SR 2446, 0.25 mi. E of jct. w/ NC 115

McClintock School
Erwin Rd. (NE side SR 1120, 0.35 mi. SE of NC 160)
Steele Creek

Newell Rosenwald School (SL)
Torrence Grove Church Road

Rockwell Rosenwald School (SL)
NE side SR 2480, 0.2 mi. NW of jct. w/ SR 2467

Moore County

Lincoln Park School (NR)
1272 South Currant Street

Nash County

Avent School*
SR 1403 (12990 NC Coopers-Avent Rd.)

Bailey School*
SR 1103 (6390 Lee St.)
Bailey vicinity

Castalia Rosenwald School
E side SR 1321, 0.1 mi. N of jct. w/ SR 1328 (10404 Lancaster Store Rd.)
Castalia vicinity

Easonburg School (D)*
SR 1544 (305 S. Halifax Rd.)
Little Easonburg

Evans School*
SR 1417 (3828 Red Rd.)
Nashville vicinity

Jeffrys School
W side NC 43 0.8 mi. N of jct. w/ SR 1535 (3052 Benvenue Rd.)
Dortches vicinity

Lewis Ricks School (D)*
Corner SR 1604 (Hunter Hill Rd.) & SR 1603 (Old Carriage Rd.)
Red Oak vicinity

Little Raleigh School (D)*
1108 Luper St.
Rocky Mount

Macklin School (D)*
SR 1544 (S. Halifax Rd.)
Rocky Mount vicinity

Middlesex School (D)*
S. Elm St.

Morgan School (SL)*
NE corner jct. SR 1132 (Mt. Pleasant Rd.) & SR 1106 (Winters Rd.)
Mt. Pleasant vicinity

Nashville School (Nash County Training) (D)*
323 E. 6th St.

Rawlins School (D)*
SR 1524 (7921 Red Oak-Battleboro Rd.)

Spring Hope School (D)*
NC 581, 1 mi. S of Spring Hope
Spring Hope vicinity

Taybron School (D)*
NC 231
Spring Home vicinity

Taylor-Shiloh School (D)*
Jct. NC 33 & SR 1515 (Shiloh School Rd.)
Whitakers vicinity

Whitakers School*
10065 US 301 North

Northampton County

Seaboard (Jonesboro) School*
Seaboard vicinity

Pasquotank County

Model Practice School (moved) (NR as contributing building in the
Elizabeth City State Teachers College Historic District )
Hollowell Drive
Elizabeth City

Winslow School
NE side SR 1115, 0.2 mi. NW of jct. w/ SR 1116
Salem township

Pender County

Canetuck Rosenwald School (SL)
E side SR 1004, 2 mi. N of jct. w/SR 1107
Still Bluff vicinity

Currie Rosenwald School
NW side of SR 1119, just N of jct. w/NC 210
Currie vicinity

(Former) Laurel School
0.73 mi. SE of jct. NC 50 and SR 1580
Maple Hill

Pender County Training School
S side SR 1424 (Rocky Point Training School Rd.), .2 mi. W of US 117
Rocky Point

Scott's Hill (Browntown) School
E side US 17 (12606 US 17), @ 2 mi. S of NC 210
Scott's Hill vicinity

Randolph County

Central School (Randolph County Training School) (NR)
414 Watkins Street

Richmond County

Covington Rosenwald School (SL)
S side SR 1152 jct. w/ SR 1186
Covington vicinity

Diggs Rosenwald School (SL)
E side US 1, SW of jct. w/ SR 1103
Diggs vicinity

Rockingham County

Old Madison School House
West Decatur Street

Sampson County

Garland School (D)*
US 701, NE of jct. w/NC 411 (location uncertain)

Snow Hill School (D)*
W side SR 1303, .1 mi. N of jct. w/NC 24
Concord vicinity

White Oak School (D)*
N side SR 1702, .2 mi. NE of US 701
Newton Grove

Stanly County

Kingville Elementary School (SL)
NE corner Wall Street and McLaughin Street

New London Colored School (SL)
N side SR 1443, 0.1 mi. W of jct. w/ NC 52
New London vicinity

Stokes County

Walnut Cove Colored School/London School (NR)
NW corner Brook and Dalton Streets
Walnut Cove vicinity

Transylvania County

Brevard School (D)*
612 W. Main St.

Tyrrell County

Alligator Schoolhouse (SL)
S side SR 1209, E of SR 1223
Columbia vicinity

Union County

Laney School (SL)
NE side NC 207, 0.7 mi. SE of SR 2192
Trinity vicinity

Wake County

(Former) Apex Colored School (D)
Jct. Tingen Rd. and James St. (SW corner of Apex Elementary School)

W.E.B. DuBois School (NR)
536 Franklin Street
Wake Forest

Friendship School
NE side SR 1142, 0.2 mi. NW of SR 1011
New Hill vicinity

Berry O'Kelly School Agricultural Building
Method Rd.

Panther Branch School (Juniper Level School) (NR)
E side SR 2727, S of SR 1010
Juniper Level vicinity

Riley Hill School (NR)
N side SR 2320, E of SR 2318
Wendell vicinity

St. Matthew's School (NR)
SE side US401, 0.5 mi. NE of SR 2213
Raleigh vicinity

Zebulon School (partly demolished, partly renovated)
E side Old U.S. 64 at jct. w/ East Judd St.
Zebulon vicinity

Warren County

Liberia School (SL)*
Liberia vicinity

Warren County Training School (SL)*

Washington County

Washington County Training School (SL)
501 East Fourth Street

Wayne County

Bunn (Best) School
S side SR 1003 (N. Beston Rd.), 0.2 mi. E of jct. w/SR 1179
Best vicinity

Dudley School (moved)
(also in file "All Saint Church and Rosenwald School")
N side SR 1120, 0.5 mi. E of jct. w/ SR 1926
Dudley vicinity

Wilkes County

Lincoln Heights High School (SL)

Wilson County

Darden-Vick School (orig. Wilson High School; Charles H. Darden High School) (NR:
contributing building in East Wilson Historic District)
504 N. Carroll St.

Evansdale School (D)*
SR 1622 (Evansdale Rd.

Holden School (D)*
SR 1514, approx. 1 mi. E of SR 1507
Saratoga vicinity (Holdens Crossroads)

Jones Hill School (D)*
SR 1136, W of I-95
Sims vicinity

Kirby's Crossing School (D)*
SR 1667, near Johnston Co. line
Kenly vicinity

Lucama School (D)*
NE side SR 1171, betw. US 301 & SR 1100 (St. Mary Church Rd.)

New Vesters School (D)*
SR 1130 (Byrd Rd.) betw. NC 581 & SR 1129
Sims vicinity

Rocky Branch School (D)*
NC 581, 2 mi. S of NC 42
Lucama vicinity

Saratoga School*
NC 222, 1 mi. SW of NC 91
Saratoga vicinity

Sims School*
N side SR 1137, 0.2 mi. W of SR 1149

Stantonburg School (D)*
Macon St., betw. N. Whitley & Main

Williamson School*
SR 1118 (Springfield School Rd.), betw. SR 1109 & SR 1110
Lucama vicinity

Yelverton School*
SR side SR 1527, 0.3 mi. NE of NC 222
Saratoga vicinity

Yadkin County

Huntsville School
Off N side of SR 1001, 0.2 mi. NW of jct. w/ SR 1713
Huntsville vicinity

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